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I just began working as a phone sex operator and I'm struggling with keeping my throat rested, it always feels a little raw. Does this go away eventually? Is there something I can do that will help?

A: Well, I am not a doctor. Obviously a sore throat can be caused by a lot of things and if you have a chronic sore throat that persists for more than a week, you should have it checked out just to be safe. 

However, when you first begin, it will take a while to train your throat to the constant use. Remember, you're employing different voices, you're moaning, you're occasionally screaming. Something that will help is to train your throat, much like a singer or musician. Do some scales and get it accustomed to the use.

One of the first things I was surprised to realize is that hot drinks that are traditionally thought of as throat relief (warm tea, hot coffee, etc) are not necessarily the best. An inflamed throat is a swollen throat. And you use heat to soothe soreness, but you use ice to thwart swelling. 

Rio gave me some wonderful advice after I first started. She said that she kept juice fully stocked in her fridge at all times. Grape juice, apple juice, anything. When juice is nearly ice cold it does three things. First, juices replenish your fluids (unlike coffee, tea, and soda that often contain caffeine and can lend to dehydration) which increases your . Second, the cold helps to numb and reduce swelling of your irritated throat. Third, it adds a moist, sultry quality to your voice as an unexpected perk. 


Q: I'm considering becoming a phone slut, but in reading your site, I am a little nervous about Scat Johns. I'm just wondering how you handled those first few calls of that type. If you can offer any advice for newbies, please pass it on. I know it's a bizarre question.

A: That is NOT an unusual question at all. In fact, it was one of the more unusual things to get my head around when I first started. It is difficult for me to understand how Scat Johns find their fetish sexual, but that is their kink and more power to them.

To begin, make a distinction in your head between scat and water sports. While neither are my cup of tea, I had a much easier time with the wet than I did with the muddy. I'll tell you what I did to be able to deliver on those calls.

Firstly, I firmly believe that these guys are all about nastiness and humiliation. They are odd birds, but I think you'll be surprised to find they're reasonably polite and well educated blokes. Also - and I have no clue why this is - the vast majority of my scat johns are Jewish and from NY. I haven't been able to figure it out, either, but it cracks me up. It isn't easy to keep a chuckle out of your voice when Woody Allen is asking you to crap down his throat.

So, stop looking at it as a sexual act. It isn't about the sensuality of it as much as it's about the power. The submission and the control. He is subservient to you (and the vast majority of them will be taking from you, not asking you to take from them) and this is the most lowly task he can think of to show how he obeys and "worships" you. Beyond any other factors - sanitation, scent, taste, etc., we are dealing with the ACT and what it is all about. Also, keep in mind that I'd bet my bobby socks none of these guys have ever done anything even CLOSE to this in reality. They're not usually on the other end of the line engaging in the act while you describe it.

Okay. Now. That takes care of the mental understanding. Your next element is the dealing with it. You have to stop thinking of it as feces or urine if that continues to gross you out. Think if it in your head as something else. Candy. Chocolate. Caramel. Because, I promise you, that's what they're thinking of it as. Champagne, Lemonade. Honey. 

Rent a movie called "From Dusk Till Dawn" with Salma Hayek and George Clooney. It's not a great movie, but it had a scene in it (before the blood sucking vampire killing) where Salma does a dance. She puts her toes into Quinten Tarintino's mouth and pours whiskey down her leg. That scene has helped me with unrine calls. I tell them I am peeing, but I visualize pouring something down my leg. 

For the other, I imagine (and this is a stretch, but you'll learn to embrace the stretches) that I have inserted some kind of candy into my posterior and that's what they're getting. By doing this I can talk about it as though it were something sticky, messy, but tasty. Like when someone licks whip cream off your belly. They're licking chocolate out of your bum.


Is there anything I need to do to protect my privacy besides getting Caller ID blocking? I know it may sound paranoid, but the idea of being stalked or targeted by some psycho caller doesn't seem like it's worth taking the chance.

A: On the issue of your privacy, don't ever fret about being
called paranoid. Safety is most important. 

First, let me point out that you don't have to worry about this when you work for a service that does direct connect calls. Those calls are routed through a call center or switchboard and the john will never know anything you don't tell him. 

For call back services like the one I work for, I have codes programmed into my phone. I simply hit a memory button and it dials my service's
long-distance billing code (I never see a bill) and kills caller ID (*67)
and call waiting (*70). Check your local phone company for these services and how much they cost.

Also, it is good to have a fictitious "profile" set up to talk about yourself that is as close to the truth as possible. For example:

Sample "Real" Info

I live in Miami, FL
My real name is Alexandra
I went to Notre Dame
Sample "Profile" Info

I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
My real name is Alexis
I went to IU

The more misinformation you provide, the safer you are. The closer you keep it to the truth, the more genuine it sounds to your callers. 

If you have any serious concerns about safety, share them with your employer. Most phone sex bosses are just as concerned about employee safety as anyone. If for no other reason than pure and simple liability.


I really enjoy the sex stories on your site and I've written some of my own. Do you buy erotic sex stories or know who does?

I don't buy stories (I only post stories I've written on PSD) but I know for a fact that Ounique does. You may also want to check out the Erotica Readers & Writers Association Author's Resources pages.



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