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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Beware the Ides of March, My Ass

Well, it`s been an interesting week.

First off, I`m sure you`ve noticed some changes to the website. A few banners here, a couple of buttons there. I`m experimenting for a few reasons. First, I`m trying to get rid of dead space. There were a lot of places on this site that just needed a few throw pillows and a curtain rod. Second, I`ve joined up a few affiliate programs. I can justify this site a while lot easier if it supports itself. So, what the heck. ;-)

When I first started this project, I had no desire to sell anything (except myself). And that is still a secondary concern. Mostly, I believe in putting information out there. I hope the content here will continue to entertain people and give them a better understanding of the biz.

One of the things that I was not expecting was the amazing feedback from other girls in the business. When I started out, a great deal of the feedback was negative, but lately, there has just been an outpouring of support and positive feedback. I`m seriously considering creating a forum for phone sex workers and maybe even johns and other interested parties to interact. I have to think on that a bit, though. Not sure I want to do that. I think, at the very least, I will be offering more educational information on what it is to be a phone slut.

As such, I`d like to put out an open call to any phone slut who uses KEEN. I realize my lukewarm experiences with it may not have been the norm, and I`d like to get more feedback from working girls about it.

We also got our Jane`s Guide review at last. The review, Vamp, was beyond generous, and it was a big boost to my ego to read it. In her very kind letter to me, however, she mentioned that she was having trouble with the audio. If you can`t hear it - please drop me an email with your operating system and browser? It would be very appreciated. As a general fyi - I`m changing the audio page so that it doesn`t play immediately upon loading. A few folks have written that they are sneaking around surfing at work and need time to turn down the speakers. So, ask and you shall recieve.

For the record, I do not miss the irony that this site itself has, of late, become quite a bit of the content of this diary. I suppose, as I put more effort into it there is more stuff I want to share.

I was talking to Faith the other day and we were exchanging funny stories about odd john calls. And we both realized that we had a number of calls in the past where a john will call from the car.

Honestly, you can`t make this stuff up.

On a few occasions, I`ve had guys call from cell phones while driving. I find this confusing because most often, these guys just want to talk dirty for a while. They don`t necessarily wank off. They tend to be the guys who prefer listening to a woman get off(or, at least, fake it well). However, on one occasion, I had a john who clearly was wagging his wand and I made him pull over before I continued talking. Faith had a call where she hadn`t realized the guy was dribbling and driving until she heard a loud slam. The john yelled something obscene and dropped the phone. When he came back on, all he could muster was: "I have to go, I just had an accident."

Wouldn`t you have killed to be a fly on that fender Wonder how much that call ended up costing him when all was tallied up? I bet the thoughts of your insurance rates going through the roof is enough to make winky go limp real quick.

Well, we can only hope. I`d hate to think he was still at half mast when the cops showed up.

Ah well. All in all, the Ides of March were not so bad. No knife in the back...yet.



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