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Femmefete - A celebration of the female form in exquisite photography.

Goddess Art - The art of Jonathon Earl Bowser. This link takes you directly to the Boudoir Gallery; some very sensual and realistic nudes.

Jehan Legac - Digitally painted and manipulated female fetish photography.

Pornokrates - Vintage erotic texts and bawdy tales.

Satin Slippers - A women-oriented pro-sex site with some of the best erotic fiction on the web. Very easy to navigate, a nice library of smut, interesting weekly features, and an all-male erotic photo spread - what more does a girl need?

Scarlet Letters - I'm simply going to reprint the site's self-description: "established in February of 1998, includes fiction, editorials, interviews, columns, an interactive community, sex advice section, and thousands of original images from exceptional artists which have made our publication one of the most incredible displays of sexuality content and erotica online for all genders."

Yves Plateau - Painter, illustrator, digital image, and web designer. Interesting site, which demonstrates the transition from live model to various image mediums. English and French.



BJ Land
- "BJ's gay porno-crazed ramblings." An eclectic romp in the sexual playground of someone waving merrily from the other side of the fence. He'll never fail to make you laugh out loud or sit back and think on a regular basis. I'm glad someone's life is this entertaining! Don't miss his Pornology pages.

Daze Reader - A blog about ", culture, technology, art, politics, gossip, ideas, drugs & rock & roll ... but mostly sex." It's really hard to add anything to his own description, except it does have a REALLY well done XXX Guide (even if *pout* it doesn't include a phone sex section). A P.H.D in film studies and a freelance writer -- it begs the question: What is a nice boy like that doing in a place like Austin?

Diary of a Slut - A gateway into the life and sexuality of someone who challenges all convention. Heed the disclaimer well; this isn't for the faint of heart, but you'll be hard pressed to find a more compelling read.

Eros Blog - A seriously addicting sex-for-all cacophony of everything erotic. The straight-forward dope on all the naughty goodies that fall under Bacchus' watchful eyes. The term "kid in a candy store" will often spring to mind while reading.

Filchyboy / Safer Sex - Way more than a blog, this site is just...epic. A refreshingly responsible dive of sexuality you can get utterly lost in. There are resources upon resources, insights upon insights, and a great deal of entertainment hidden amidst the libraries of information. Pro-sex taken to new heights.

Heather Corinna - Corrina, Corrina, Where you been so long? (Oh, come on, like you can read that name and not hum). What I like about the individuals I admire from distances is that they generally would dispute their admire-ability. This one frets about her dog-child, about her work, about her relationships. She is bold and she is grounded, but that doesn't keep her from the occasional neurotic fit. She says a lot, and accomplishes more, all the while remaining an absolute inspiration.

Kythryne Aisling - Okay, here's the bottom line. Kyth is exactly who I want to go back and start over my 20s and be. Of course I'd have to get tattoos, learn to play about a zillion instruments and figure out a way to clone her fabulous hair. But she's another girl in the sunshine state with a delish wit and she admits to being a Trek fan. Go ahead and read her - I DARE you not to fall in love.

Literate Smut - Erotic conversations and perverse conceits for the deviant intellectual. An insight into the skills and seduction of Angela St. Lawrence. A fabulous little playground of naughty. 

Mt. Molelog - A fun, highly organized, anti-windows sex-geek blog by one of the most intelligent and informed biopeds I've ever come across. He also happens to have the same taste in porn sluts that I do and has a habit of posting pictures of girls that I want to lick from toe to crown.

Pornographer's Diary - Home of the Sex Diary Burb, and a place that gives you a glimpse into the personal and professional life of a woman who speaks the language of sex like a native tongue. There aren't many bisexual, polyamorous, sex-industry, sex-positive, 50-year-old feminists out there who are willing to be vulnerable and share intimately about their lives like Lydia does. I dare you to read one entry and not be addicted.

Pussy Denied - The realm of Princess Crissy, Femme Domme phone sex princess extraordinaire. If you're looking for someone to tie you up, tie you down, humiliate, torture, punish, or put you in your place, she'll slap your ass and call you Susan. 

Sex Geek - Meet Rose and enter into a site that chronicles the honest ramblings of an over-40, ex- prostitute, and former lesbian separatist who is now happily married to a self-confessed computer geek. Rose embraces sex and art as the siblings they are and it radiates throughout her journal so earnestly and beautifully that you'll hurt when she hurts - smile when she smiles.

Tasty Trixie - This “Wandering Web Whore” as she describes herself is not only a pleasure to look at, but a pleasure to read. Offering her members a 24/7 voyeur cam, amateur porn samplings of erotic sessions between she and her beau, phone sex, a blog and lord only knows what else, it’s this kind of savvy, sexy, smart vixen that should be the norm in the biz instead of the outstanding exception. 


Sex Industry Resource Sites:

Adult Staffing
a great site for those in the sex industry looking for employment or employees.

Sexy Jobs -
another good site for those in the sex industry looking for employment or employees.


Web Sluts:

Dita Von Teese
- Heralded as "the only worthy successor to Bettie Page", Dita is a pin-up reverie: an oasis of bygone elegance and sensuality rejuvenating a raunch-weary world.

Klassy K - If pin-up has a heart, then Klassy K keeps it beating. This Renaissance woman of vintage sensuality is the essence of "smart is sexy." Her re-creations of classic pin-up masterpieces are not to be missed.

Martha's Girls - The sheer amount of effort it takes to put this site together has me in awe. This faux-retro wonderland has a sweetheart collection of models, a spunky webmistress, and a style all its own. If (like me) everyday porn doesn't do it for you and you like some artistic panache in your eroticism, then this is bound to be the mind candy capital of your world. It's also one of the most reasonably priced member sites on the web.


Webmaster Resources

Amateur Masters
- A resource for amateurs to get the right information from the right people. Tips, & straight-up 411 INCLUDING a live weekly webradio show!

Classy Trashy - There are people who purvey porn for pleasure and then there are those who escalate it to an art form. Classy Trashy is the brainchild of a sex-crazed graphic design & technical writing powerhouse duo. Their nasty is nastier, their smutty is smuttier, and their creations will make you cream. Banners, graphics, site design -- the best in the business. Creative and sexy on a budget. Yummy. 

Hot Lips Cash - $1 per minute payout. A unique affiliate system that can be tailored to any niche and doesn't compete with content sites and other affiliate programs.

Koi Media - The best web hosts a site could ask for.

Script School - A free program that offers script lessons in various programming languages. This teach-a-webmaster to fish approach breaks learning down over weekly course lessons. Live radio program, irc chat room, boards, and other resources.


Miscellaneous Link Sites
Smut Gremlin Penis Bot Nasty Seek

Lady Lynx | Sex Collective | Alcoholinks | Wet Place | We Love Free Porn


Jack Henslee Members Only Gallery - Beautiful Erotic Art    DOMAI - Tasteful Nudes of Beautiful Women    Retro Raunch - Vintage Kink

Affiliate Programs:

Hot Lips Cash -
The best PSO third-party processor affiliate program, in my opinion. It's the one I use. It's honest, straight-forward, payments and never late and the system is easy to implement. Payouts are on the high-end as well. 

Niteflirt -
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Niteflirt is going to exist, you might as well make a little cash recommending people to them. 

Red Claw Ventures -
The only UK phone sex affiliate program that I trust. I've been burned a lot my foreign phone sex affiliate programs. This one has great customer service, good affiliate resources, and on-time payouts. Conversion ratios are really good.

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