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Fantasy Specialties

My favorite flavor of kink is spicy taboo - especially non-consent (rape), incest, underage fantasy and any combination thereof. I can be the hesitant shy little girl who gets in over her head, or the teasing little vixen schoolgirl who finally gets her comeuppance. I also fulfill the Daddy's girl or Little sister role with relish.

While I am no longer taking on any additional clients looking for hard-core Dominatrix services, I readily welcome sensual domination, cross-dressing, little boy, she-male and bi-sexual client fantasies. Come here and let mommy kiss it and make it better.

Fantasy Restrictions

I do not accept clients with snuff or violently morbid fantasies. Non-consent fantasies may not involve brutality of an extreme nature. I also do not discuss necrophilia fantasies. 

I will not participate with any client who requests racial slurs (interracial fantasies are fine, so long as degrading and racist language is not a part of it).

I am also no longer accepting clients looking for hard-core Dominatrix services. As you well know, that is a very taxing role to play and I am cannot detract focus from my current regulars. I will gladly refer you to another Femme Domme, or wait-list you if you inquire.

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About Me

First and foremost Doxy Wringer is not the name that appears on my birth certificate. It is a dba name and a nom-de-naughty I conjured into being when I came up with the idea for Phone Slut Diary. I could muster some clever “all about me” pseudo-biographical snippets here on this page as I’ve done in the past, but I’m opting to just answer the most common questions I get about myself. These may or may not be updated as time passes.

Q: Where does the name “Doxy Wringer” come from?
A: “Doxy” is vintage slag for a woman with a somewhat illicit sexual air about her. It has served to mean a female lover, a sexually promiscuous woman, a concubine, a consort, a mistress, etc. As I was planning to embrace, celebrate and reclaim the word “slut” when Phone Slut Diary was conceived, I decided Doxy was a good name to entertain. Wringer was, in contrast, a throw-away decision, adopted to simply pun on “ringer” as in the ringer on a phone. If I’d had my thinking cap on, I’d have called myself Doxy de Wringer and put a few interesting accent marks in there, but I wasn’t feeling self-absorbed enough at the time.

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm young enough so that my high school prom song was a terrible aerosol rock ballad by Bon Jovi. I'm old enough to have nearly taken out three lanes of traffic when some idiot DJ shuffled it in with Zepplin on my classic rock station. 

Q: What are your personal sexuality preferences?
A: I’m a heterosexual far-too-American female with the occasional bi-sexual urge to suck on (or be forced to suck on) nummy women. Other fantasies that excite me personally involve mostly taboo topics such as age-play, incest, non-consent, and spanking. Reading my personal erotica will give you a taste of the way my wicked mind works. I have submissive tendencies in the bedroom but not in a “bring out the gimp” way. I don’t see anything wrong with a BDSM submissive lifestyle, but the force is simply just not that strong with me. 

Q: Are you ever involved in relationships; do you have lovers? You never seem to write about them.
A: Yes, but I am very protective of other peoples’ privacy and I do not write about anyone (friends/family/sexual partners) on my site who isn’t phone-sex related or web-friendly except on occasion in very obscure terms. A relationship, by definition, involves two or more people and I am not first or final word in any such matter (see above re:submissive). That said there has been and will (knock wood) continue to be a special someone who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, puts up with me. 

Q: Are you really as hypersexual as you seem?
A: Yes. I’ve always been sexual ADD girl. As far back as I can remember I enjoyed looking at nude photos, reading naughty passages in books, and/or seeing sexual parts of films (although my experiences with actual "porn" movies are somewhat complicated.). Even in my very early years I remember fantasizing about touching myself and/or being touched sexually by others. I have very explicit dreams that have been a staple of my nightly dreamscape since childhood and I almost always remember my dreams. It was probably growing up so close to South Beach. Latin music, coconut oil and salt water will do that to you. 

Q: Have you always worked in the sex industry?
A: No. I once was an independent consultant for major corporations. I worked in office buildings and wore suits. I made decisions that impacted people’s lives and livelihoods based on what was best for the businesses I consulted for. People were often displaced or downsized based on my recommendations. Many of my clients used my services to find loopholes and shortcuts to discern the least possible level of service their customers would settle for without going elsewhere. I sat in boardrooms and learned first-hand the lack of scruples that go into the big decisions. I watched dogs eat other dogs and rats race other rats for as long as I could stomach it. And I did it in heels. Since leaving corporate America and becoming a phone sex operator I feel I live a more ethical and flexible life with greatly reduced stress levels. I’m proud of what I do and I hope that one day the atmosphere of our nation will accept sex workers as a legitimate part of society so that our business practices can be less backstreet and more upfront and open. 

