Sunday - March 16, 2003
There Wolf, There Castle

First things first. There is a rumor going around about some type of PayPal notice informing account holders in adult industry services (phone sex, webcam) that they will not be able to conduct business any longer via PayPal. I know there is some mumbo-jumbo in the Acceptable Use Terms and Conditions that have never been enforced regarding Adult materials for sale, but the language has never included services before. If you've gotten specific notices from PayPal regarding this, please email me and include the FULL HEADER of the email so I can discern if this is a legit warning being issued or just a hoax.

From what I've heard so far, everything points to hoax because (1) PayPal doesn't categorize members (they don't track account holder business categories, so how the fuck would they know who to send the letter to?), and (2) all the letters I've heard of make mention of some kind of "High Risk" Visa / Mastercard fee which PayPal has never had and, (according to their customer service line), has no intention of initiating.

However, all info is certainly welcome. This would be a huge head's up for working girls everywhere to know that we have to scramble and find a different third party biller.

Also, I was amused recently to learn that some people think you have to have an existing PayPal account in order to use a credit card. This is so not the case. If you are a phone slut looking to accept cc payments, or a John looking to pay an independent operator like mine that only offers PayPal, there is a button on the purchase page that says " If you have never paid through PayPal CLICK HERE." By clicking that, it sets up a user name / password via PayPal so that you can use your credit card for purchases. No muss, no fuss.

Many independent phone sluts can't handle the annual fees that merchant accounts (Visa, Mastercard) are demanding for the oh-so-risky adult industry, so you're going to see more and more third party billing companies like PayPal. Unfortunately, this means the third parties are probably going to be taking larger percentages, too. Which sucks, but you know…companies that use child labor in third world countries aren't what we need to force out of existence with covert domestic financial sanctions, it's the oh-so-risky adult industry.

I'm not saying there aren't sleeze factors in the adult industry, I'm just saying that I'll bet you Burger King's rates wouldn't go up just because it turned out Checkers was overcharging customers. Funny how you can tailor the rules to exploit an entire industry.

On a lighter note, I haven't intended to cop out with the whole werewolf / succubus tease, but it just so happened that I seemed to always find other topics to discuss. However, as there has been much complaining and demanding by way of email, I'll clear these two fantasies up.

I have a few regular clients who are outside anything that could possibly fit on the Johns List. They are possessed of a brand of creativity that just does not lend to characterization.

Ungentler Bent is one such creative creature. Of course, just because his kink is creative, doesn't mean he expands very much. Mr. Bent wants a succubus to enter his bedroom one dark night. A buxom, leggy creature that is something Frank Frazetta would have drawn.

For those of you who don't enjoy mythology and folklore studies and who weren't friends with all the AD&D geeks back in junior high, a succubus is a demonic creature that enters into the bedroom of a man to fuck him senseless. The consequences of said actions vary from turning the man into a zombie, to simply leaving him impotent, etc. You may want to footnote that the male equivalent is an incubus.

Anyway, Bent wants an evil succubus such as myself to traipse into his bedroom and rape him. Not the old fashioned way, mind you. Nope. He wants me to drag him to a full-length mirror and suck out his "man-force." This is a variety of force that Luke Skywalker had nothing to do with, kids.

It goes a little something like this. We stand in front of the mirror (he can't move because I'm controlling his mind which, you know, is pretty handy) and I begin to morph his body into that of a woman. He begins to grow tits and his waist and thighs gets slim. And when I say he grows tits, we're talking 52 H. For the grand finale, I steal his cock, transplanting it by way of voodoo magic or whatever method you like so that he has a pussy and I have his cock. At which point, I then rape him. And rape him. And rape him. The more detail provided during the transformation, the more intense his orgasms seem to be.

I know it sounds like Freud meets the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, but it's bizarrely fun. I've also tossed in a strangulation element utilizing my succubus tail for some breath play fantasy.

I know. I know. But it beats the usual slam, bam, not even a thank you, ma'am.

In comparison, the werewolf hardly bears mentioning. Except that I think he's fun. It's from the same John who asked me to pretend to be an elf and this inspired This Entry. This newer request was for me to be a female werewolf (werevixen?) who transforms during sex. So you know…I start out moaning and end up barking and howling.

This is not your father's Oldsmobile.

I also need to send a thank you to the generous and anonymous readers / callers / whoever you are that have selected me a few of the items on my Wish List. When people first suggested I set one up, I thought it might be perceived as tacky, but I'm tickled pink that some secret admirers are utilizing it.

I suppose that's all for now.

Oh…and for all of you who got the YF reference…

" Frau Blücher!"


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