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Friday - March 12, 2004

Match-stick Men 

I miss Kid Notorious. We need new episodes.

First and foremost, I'd like to remind everyone that tax season is upon us. I've updated the Tax Help Page with two new professionals that I have had contact with and seem reputable. If you haven't gotten it together yet, the calendar is tick-tocking away. 

I've also added two new Links you might want to check out -- Martha's Girls and Tasty Trixie which were both an utter treat for me. 

It seems the Google Florida update is s-l-o-w-l-y shaking some of its kinks out of the system. Yahoo's new algorithms are just hideous, but they're no worse than they used to be. One thing I'm noticing is one particular company (and, rest assured, it's a company) that has risen to the top of the listings by doing everything you shouldn't do to get search engine placement. Across all their sites are scathing horrors like hidden text, keyword spamming, etc. I'm not going to name any names, but if you do a search for "Phone Sex" you'll find it, and let's just say it's a "Pissy" way to make your mark on the net. I have never been a girl to expect everyone to raise to my particular standards, but organizations like this make it clear why my industry is considered a joke with no dignity. When you see trash like this being rewarded, even momentarily, with high search engine rankings, it can't help but be a little disheartening. Yes, the logical being inside me knows that this is a temporary thing while Google and Yahoo shake out their respective algorithm problems, but my sense of fair play is, justly, offended. If you're a phone slut in anyway considering these same no-class tactics, I would like to please encourage you not to. When the tide shifts, and it's only a matter of time until it does, you'll have participated with the lowest common denominator of our industry and contributed to the reasons we are regarded as sleaze mongers with no ethics. Please just focus on building a good site with actual content, and ride out the storm. It'll win you a classier level of clients and more self-respect in the long run.

While I was examining the effects of people with no self-esteem, I thought it might be fun to talk about Match-stick Men. I went back through as many entries as I dared and it occurred to me I hadn't mentioned them before, which feels impossible, but c'est la vie.

Match-stick Men are a particular breed of submissive that likes to be ridiculed for having a very small penis. Sometimes they are cross-over "sissy boys" or "panty boys" or even "diaper boys" but their focus is always on the fact that they are not just small, but puny. In many cases Match-stick Men are powerful business professionals that want to be humiliated by a secretary or business partner -- someone that mysteriously knows their secrets and seeks to exploit it and humiliate them. A disproportionate number of Match-stick Men are, in fact, in upper management positions. The language they use and the numbers they call from leaves no doubt of that. There is a fascinating number of "powerful" men that need to lose control and be submissive, but it is the humiliation factor of this subset that really amuses me. Is this some fantasy way of embracing the fact that they aren't as endowed as they'd prefer to be? Are they really super-sized Big Mac combos that merely like to pretend they're a nuggets happy meal? 

The MMs often have what I can only refer to as "Pussy Envy." In fact, oftentimes, their cocks will be so small they they refer to them as nothing but a nup or a clit. As in: "Look at that pathetic little thing! You don't even have a cock, you have a clit!" Which, of course, leads the way to telling them they need to be fucked in their puckered little cunt-hole ;-) And, sometimes, that is the ultimate culmination of the fantasy -- making them rub their "clit" while they are taken from behind in a variety of ways.

I don't think this expresses any deep desire to actually be a woman. In fact, many of the cross-dressers I speak with are markedly heterosexual. But there is something intrinsically more submissive in being the receiving party in a sexual exchange. In being penetrated rather than doing the penetrating. Personally I think the Match-stick Men want to first and foremost established that they CANNOT be the aggressor or dominant in a sexual situation. I mean, to a standard guy's way of thinking "dominant" means that you are in possession of the Tab A which slides into Slot B. But, as phone slut knows, possession might be 9/10s of the law, but that remaining 10th has got a peach of a lawyer. CBT is NOT Computer Based Training in our educational halls, honey. (You need to read that last line in a Tollie Mae accent). 

But, I digress.

I think that Match-stick Men are dominant and sexually simple folk that have been raised to think in very primitive terms. Big cock means dominant heterosexual man. Big cock means strong man. Little cock means pussy boy. Little cock means cannot fuck women folk. Etc. As any survivor of corporate America will tell you, you stop thinking in humanizing terms somewhere around middle management, and everything becomes more crisply Square Peg or Circle Hole from there on up. There are no ovals or rhomboids after a while. They don't fit the sampling or the target or whatever else the goal post has been painted to represent. The worst part of it is that it isn't an all-of-a-sudden-I-woke-up-one-morning event, either. It's a gradual process, like an immigrant's loss of their culture. And, so, male submissiveness must equate to small genitals. 

I'm not picking on these guys, mind you. Although, we should be clear on the fact that they LIKE to be picked on. MMs are just a very simple set of subs. They are not complicated or difficult. They are not long-callers. They don't handle a lot of deep fantasy. They have small cocks. They want to be laughed at for having itty-bitty-clitty-cocks. They want to be made to grovel/lick/suck target A and then possibly opt to get fucked in their hole B and still be able to make it to the afternoon meeting on time. 

So, put that in your martini and stir, baby ;-) 
(You need to read that last line in a Robert Evans accent)



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