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This phone slut had to learn a whole bunch of confusing shit while designing and coordinating this site. All you have to do is click and read. If, however, you're having a problem, or the audio-visual geek in you craves more, you should find it on this page. If not, you can always Send An Email.



I use Windows Media Player to create the daily audios. If you're having trouble hearing them, you probably don't have it. 

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Click on the above button to get the Free program Windows Media Player. There are multiple versions for PC and/or Mac. 


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I like them, thought you might like them too. Oh, they'll also help you see the site the way I compose it.

Text FontPapyrus    

Click Here to Download the Papyrus True Type Font

Headline Font:   Zuerbig

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Once you've downloaded the file(s) to your PC:

  • Go to Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Fonts. 

  •  Click on File --> Install New Font. 

  • Simply select the new fonts from where you downloaded them and click "OK"


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Navigational Hints

(well, there's only the one)

Almost anytime you see red or green asterisks like these: 


Or bars like these:


clicking on them should take you to the top of a page. I liked it better than that "click here to return to the top" shit. This doesn't work in the diary section, however, where there are two entries per page and you'll actually have to scroll. I know it's a hassle, but I do phone sex, not web design. 


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Or, use the basic link method below:

click here for the phone slut diary      

1. Copy the above  image to your own hard-drive.
2. Insert the following code where you'd like it to appear on your site:

<a href="https://phoneslutdiary.com" target="_blank">
<img border="0" src="LOCATION_OF_FILE/psdbutton.gif" width="88" height="32"
alt="Click to Open The Phone Slut Diary></a>

3. The Phone Slut Diary will appear in a new window when your surfers click.



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