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PSO Application
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Hot Lips Cash was the first program to offer PSOs the ability to increase their income via a toll-free affiliate program. Now, more than a year later, we are still going strong and constantly recruiting smart, self-promoting professionals like you to our team!

Become a Hot Lips Cash Independent Associate Today.

We'll assign you a unique toll-free number with NO set-up fees or charges
Customize your own recording to greet your clients' calls
Our dispatchers will process your billing information for you
You'll make $1.55+ per minute on every call you take via your own toll free number
You'll make $1.00 per minute on every call your number generates even if you 
   don't talk to the client! 
Track your sales and call volumes on-line

Independent Phone Sex Operators (PSO's) and Amateur Web Girls.

In this uncertain time of evolution in the on-line adult industry, independent phone sex and amateur web girls have been some of those hardest-hit by credit card and alternate billing provider anti-adult policies. Visa continues to access fees onto adult merchant accounts, making them more costly and impossible for independents to acquire. Alternate billing providers like PayPal and Yahoo have taken "moral" positions masked as business decisions to cripple the independent adult sex worker. Other alternate billing providers have folded without paying the thousands of dollars owed to their clients.

Hot Lips Cash recognizes the need for independent sex workers that include phone sex as part of their services to maximize their profits, while maintaining the security of a reliable billing processor.

By aligning with Hot Lips Cash as an independent PSO, you are permitting us to include billing for your phone sex services under our merchant account. 

The system is very simple. When you sign up with our company, you are assigned a toll free number. You can promote this number anyway you want whether it's on the web, in magazines or newspapers. All marketing is totally under your control.

Clients are charged $2.99 per minute. Of that, you get paid $1.00 per minute for every approved call, whether the client speaks with you or not. That's right! If you're not available, you can set it up so that our other operators take the overflow and you can make $1.00 per minute while they work for you. For the calls that you take personally, you make an additional 55 cents per minute. 

Other features:

Live Stats

You can log in and track your stats 24 hours a day with your user name and password. Stat forms are updated every 15 minutes. 

Personalized Greeting  

Record your own greeting for your toll free number callers -- in addition to adding personal touch to their call, it also lends your website and advertising credibility.

Partial Charge-back guarantee

Because we employ live dispatchers, our verification process is one of the strongest in the industry, protecting you and your clients. In fact, we are so confident in our verification process that we don't charge you ANY charge-back fees incurred by the merchant bank. In the rare instance of a charge-back, we recover the $1.00 per minute charge from your affiliate account, but you keep the 55 cents per minute fee on calls you personally handled. So, even if one of your clients is fraudulent, we protect you. We also pursue fraud aggressively, and will reimburse you for any funds we are able to recover. 



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