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Tuesday - August 12, 2003
This & That

New & Important PSO Resources:

New Dispatch Service: On-Line Communications 

Possible Billing Solution: Hot Lips Cash's PSO Program 
Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler 

First of all, I need to thank all the generous readers who answered my plea for Henslee art prints. I got every print I asked for and that REALLY surprised me. My neighborhood frame shop thanks you.

Also - I suppose I should have mentioned that I would be changing servers. Those of you who experienced phone slut peril, my sincerest apologies.

Now *sigh* I have to address something.

Recently I've gotten an influx of email from a few (probably well meaning individuals) asking me if I *really* enjoy calling myself a "slut" or if I have reclaimed the word as an act of empowerment, or if I feel I have to represent myself that way to earn a living.

Honestly, people. I am a liberal southern woman, but it's 2003 and it's time to be over the victimized mindset of the nineties. Being a sex worker in an Ashcroft-colored world is difficult enough without us all trying to decide if we're being exploited or not. This job is what every other profession is: A PROFESSION. I don't care if you're kissing ass to climb the corporate ladder, crunching numbers under fluorescent lighting for meaningless profit reports, or airbrushing out the pimples on a model's ass for an adult publication. IF YOUR JOB MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A WHORE THEN YOU NEED TO GO OUT AND GET A NEW JOB. It's like shoes. Keep trying new ones on until they fit. I so cannot handle the pseudo-enlightened pro sex worker versus the skank mentality. We talk on the phone with men about sex. It is equal measure good and meaningless just like everything else. It's part dirty and part reputable. It's just plain MESSY - like everything else in life. 

Please, I beg you. Stop asking me this question. I'm a phone SLUT and I feel VERY affectionately toward the word. The unapologetic title of the website and my constant use of the word should be little clues.

Okay. That's off my chest. *whew*

Now let's talk about PayPal. They once again have the warpaint out and are talking BIG wampum. I know two people who recently had their accounts frozen even though they'd removed the buttons and advertising from their sites. They were trying to fly in under the radar. If you need an alternate billing solution, you should REALLY consider an affiliate program like HOT LIPS CASH. This program is how I'm earning MY money and the most risk-free method I know of doing so - at least until the billing company atmosphere gets a little less anti-phonesex. They've recently invested in a big-money phone system to offer reliable tracking, up-to-the-hour stats, and customizable greetings and other features to make your relationship with your clients as intimate as possible.

Now, more on fun -- those of you who saw the most recent episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy caught their tips for throat care. Although it was intended for singers, it was VERY good advice. Their recommendations included herbal teas, a Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, and Thayer's Slippery Elm throat lozenges. Although it's a tad trendy, these are really good throat-care tips. I fully advocate this along with my regular advice of fruit juice to keep your mouth moist and plush.

I promise in my next entry to tell you all about my recent encounters as "barn girl" and "the stranded hitchhiker." Very steamy long sessions with a Grade-A John. 



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