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Thursday - June 26, 2003
June Bugs

*gasp* Amazement and awe.

Two -- count 'em -- TWO updates in one month. What's that on the horizon, you cry? Do the four horsemen approach?. Fear not. It is only I, thy humble phone slut.

Well, it's still June. It's wet. It's muggy. And the beach is just not cutting it. There's something about watching alligators glide across flooded access roads that limits my swimming enthusiasm. Yeah, I know the whole fresh water / salt-water thing comes into play, but you know…tell that to my psyche.

So, anyway, I wanted to make sure I did an update because I've been talking with Rio (aka Hot Lips Hooligan) regarding this whole PayPal thing recently. We sorta got an idea. So, basically, this whole entry is going to be opportunities and ideas for my phone slut readers. 

So, if you're a caller, you're likely to be bored with this entry. Because of this, I humbly offer a little treat of a perk. 

Click Here to listen to the Phone Slut Mail Notification Wav. If you like it, let me know. If it's well received I'll start including a new one in future entries now and then. To save to your computer, right click on the link above and select *Save Target As*.

Now, phone sluts, take heed:

Hot Lips Cash

Hot Lips Cash is a phone sex affiliate program Rio has been running for over a year now. It was established for adult webmasters who want to make the most of their advertising space and it pays by the minute for each call that comes into the specially assigned toll-free number.

Because she is one of the most supportive and fair-play phone sex employers out there, Rio offered this to me for PSD not long after I established my site. My SEX DIARY toll-free number runs through this program, and, ever since PayPal pulled its little stunt, it has become the cornerstone of my income base. 

Rio is now offering this opportunity to any independent phone slut that is finding herself in a payment-accepting fix. Just sign up for the Toll-Free Number program and then send an email to [email protected] stating that you're an independent PSO and not just a run-of-the-mill adult website. You'll be contacted to go over exactly how everything works, what your options are, and $$$ matters. 

This is especially good because: 

1. Rio's company has been established for over ten years and is one of the best in the business. When it comes to chargebacks her verification process is so established you'll hardly ever lose money from wankers. 
2. You can set up your account so that if you're not taking calls, a guy calling your number can still ask for another PSO. You'll make money off the calls these other PSOs take. Or, you can simply use it to work your own line on your own hours.
3. You can record your own personal greeting, so that when your clients call they hear it's YOU and not just some phone sex mill number.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but the fact is that right now, after the PayPal wars most of us now have few options. (1) Acquire a merchant account which is too expensive for most of us independent phone sex workers; (2) join Keen where the market is so cut-throat and over-saturated that every girl with a phone is charging bargain-basement prices (for a client base that dwindles because the level of phone sex quality on Keen is so god-awful); (3) Join a company like proBilling or Storm Pay and pay them an outrageous percentage, hope they don't go belly-up with our money AND that they just don't up and decide one day to stop taking adult business; (4) Join an affiliate program like Hot Lips Cash where maybe you'll have to consider charging clients a little more than you'd like, but you can guarantee yourself a long-term billion solution where both your and your clients' security is assured.

I would like to re-iterate that in this industry, where you can trust so few people, that Rio is the constant exception to the rule. She operates with generosity and ethics, believing that if she is fair with people and helps them make money, karma dictates that people will be fair with her. She doesn't waste time getting into your business, gossiping with other PSO owners or operators, and she'll NEVER try to figure out a new way to squeeze you out of a hard-earned dime. She did phone sex for a long time and she understands the nature of the beast. I trust her whole-heartedly and if you're hesitant to trust a company with your client base (which is a VERY valid concern), all I can say is that I put whatever creditability I have 100% behind her. 

Classy Trashy Stuff:

Classy Trashy now has a new site package that is aimed exclusively at phone sex operators looking to get together a website, or makeover their current site. The Call Girl Quickie Package is a great deal from people who can personalize a site that matches your theme.

In addition, Classy Trashy has a prototype up for the PSO Status Indicator program they've been working on. You've seen this at work on my site (the "At The Beach" and "Talking Dirty" buttons) and they're finally going to make it available to independent PSOs and companies.

To access the demo:

Admin Section: this is where you can assign slots, override status, change individual or global passwords, and get the code you'll need to display a status indicator on a page.

Admin Area
User Name: manager
Password: ilct13

Status Page: This is where employees will be able to change their individual status with their assigned passwords. They can mark their own status without having access to the admin panel.
Status Page

Right now, our billing plan is as follows:

Although it isn't posted on the site yet, proposed prices are as follows

# of Assigned Operators: 1 - 9
Monthly Fee: $15 
3 Mons: $45
6 Mons (1 Mon Free): $82.50
12 Mons (2 Mon Free): $150

# of Assigned Operators: 10 - 25
Monthly Fee: $25 
3 Mons: $75 
6 Mons (1 Mon Free): $137.50
12 Mons (2 Mon Free): $250

# of Assigned Operators: 26 - 50
Monthly Fee: $35
3 Mons: $105
6 Mons (1 Mon Free): $192.50
12 Mons (2 Mon Free): $350

One time set-up fee: $25 (Included with a six-month or 12 month pre-payment)
Personalized button sets: $25 (Included with a six-month or 12 month pre-payment)

Please note: You do not need a different indicator for each character, only for each operator.

If you have any questions or want to be set up on the program, email [email protected].

Well, I wanted to make sure I got these opportunities out there for working girls who might want to utilize them, and to give a few happily issued plugs to two companies I am closely aligned with and who I support whole-heartedly.



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