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Friday, January 04, 2002

Liquid Assets

In this job, regular johns often want to purchase personal items from the girls they talk to. I suppose having a personal object in their possession heightens the intensity of their interactive experience.

There are regular and odd items.

Panties are - by far - the most popular. The phone slut that I talk to charge anywhere from $25 to upwards of $75 for just a pair of panties. I personally don`t like to send stuff out. Post offices are a hassle, so if a john wants something of mine, he`s going to pay through the nose for it. Bras, stockings, teddies, and other lingerie items are also in demand.

Shoes are a big fetish. I will state for the record that this phone slut has tiny feet (size 5 - 6 US) but that doesn`t stop these pervs from wanting my shoes and socks.

And there are the out of the ordinary requests as well. One guy asked for the bath towel I`d used to dry myself with after my morning shower. Another for my used deodorant (Lady Mitchum Shower Fresh, if you must know). One guy even wanted a pen that had a cap I`d chewed on. And those aren`t even the REALLY unusual ones.

What always amuses me about these requests is that they don`t want the sexy spike heels or the frilly lace panties. These guys always seem to want my stinky gym shoes and white old-lady undies where the elastic is shot in parts.

The first time you get asked for a pair of panties it`s almost flattering. You send out a pretty little pair of thongs all perfumed from the sachet in your panty drawer - and it`s not what they wanted. They wanted the pair you threw out last week because you had an accident while you were surfing the crimson wave. Ughickumph.

And then you have the johns who work you up to things. Who start out with panties and stockings and then, one days ask you to pee in a jar and mail it out to them.

And, even though you know you shouldn`t, you ask that question: WHY.

Phone sluts to be, please do me this favor. When faced with such a question, please think of me and REFRAIN from asking that question. Sometimes you just don`t need to KNOW why.

And you are faced with a dilemma that is at once amusing and incomprehensible: how much is a jar of my own urine worth?

Boys and girls sit and reflect on that a moment. A person offers you cash for your one of your bodily fluids. Where do you start the bidding?

I told you this wasn`t as easy a gig as it seemed.



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