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Thursday, January 17, 2002


When I first started this journal, my madame and chum, Rio, informed me that I would probably piss off a few people in the industry. The reason for this, she confided, is because there are a lot of people out there in the sex industry who like to hang up a curtain up and create some illusion that they`re involved in some shroud of secrecy - some ritual of sacred sexual magic.

So, you know, they like to make money selling books and pamphlets that promote crap like "learn to make $10k a month with the secrets of phone sex." Admittedly, it probably doesn`t help for me to use words like crap, but you know, a spade`s a spade.

The truth is, there is no magic behind the curtain.

It`s a lot like when they draw the curtain between first class and coach on an airplane, folks. The people on the other side of the curtain are just as boring and normal as the rest of us - they just have a little more money. Or, more appropriately in this case, a little more knowledge.

I`m really not out to be the masked magician here. I`m not looking to reveal secrets or mysteries. I just want to get some information out there. To show people that it is a respectable profession and not just a bunch of breast-implanted, bleach blond bimbos giggling into a phone. And the guys who call are not just a bunch of sex-obsessed losers with Neanderthal foreheads and hair on their palms. There is more to the industry than twat twits and willy wankers.

So, I`m not going to lose a lot of sleep over someone getting their panties out of alignment over my spilling of the proverbial phone sex beans. If you`re reading this and upset, get over yourself already.

And, I`ve no doubt some people are pissed. Rio knows her shit. I give credit where credit is due - the woman is a goddess of all things phone sex. Of all the people who should be worried about me blabbing trade secrets all over town, she probably has the most to lose. But she`s never for one moment been anything but utterly supportive - constantly suggesting content and sharing her experiences with me. There`s no one better to work for or play with.

There are a lot of cunts in the industry. And I use the word deliberately. A lot of women out there could give a shit about the sisterhood - money is the bottom line. And, sure, it`s a job, it`s an industry, money is supposed to be the big factor. But there are people who manage to keep their integrity and their humanity and still be successful.

And they`re not afraid of being revealed as the ones behind the curtain.



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