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Saturday - February 16, 2002

What have I been doing with my time?

Well, other than watching movies and the Olympics I suppose I should make a confession.

This phone slut is a recovering work-a-holic.

I know. I know. Say it ain't so. How could I have been such a geek? A corporate sell-out now talking dirty and exploring the sexual psyches of countless men.

Depending on how you look at it, you'd have to say that phone sex is kind of my own personal 12-step program. I am, however, still dusting off the cobwebs of old work habits, and, on occasion, there is a project or an old client I wind up tangled up in. Between that and my phone slut duties, that leaves precious little time for my extra-curricular activities - like this journal. I do appreciate the letters of encouragement and outright begging and growling for me to update. It's heartening to know that my scibblings here are so much fun for some of you, and I'll try to be more diligent even in this time of business.

I also got another type of note in my email. In fact, I got a couple of them.

My personal favorite was this one:

Name: clix reader


If you were updating, your cheating wouldn't be quite as obvious

Everyone can see that you're clixing yourself.



In addition to commending the above for their bravery in writing anonymously via my online submission form, I have to just take a moment to implore you to get a life.

Those of you who read my diary, but don't know what those little CLIX boxes mean - allow me to enlighten you. There is this online community called diarist.net. It's a labor of love for a masochistic webmaster who enjoys reading diaries and wanted to create a forum for them.

Like anything else that's done for fun - no good deed goes unpunished. The moment you create a place where people can be ranked, you will have dogs pissing on trees and insisting it`s their territory.

You will also have the little mutts who can't stand the fact that no one really cares about their particular tree.

Here's the 411: Clix provides me with about 8 - 12 hits a day which is nice, but HARDLY worth putting a lot of effort into. I was a new penny in the community for a while, and as such, got clixed right onto the front page. I tied in my Audio with it for a time, but there was a great deal of whining about that, so I discontinued that. Now that I'm no longer a bright and shiny penny, I am slowly declining in the ranks.

So, all my sweet little insecure puppies, you are safe from the vile, wicked phone slut who trespassed onto your tidy lawn.

Get the fuck over yourselves already. When you're a grownup, you'll realize those kind of things just aren't important.

Oh well. Nothing makes the day more fun than a little intrigue.

I am going to be adding a Banner Farm to the site today, as well as some new a new Erotic Fiction stories. The first one is called Boxing Day. In looking over my erotic fiction, I've realized how bizarre and varied my writing imagination is. Sure, there are themes of submissive women and rape, but most of my stuff is just plain odd. I'm happy to say this is one of the stranger and more interesting tales (at least to me). The other story I'm adding - Sins of the Father. is more of my affinity for incest play. I'm amazed how many people (women especially) write me to say how they enjoy the taboo stories. I have never been ashamed of having incest fantasies - or rape fantasies for what that's worth. I don't think it make a woman any less empowered or enlightened because she has taboo fantasies.

Now, granted, I talk to men about sex for money, so I'm not exactly the NOW posterchild. But, I'm a sexually active woman coming to terms with the going-to-be-thirty status of Generation X. I'm neither servile nor hateful to men. In fact, I enjoy them tremendously. I enjoy talking to them about sex more than that.

And the kinkiest story or fantasy that melts my butter is just that - a fantasy. Anything contained to the mind is not a crime - otherwise we'd all be in jail.

So, for all of you who have been writing me, telling me how guilty you feel for enjoying my taboo stories, or how reluctant you are to approach your partner about role-playing such taboo fantasies, I promise I'll get to writing to each of you. But, in the meantime, stop pandering to the guilt. Fantasy is a healthy outlet.

Embrace your inner pervert.



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