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The Man Behind the Curtain

It doesn't take much more than a glance or two to realize I couldn't have possibly created the new look of PSD on my own. The layout, the graphics, the deliciously fabulous style of it - is largely the work of one man who never seems to tire of spoiling me rotten. That he prefers his contributions and redecorating to be performed incognito tickles me. But that's just his way, and it's why I adore him and can't ever do without him.

The Madame

One might be born the best phone slut in the world, but there isn't a way to translate that into a paycheck unless someone's willing to take a chance and hire you. And, many phone sex services, pimps, and madames maintain a catch-22 sort of policy. In other words, they all want people who have experience, but they don't want to necessarily take a chance on someone without any and let them gain that experience.

My Madame is the Cast Member I call Rio Rosa Rasa and she's pretty much the best boss any phone slut could hope for in this biz. She's an even better friend.

She has an open and generous heart and mind and was 100% behind me in the conception and development of this site. I couldn't have put it all together without her, which makes sense, because I probably would never have broken into the biz without her mentoring, either.

The Go-To Gal

When you work from home, you don't have a cubicle mate. You don't have a pal to sit with in the lunchroom. You don't have that buddy you chit-chat with at the water cooler. What you do have are the other people who work from home and don't block you on their MSN.

I am one of those lucky people who just somehow manages to surround herself with amazingly talented people. So while the Cast Member I call Sinn Badtear is my friend, she also happens to be a KICK-ASS web designer. This is a woman possessed of a patience the like of which I cannot conceive. I am quite certain that I have put the fear of oblivion into her with my repetition of six now-dreaded words:
"Let me ask you a question..."

And, bless her heart, she always answers.

We don't agree on men, clothes, furniture, or jewelry, but that never stops her from being there every time I need her.

The Heaven-Sent Web Hosts

Let's talk about the Cast Members I call Randy Rome and Mae Surrey. So, there I was. I'd never sent email on any system other than AOL. I knew about as much about html and web design as the Bush girls know about moderation. Five minutes after coming up with the idea for this site and checking to see that the web address I wanted was free, Sinn MSNed Randy and poof - I was a webmaster. Randy, naturally had no idea what he'd gotten his sweet Canadian ass into, but a few phone calls, messages, and "Hey, can I ask you a question" nightmares later, he's begun to understand. And the dear soul doesn't have me blocked on MSN yet. I can always call and get a jolly hello from Randy or Mae, an offer of help and smiles, and I haven't even had to shed clothing in front of a webcam....yet. If you're looking for hosting services, you can't do better than Oh - Mae also runs a fun site at



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