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The question I get asked most often is "what are the best services to work for?" So I've decided to set up this section to help working girls sort through some potential employers and pick and choose for themselves. Services are listed in alphabetical order under the category that best fits them.

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Be Your Own Boss

Work For Yourself / Your Own One-Girl Service

If you choose the road of self-promotion, you might as well make the most you possibly can. How does $1.55+ a minute sound? Due to recent circumstances, independent PSOs have found themselves in a state of near-emergency when it comes to billing. One of the safest routes is to remain an independent contractor, but align with a larger business to entrust your billing affairs. This is how I run my billing, and Hot Lips Cash is the company I align with. You get paid whenever someone makes a sale on your line -- even if they don't talk to you, and you make even more when you take the calls yourself. If you've put in the hard work of establishing yourself, but are getting slaughtered with merchant account fees and are living in fear of chargebacks, on-line processors not paying out, and/or freezing your account, then this is the way to go. Because this is a business relationship based on a huge amount of trust, I am only recommending the company I entrust my own information to. There are other affiliate programs out there, but I don't know them, haven't worked for them, and can't, in all earnestness, list them here. This is more than employer/employee. This is your sweat and blood -- your own promotion hours, and the client base you've established for yourself. HLC is reputable, supportive, scrupulously ethical, and the only affiliate program officially recommended by the Phone Slut Diary.

Hot Lips Cash

Dispatch Services (Minimal if any self-promotion)
Dispatch services require the least amount of marketing & technical processing from their working girls. Generally, their rate of pay is lower than any other type of work-at-home service, but they do some heavy advertising and often have a large, established client list / database to feed their phone sluts. Generally, they do not require you to have your own 800#, nor do they ask you to process your own charges. These services are - in my practice - the most reliable source of income, best for the working girl who doesn't feel comfortable (or able) to market herself and is looking for long-term stability. 

Gemini Audio Text

PSB Associates

Self Dispatch Services (Maximum self-promotion)
Self-Dispatch services are services that require working girls to do all or most of their own marketing & billing. They do not, as a general rule, do a lot of advertising or have an established client database to feed to new girls. They generally require their staff to each have their own 800# and process their own credit card charges through their merchant account. Their rate of pay is usually the maximum available. These are the types of services that can be very lucrative for retail-minded sluts who have a knack for promoting themselves and selling their own package. While these types of services are NOT for me, I appreciate that there are sluts out there for whom this is their preferred way of life. 

Krypton Associates

MSL Consultants

Combination Services
For many sluts this is the best of both worlds. Combination services offer a rate of pay that is higher than you'll find from most dispatch services, but less than you'll get from self-dispatch services. A combo service places some advertising, even though it's not typically as high-profile as that a dispatch service, it's enough to feed their sluts supplemental income while they fish for the rest of their clients with self marketing. Generally, they process their own billing and dispatch the calls that come in. If a self-promotion service is too hard and a dispatch service is too soft, a combination service might be just right for you. 

Chloe Enterprises

JPS Enterprises

On-Line Communications



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