Q: Don’t your clients mind being written about as “Johns” and such? A great deal of what you say is at their expense.
A: When I first started this site, I was still working dispatch. Those guys who called in didn’t know me as “Doxy” and in the event that they happen on my writing, it is doubtful any of them would even know they were the John in question on entries where I discussed them. As my private client base has allowed me to give up my regular dispatch schedule and the Johns who discover me know about the Diary prior to speaking with me, I’ve taken to asking for permission to write about them. However, since I service a smaller number of more high-end clients now and have begun taking fewer random calls, there is less and less to say on their behalf. Most of my callers greatly enjoy the John Types area and are tickled when I’ve asked to write about them. There are always exceptions, but by and large they consider it a positive experience.

Q: You call your clients “Johns” and categorize yourself as a “sex worker.” Does that mean you consider PSOs to be just like prostitutes and escorts?
A: Phone sex entertainers and cam girls are completely different from prostitutes. PSOs / webcam entertainers are all about stimulating intellectual fantasy. We have no physical contact with our clients and the decisions we make and services we offer are, therefore, vastly different. The similarities are mostly in metaphor – PSOs offer the mental fantasy of the equivalent acts performed physically by prostitutes. 

However I object to those PSOs who assume that being a prostitute is somehow below being a phone sex worker. There are LEGAL prostitutes the world over and a whole bunch of others that work the gig outside the law. I don’t consider myself to be above a prostitute. I don’t consider phone sex to be above any other type of sex work. It’s amazing that there are PSOs who will buy pictures of porn models and PRETEND to be them, and then get haughty about being “above” the women they masquerade as. It’s time to disembark the tram of moral superiority and stand up for one another. PSOs weave intimate fantasies to help their clients achieve pleasure. It isn’t evil, but it sure the hell doesn’t give you the right to pass judgment on others just because our government decided phone sex is legal this week and prostitution isn’t.

Q: Don’t you worry that all this writing will make potential callers think you’re too much of a brain?
A: No. I’m not an illiterate little waif and I can’t pretend to be. I’m a well-read, intellectual being with an imagination for sex and sin. I’ve got both a dirty mind and an English Lit degree. That said, phone sex with me is not always “a literate experience.” It depends on what the client wants. I’m providing a service and I like providing it. I am sensual and I am nasty. Sometimes I’m both at once. Guys who just want to hear a girl fake an orgasm while she screams “do me, do me” aren’t going to want me or get much out of an experience with me. I’m okay with that. There are lots of other phone sluts out there to service the wide variety of callers who do not partake of my wares.

Q: Don’t you worry that being so outspoken and opinionated will make potential clients put-off about calling you?
A: I used to worry about that, but I’ve found it isn’t the case by and large. My political opinions are my own, but I don’t put them front and center when talking about sexuality; they only come up “on the clock” if a client initiates them and requests a discussion/debate as part of our general conversation. There are republicans and libertarians and democrats all among my client list. Anyone who cannot be open-minded enough to accept a phone slut with opposing points of view to their own will be happier with another girl.

Q: Don’t you worry about providing too much personal information and not leaving enough mystery about you to attract different types of clients?
A: No. I play many parts. I don’t find that my callers are looking for a Girl X who just happens to be their fantasy by coincidence. Most callers are looking for “a fantasy” but they are also looking for an experience that is as realistic as possible, and they’re looking to share it with as real a person as possible. If a guy wants to talk about fucking his underage niece, it’s my job to make that feel real. If he wants to talk about getting seduced by his high school Chem teacher, that’s my job, too. And I’m damn good at what I do; if they give me the chance, they learn what pleasure I can purr into the pouches of their ears. 

Q: Don’t you worry about providing too much industry information that clients have access to? Doesn’t it ruin the mystery of the industry? It seems like it would be bad for business.
A: I’m not the masked magician. I can understand why it makes some PSOs nervous that I have so much information available. But I don’t agree with their fears. In the end, it’s my site and I can dish if I want to. My frankness about the industry is my edge. It’s my niche. It’s a fascinating part of my life that I like to write about. Reality TV has taken over. Blogs are a staple on the web. If you think callers are oblivious to the ins and outs of the industry they pay handsomely for, you’re in for a rude awakening and likely to end up getting played by a savvy con man. The client has gotten more sophisticated. You can either roll with the times, or enjoy becoming obsolete. Stay here, I’ll see if I can scrounge you up a buggy whip.

Q: What about providing too much information to other PSOs? Aren’t you worred about the competition?
A: No. If something I post helps someone be a better PSO, it raises the level of the industry. Competition doesn’t bother me. An over-abundance of moronic twits who think that because they can moan and say the word “fuck” it makes them an erotic entertainer scares me more than competition. I’d rather educate than listen to clients continue to complain about the masses of bad PSOs out there.

