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Fuckmeat Sandwiches  (6/1/2002)
Well, we have puppies. Five of them. There were six whelped, but one was stillborn and never woke...

Down To The Whelping Post  (5/17/2002)
There is a pregnant dog in the house.

And there are so many things out of whack with that statement I don`t know where to begin. But let`s start wi...

Beware Trojans Be They Not Ribbed  (5/5/2002)
Viruses there are, Viruses there were, Viruses there will ever be.

Ratfuck bastards.

You know, I admit it, there is a part of me that understand...

Apparel  (4/24/2002)
(Insert standard apologies for length between updates here)

The Slut:

Phone sex with a roommate is an interesting dance. In a way...

O Where, O Where Has My Phone Slut Gone...  (4/13/2002)
Well, it`s my birthday. Yay me. And how am I spending the first wee hours?

Updating this damn diary. Boo me.

Of course the reason for this is be...

The Sex and The Ethics (ne`er the twain shall meet)  (4/3/2002)

I am long overdue for an update (shocker). The irony being that I`ve been working on the site the whole time, honest injun.

Site News First:


Karma Chameleons  (3/26/2002)
How to sell the contradiction? I guess that`s the million dollar question, isn`t it? More on that later.

My my my. Where does the time go?


Beware the Ides of March, My Ass  (3/19/2002)
Well, it`s been an interesting week.

First off, I`m sure you`ve noticed some changes to the website. A few banners here, a couple of buttons there....

To All The Geeks I`ve Rolled Before  (3/15/2002)
I remember sitting in class and thinking to myself: "There is NEVER going to be a time in life I need to know what the fucking cosin under the arch is...

Two Pump Chump  (3/12/2002)
Well, it`s been an eventful couple of days. It would appear, boys and girls, that in addition to being a phone slut and whispering into your noodles a...

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