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Monday - December 30, 2002
Hens & Whores 

Explain something to me. Explain to me how a team can dominate for 55 minutes of game time - be up by 11 points with 5 minutes left in the game - 5 MINUTES AWAY from securing a fucking division championship and then fall on their fucking faces and not even end up in the playoffs.

*bashing head on desk*

So long as I'm in a bitching mood - I might as well get something more off my chest.

You see, there are drawbacks to being a bright, assertive woman in the sex trade. For one thing, you can get very caught up in stuff like over-thinking and over-justifying the role you play. You can get really irritated at feminists who scoff at you or housewives who turn up their noses. You see, if you are just a skank, you're pretty much okay with being treated like a skank. But, if you're a prissy slut like moi, you get more than a tad bent out of shape.

I am about to say something that is probably going to get me kicked out of the sisterhood for the long haul, but you know, c'est la vie. Do you know that scene in The Music Man were Harry Hill distracts all the town gossips with the hen-pecking little ditty "Pick-a-little, talk-a-little?" Well, that my friends, is a good 50% of the women in the world. Featherbrains content to scratch at their feet for the breadcrumbs life offers them. Repressed in their own sexuality and afraid to use it to their own advantages.

Of the remaining 50%, half of those are whores of the bad kind and half of those are whores of the good kind. What that equates to - by my calculations - is that most women cannot stand and want to rend limb from limb 3 out of every 4 other women.

And, I'm not so sure my numbers aren't a tad on the optimistic side.

I am a feminist who doesn't particularly like other women. It's an ironic little bone to gnaw on. And it's complicated by the fact that I am NOT self-hating. In fact, THAT would make everything simpler. The crux of the problem is far more sinister: I am slow to trust or befriend other women.

Hens and whores. All of us.

Sinn and I have discussed this before, but it's on my mind all over again.

When I come into contact with the fowl feathered variety of women, I recognize them immediately and am content to either toss them some feed or keep clear of the henhouse (Can't help thinking: "But I don't want to be a pie -- I don't like gravy.").

Annoying as the hens are, though, it's the whores of the bad variety who give me the most problems (Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?). And we all know the ones we're talking about, ladies. The thieving, backstabbing, money-grubbing, morals-of-a-pissbucket, WHORES. Listening to the stories Rio tells regarding the bottom feeders she'd had to deal with in the past -- it's enough to make me turn in my telephone. Women who don't like other women -- I understand them. I know what it's like to feel more comfortable and more in control in a male prevalent environment.

I even understand the utter DISDAIN of hens.

But I don't understand women who fuck other women. Nor do I understand why those seem ever to be the ones who have the tits to be smug about it. Whores will not only fuck you, but they'll act like they have good reason to hate you for letting them fuck you.

Hens. Whores. I suppose the bra burning rallies didn't really tackle the problems with the infrastructure's somewhat menstrual foundation, did they?

On an obscurely related topic, I thought I'd talk for a bit about a practice rampant in internet phone sex advertising : The False Directory.

The False Directory is a somewhat ingenious (if overused) ploy that is utilized by legitimate businesses and shady operations alike. Here's how it works:

You are on Site A which is called something innocuous like "Phone Sex Revue." On it are 2 or 3 dozen phone sex sites listed, mostly a variety of niche sites all with psuedo-reviews or descriptions. The trick here is that all the sites that are listed are part of the same company, as is the "review" site. So it is a directory that would appear to offer a variety of sluts to choose from, when in all likelihood, it is merely recycling the same girls cast in different roles on several different sites.

If you'd really like to be able to distinguish any real directory from a fake directory, there is a fairly simple process, look for a "Webmaster" link - and instructions/directions for how a webmaster can request a review or to be added to the list. And even then it gets sticky. You will often find lists that allow other sites to add their links, but who make sure their own sites are top and center.

Now, in theory, I have no problem with this practice. Many of the reputable services I deal with create their own review sites just in this manner. But recently I was hunting about for sites to promote Phone Slut on and I ran into quite a few of these Fake Directories. By and large I got back polite letters all explaining that they were only promoting their own sites, but *sigh* there is always one.

And the rabid numb cunt made it a point to tell me she knew who I was and that I worked for Rio and that I should ask "Rio" about her. So I did. And, of course, it was some ex working slut who skipped Rio's service and tried to steal a gaggle of regulars (most of whom returned right back to Rio and her girls following their brief holiday).

Which just goes to show you. A guy might get caught up in the excitement of fucking some skank in the back of an alley, but eventually he'll worry about where she's been and opt for the slightly better lit Chicken Ranch.


PS - Working Girls! Keep your eyes open for a new section of the Resources section entitled "Services To Work For". This is the #1 question I get asked in email, and this area has been a long time in the making!


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