Q: Did you really write that Purple Haze Blowjob essay I’ve seen all over the place?
A: Yes. I first heard about the technique from a friend prior to trying it out in practice. Once I discovered it worked fabulous in practice, I posted about it in detail on a message board. It was so popular I re-edited it and posted it on the How-To section of an erotica site. The byline name changes with my latest whim, but I’m the one who penned it.

Q: You write a lot about things that have nothing to do with phone sex or sex at all. Aren’t you supposed to be a slut?
A: I am a slut. I’m also a well-rounded person with many ideas, opinions and interests. My blog is about all things me. Sometimes that involves sex, sometimes it doesn’t. Part of what I do here is try to show that a sex industry worker can be just the ordinary geek girl next-door. Even eager sluts such as I aren’t pure lust and longing 24/7.

Q: You promote things all over the site. Is this all just a big marketing ploy?
A: I try to make the marketing work with the site. I offer my services and promote my friends in the industry. I also utilize some affiliate programs for sex toys and member sites that I enjoy. I prefer my style of advertising compared to blinking banners and “please click here” inserts in the margins, but that’s simply preference. Is my blogging about marketing? In part, yes. It was an experiment in both marketing and expression along with being something of a groundbreaking center for PSO resources. I sell my erotic services for money. It would be silly to pretended I never think about promotion when I write, but I hope I maintain a balance of “Doxy” and the woman behind Doxy’s mask. 

Q: What types of movies/music/books do you like?
A: I’m an entertainment whore. Here are some way too long lists to give you an idea of what I like

Books & Writers (Not-Yet Classics): 

Allende, Isabel – one day they’ll make better movies out of her works
Dahl, Roald – “Man From the South,” and The Witches, just…everything!
Deaver, Jeffery - Lincoln Rhyme thrillers (they’re the pez of my bookshelf)
Doctorow, Cory – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Gaiman, Neil - Sandman, and pretty much every other word he’s ever written)
Hawkes, John – The Blood Oranges, Travesty (this man is so underappreciated in the US that it’s sinful)
King, Stephen - Two words: Dark Tower. Also It, The Stand, Rose Madder and his short fiction
Kingsolver, Barbara, - Animal Dreams
O’Brien, Edna – House of Splendid Isolation
Rice, Anne - The Mummy (…and ONLY The Mummy. She writes 50 books about vampires, 500 books about witches and NEVER a sequel to the best thing she’s ever penned. Cunt.)
Rowling, J.K. - *sigh* Potter. I know. I’m weak. I like them. Shoot me.
Zelazny, Roger - A Night in the Lonesome October & anything that doesn’t involve the word “Amber”

Books & Writers (Classics): 

Austen, Jane – Yeah, I’m a sucker for this stuff
Bronte, Anne/Charlotte/Emily – see Austen, Jane
Borges, Jorge Luis – short fiction
Christie, Agatha – The Hercule Poirot novels. Curtain still rips me open. 
Faulkner, William – I’ve never recovered from my first reading of “A Rose for Emily”
Ibsen, Henrik - Hedda Gaber, A Doll’s House, they’re flawless
Huxley, Aldous – Brave, New World (how far are we from feelies and soma?)
Jackson, Shirley – “The Lottery” still makes me shudder
Kesey, Ken - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Lee, Harper - To Kill a Mockingbird (It’s a sin to be such a fabulous one-hit wonder)
Oates, Joyce Carol - Them
Orwell, George – Animal Farm (what is past is prologue)
Poe, Edgar Allen – The Cask of Amontillado, and countless others.
Rand, Ayn – Anthem, Atlas Shrugged, et all. 
Salinger, J.D. – The Catcher in the Rye (a given)
Shakespeare, William - Hamlet, King Lear, Othello you know, stuff like that.
Verne, Jules – See Wells, H.G.
Wells, H.G. – “The Time Machine,” and all the rest that kept me dreaming as a kid
Wilde, Oscar – The Picture of Dorian Gray
Williams, Tennessee (every syllable of every play)

Books & Writers (Non Fiction): 
Ancient Civilizations and Egyptology 
Baldwin, James – Too many essays to list
Brier, Bob – he of blue shirt and tan pants
Criminology and Forensic Science
Dowd, Maureen
Psychology (especially as relating to sexual health), 
Vowell, Sarah
Vintage Erotic Art and Pin-Up 
Writers Resources


