Friday - January 31, 2003
Slutty Went A'Ramblin'

Holy fuck.

So that was January. Did I blink?

First things first, there is a new area in the Resources section for Tax Help. If you're looking to have your taxes done and feel uncomfortable going to the local H&R Block, I'll continue to list any professionals that write me.

Secondly, I am providing a shameless plug for Classy Trashy Web Design -- an adult webmaster design team with sass and style. You've seen one of their designs already (this site) and you know what a huge improvement it was over my previous attempts. If you're a phone sex slut, or adult webmaster looking for some buttons, banners, graphics, a new logo, or even a facelift on your existing site, check out

/shameless plug

Also while I'm on mail call, Ms. Breslin of Reverse Cowgirl fame is currently examining behind-the-scenes celebs in the sex industry - like about how ex-porn director Gregory Dark ended up directing Britney Spears' music videos and how Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are producing a movie documentary about Linda Lovelace. So, if you are a phone slut who has had celeb clients, shoot her an email. Although to my thinking, she is mostly concerned with the angle of how a phone slut deals with celeb clients more than doing any kind of exposé, I caution you to respect the confidentiality of both yourself and your clients. Always remember that it's a journalist's job to coax you out of your secrets. If you're brave enough and interested, you can email her here.

Ah. And it wouldn't be a complete entry if I didn't bitch about something.

Recently while setting up new IM programs to flush out my Trillian registry, it came to my notice that DoxyWringer is in use in both Yahoo and AIM. Please allow me to STRESS to you that if you are talking to a persona with the handle DoxyWringer on Yahoo or AIM, it is not me. If you are sending, or getting emails from [email protected] or [email protected] it also isn't me.

Although I keep my other chat programs confidential, my AIM handle is DoxyW. I won't rhapsodize about this except to state that it really steams my asparagus to know that some wench could be out there parading around in my digital lingerie. I understand better than anyone that this is a profession of masquerade and fantasy, but there are -- or rather, should be -- a limit. Why is this familiar? Oh yeah. I covered this in Hens and Whores, so let's move on.

With Winter comes the busy season and men
cozy by the fire needing a good cocksucking. So many shy lambs in the flock this year. I have begun to wonder if my persona on this site is a bit too intimidating. There have been a number of calls (far more than usual) lately with awkward silences before the final click. And I am not a girl given to awkwardness or silence.

I mentioned this to Sinn and she suggested that the johns were worried about trying to impress me. I must be honest this never occurred to me. I suppose I think of being a phone slut rather like Julia Roberts explains the role of hooker in pretty woman ("Look, I'm enjoying this whole seduction thing, but let me clue you in here -- I'm a sure thing…"). I don't think of a man as trying to be witty or impressive when he is paying by the minute. But should this be the case, I am justly flattered and tickled pink.

Also, and this ties in with something I got in my mail the other day -- a phone slut writing to me inquired about how I stretch out my call length. I haven't answered that email because I keep intending to make it an Ask the Phone Slut entry, but I haven't gotten to that yet (yeah, I know, gasp of shock). So, here we go.

Basically I don't draw out the length of a call unless it comes naturally. In other words, I chit-chat at the start of a call as the client prefers (some want to get right down to brass tacks, others need warming up). It is not at all unusual for repeat clients and I to spend quite a bit of time visiting and catching up at the start of a call. After the appropriate amount of time, however, I will always steer the conversation toward sensual fantasy; I view this as much my job as it for your doctor to inform you to turn your head and cough. Now, at that point, if a john says "we'll get to that in a minute, I'm not done arguing about artificial turf yet," then I let go and just enjoy the conversation. It's his dime, and he's made it clear he's enjoying conversation for the moment. At that stage, I wait for him to "make the first move" and initiate a naughty direction. I am interested in all facets of my clients -- their views and opinions (yes, even, or possibly especially, the ones that disagree with mine), their humor, their emotions and worries if they choose to share them. But I'm also a working girl providing a service and the last thing I want them to think when they hang up the phone is that they were cheated or lured into forgetting themselves or the time -- or that every time they call they have to be up on their foreign policy facts. I'm not a casino. I don't misdirect and hide the clocks to keep you in the roulette mood. I'm here for as much or as little as desired.

And quite naturally I've discovered that I find my groove with each caller. The ones who enjoy a good chat don't feel I've rendered service and shoved them out the door; the ones who are pocketbook conscious don't feel I've shystered them into parting with more than they were looking to spend. It all evens out in the end.

However, I am much less inclined to continue chatting following a call unless the john makes the first overture of conversation. The reason for this is simple -- a man is more vulnerable at the end of a call. He's in aftermath and enjoying that endorphin rush and I could chatter about the color of my bathroom tile and probably squeeze him for a few extra minutes. But I'd rather have a regular caller who goes 10 minutes every other day than a one-time caller who goes 20 and never calls again.

So, quite often, after the huffing and puffing and moaning has ceased on both ends of the phone, I'll whisper softly and make sure the deed is done, then steer to the conclusion of a call. Again, at that point, if the john wants to discuss how he always fantasized about his big sister eating swiss cheese off his willy, then that's one of my favorite things in this job.

I get to be a sounding board, a counselor, a sexual abstract -- any number of roles for the clients who call me. And the best advice I can give to any phone slut is to focus on your clients -- listen to them and be interested in them as people, not just as tricks. That isn't only the best way to keep clients and improve your call times, it's also the only way you will be able to truly enjoy being a phone slut. If you spend your days convinced the men who call are all disgusting little pigs, you'll end up feeling disgusted with them, belittled and bitter and although angry sex is ferocious fun, it also consumes more out of you until it finally uses you all up.

Okay, well that's enough rambling for one entry. Damn it. And I STILL didn't get to the succubus and the werewolf.



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