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Product Reviews

I. Atmosphere Sensualities

II. Personal Sensualities

III. Tokens of Affection

IV. On-Line Necessities

Silly as it seems, a phone slut finds herself in the possession of several toys and other sex related merchandise. When exceptional products come to my notice, I'll post about them here - and links to ways you can purchase them.

Also, I'll post here the places and products I use regularly even if they're not sex related. Screw it. I use it, if they can be of any service to you, by all means.

Some of the items below have affiliate programs, and, when possible, I have joined those programs and linked to them. I don't review ANYTHING I haven't tried and enjoyed myself. And sometimes these are just little places that I want to keep in business because I can't live without the products.


Atmosphere Sensualities

1. Dreamweaver Candles (Reviewed 4/12/02)

This little independent candle maker rocks my world. I happened upon her site completely by accident a few months ago. First off, she takes PayPal, which is always a shopping plus for me. Secondly, her candles are huge bargains. Anyone who is a candle whore like me knows what you expect to pay for large candles like hers. I keep waiting for her to realize how under priced her stuff is.  They burn long and keep their scent for weeks and months. From the moment you open the box, you'll be wet in the pants from how yummy they smell. On the top of my desk, as I type this are two Greek Sunsets. My living room is enriched with the scent of Aztecs and Desert Drifters. And my bathtub is flanked by half-melted Mulberry Mondays, Foggy Beaches,  and Pina Coladas. 




Personal Sensualities

1. The Eroscillator  (Reviewed 4/12/02)

sensual oscillations 01

Yeah, I know. The first time I saw it, I thought it looked a little bit like a dentist drill. And, as Vibes go, I wasn't sure it was worth it to pay for a Jaguar as opposed to a Buick. I mean, don't they all jiggle the same? Well, I'm here to tell you they don't. I can't say I'm a toys expert. I am generally satisfied to let my fingers do the walking - but, there's a reason that this is the only vibe to be endorsed by Dr. Ruth. Holy hell.  Make sure you get the Seven Pearls of the Orient attachment, or you'll be missing out on Ancient Chinese secrets ;-)

2. Love Jam  (Reviewed 4/12/02)

Lube and phone sex go hand-in-hand (no pun intended).  Rio first turned me onto Love Jam's  Spring Water Lubricant, and as lubes go, I love it. It just seems a lot more fresh and clean than other lubes. I also like that it comes in pillow packets so that you can travel light ;-) Also if I were a braver soul, I'd be tempted to buy ant try the interestingly shaped Tantus Twister because the girls I talk to who own one say it's an experience in itself.


Tokens of Affection

1. Florist.com (Reviewed 4/12/02)

great prices 70

Let's face it, at one time or another you have to send someone flowers. And, even though it's cliché, every woman I know still enjoys getting them. Not on our birthdays. Not on Valentine's Day. Just because. (Well, okay birthdays and Valentine's too...fuck, we just like getting them a lot, okay?)  There are a gazillion online flower shops on the web, but this is the one I always like getting flowers from (and so, it's the one I use). The Tulip Bucket and Sunflowers were nice. But the most incredible fragrant yellow roses I've ever received came to my door courtesy of this merchant. And I'm a sucker for yellow roses.  They also have cookie baskets as well as fruit and wine baskets. 

2. Give Anything (Reviewed 4/12/02)

Send pretty much anyone pretty much anything. I'm a big fan of gift certificates because, frankly, I can't be bothered to care or remember what anyone is into. Lots o' stuff to choose from. Minimal effort on my part. Rock on.


On-line Necessities

1. Dell Systems (Reviewed 4/12/02)

I know that everyone thinks that they're a computer expert. Everyone has a friend who builds computers or recommends this one or that one. I've used Dell computers way before they were a household name - back when only my computer geek friends knew who they were. Needless to say, they've gotten much bigger in the britches since then. However, I can honestly say that through the years, the level of customer service has NOT changed it's still top notch (even if the hold times are a little longer these days). If you're a computer expert and you don't ever need customer service, then you're probably better off building your own system. But, if you're like me and you don't know dick, Dell is the way to go. I've had them come out - TO MY HOME - to replace damaged hardware. I've have them on the phone for hours walking me through troubleshooting that wasn't even the fault of their system.  I've had 3 Dells. I've made my parents buy Dell. I make my friends buy Dell. I make the businesses I consult with buy Dell. ROFL, not that you're going to take computer advice from a Phone Slut, but there you have it.

2. File Armor

File Armor - Protect Your Computer

  • Keep kids from searching into your files. 

  • Safely surf at work and home without worrying about detection.

  • Guard against crashes and protect important documents.

  • Unique shred function purges files that emptying the Recycling Bin can leave behind.

  • Protect banking information, credit card numbers, and personal information.

I never used to think file protection was  important. I don't have kids. I never had to answer to anyone about what I looked at at work or home. But I learned the hard way that it's crucial to get into the habit of protecting your own privacy. You never know when you'll be watching your niece & nephew for the weekend. Never know if your friends will start to snoop when you ask them to come over and water the plants while you're out of town. Never know who turns on the computer at your desk once you've gone home for the day.  This program is thorough and easy to use.

3. Paypal

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

I have been a PayPal member since February of 2000. I cannot honestly say I've *never* had a problem with them. But, I can say that I've had less problems with them than I've had with any bank or credit card company overall. It's always unpleasant to deal with financial institutions for me - if for no other reasons that it usually involves someone getting more of my money than I wanted or intended for them to get. PayPal, however, is free if you're a buyer and more than reasonable if you're selling something. They protect your banking account and credit card info so that you never have to give a  virtual stranger more trust than you'd like to part with. If I buy anything online, I buy with PayPal. And, ever since they started the Shop Anywhere system and began issying debit cards, there is no place online I can't use PayPal, and there are multiple ways to access that balance. 



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