All About Eve, The Little Foxes, Now, Voyager (Bette rocks)
Anime (it’s a big fucking list, just take it by category, please)
Big Night
Bullitt, The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, Papillion (okay, ANYTHING with Steve why-was-I-born-too-late-to-fuck-him McQueen)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (and almost everything else Robert Redford’s ever done)
Tim Burton films by and large
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 
Cinema Paradiso (The original cut)
Citizen Kane (and almost everything else Welles ever did)
Citizen X
Dances With Wolves, Fields of Dreams, The Untouchables (hate the man, love his movies)
Disney animation (no, this is not the same as “Anime”)
The Fisher King (all Gilliam, really)
Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity, Say Anything, (John Cusack, nuff said)
Guys and Dolls
The Haunting (1963)
Heartbreak Ridge, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Pale Rider, anything Eastwood
The Hill
Hitchcock (emphasis on Rear Window and The Birds)
Hudson Hawk
The In-Laws (1979)
Leon (The Professional)
Life is Beautiful
The Lion in Winter
The Philadelphia Story

Reservoir Dogs (it holds up for me whereas Pulp doesn’t)
The Shawshank Redemption
M. Night Shyamalan films (yes, I’ve enjoyed them ALL)
Sling Blade
A Streetcar Named Desire
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Usual Suspects

Quick Change (and anything else with Bill Murray) 
Young Frankenstein 

Classic Rock (Janis, Jimi, Led Zep, Floyd, all the others that go without saying)
80’s Cheese (Boy George, Cyndi Lauper, etc)
80’s Power Ballads (Asia, etc)
Aerosol Rock (Def Leopard, etc)
The Band
Beatles, together and solo (does anyone NOT like them)
Blue Oyster Cult 
Broadway & Showtunes
Chapin-Carpenter, Mary
Charles, Ray
The Clash
Cline, Patsy
Cohen, Leonard
Cohn, Marc
Complaint Rock / Alternative Rock (Everclear, Everlast, Pearl Jam, REM, etc)
Costello, Elvis
The Cult
Disco (just kidding – death before disco)
Dr. Demento & Parody (Tom Lehrer, Weird Al, etc.)
Dylan, Bob (aka “God”)
Folk Rock (CCR, Jim Croce, Simon & Garfunkel, etc.)
Gaye, Marvin (another gimme)
Henley, Don and the Eagles (shut up)
Muppet and Disney Soundtracks
Outlaw Country (Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, etc)
The Ramones
Rat Pack & Mobster Standards (Dean, Frank, et all) 
Renaissance Fair Standards (Minstrels of Mayhem / Silly Wizard)
Satriani, Joe
Smith, Elliott (mhrip)
Soul Coughing
Stevens, Cat
Sting, solo and with the Police (yes, even Dream of the Blue Turtles)
Swing, Modern and Vintage (from Louie Prima to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy)
They Might Be Giants
Vaughn, Stevie Ray
Van Halen (I prefer Diamond Dave, but like it all)

Curling (Yes, curling. Fuck you)
Fishing (ocean variety – how you people sit in ponds wooing bass I’ll never understand)
Football (Miami Dolphins / U of M)
Ping Pong (yes, it’s a sport)
Surfing (I’m a throwback who still worships Gerry Lopez)
If they count: Poker and Roulette

The Amazing Race 
American Chopper 
A Bit of Fry & Laurie 
Chef (BBC) 
The Daily Show 
Desperate Housewives
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I know, I know)
Family Guy
Good Eats
House, MD
Iron Chef: America
Jeeves & Wooster
The Maxx (who else remembers Liquid Television)
Monty Python
The Mummy Roadshow
The Muppet Show
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Real Time with Bill Maher
Robot Chicken
The Simpsons
Six Feet Under
The Sopranos
South Park
Sports Night
Star Trek: (all reincarnations)
Venture Bros.
The West Wing
The X-Files.

Random Passions: 

Aaron Sorkin
Advocating Ethical Practices in and Acceptance of the Adult Industry 
Ancient Civilizations 
Art Deco 
Bob Dylan 
Cuban Food 
Deadwood, Dolce & Gabbana 
Dr. Demento 
Erotic Writing 
Film & Scriptwriting 
Folklore & Mythology 
Foreign Films 
Free Verse 
Ginger Beer 
Honeysuckle & Hyacinths 
Jack Henslee 
Klaatu Barada Nikto 
Ocean Views 
Oscar Wilde 
Pin-Up & Burlesque 
Political Debate 
Risqué Prose 
Science Fiction 
Stand-Up Comedy 
Toy Fox Terriers
Vintage Clothing 
Whispered Conversations 
X-Files Reruns 
Youthful Indiscretions 

Minor details:

Birthday: April 13
Children: God NO!
Favorite Drink: Whiskey Sour
Pets: One enthusiastically spoiled toy fox terrier.
Ultimate Car: 1965 Shelby Cobra
Food: Italian, Chinese, Southern, Good Eats



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