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Thursday, January 10, 2002

What Is the Opposite of Cabin Fever?

It occurs to me today that I am a procrastinator.

I`m not sure what exactly clued me in:
The fact that my diary hasn`t been updated in 3 days?

The fact that I am STILL mailing out holiday presents and cards (not the "thank you"s - the actual cards).

The fact that there are 38 - count `em - 38 unreturned, undeleted messages on my answering machine.

The fact that my unreturned phone messages don`t hold a candle to my unreturned email messages.

The fact that I have no less then three dozen writing projects waiting to be completed.

The fact that my bills have begun to arrive in festive post-holiday colors with big words stamped across the front like "URGENT"

Any one of those things might be enough for the average person. For me, even navigating through such obvious signs, I entertain the delusion that I am on top of things. Right up to the point where I get overwhelmed.

I know you are all sitting there wondering what this has to do with phone sex.

Well, the truth of it is this: when I get overwhelmed, I completely withdraw. Since I have too much to do, I completely introvert and cloister myself away with nothing but my own company. And, seeing as I`m completely comfortable with my own company, it can start to become a problem.

Oh, and there`s also the fact that I have the means to stay tucked away from the world.

I know I have not been exceedingly forthcoming about personal matters, but the truth is I am a single phone slut. This is not to say I am a lonely phone slut, or even an unattached phone slut - but I do live alone with no immediate reason (i.e. a day job) to leave the house.

So the procrastinator has cloistered.
I expect to be caught up by February.

The irony being that right now, the johns are probably spending more time with me than any of the other beings who wander in and out of my little life.

Now, if THAT isn`t enough to motivate ya...



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