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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

The Return of the Queen

Sinn is back.

And I have missed her. Strangely, this keyboard has become my water cooler. The people I chat with online, my co-workers who share in my daily banter.Anyone who has ever stayed home to raise a child knows how detached you can feel from the world. Okay, so I`m raising horn dogs and not toddlers, but they employ pretty much the same level of mentality.

So, the intelligent beings who chatter with me keep me sane. Or, well, what passes for sane.

So, she has been missed.

The playoffs mean that fewer johns are calling. I wouldn`t mind so much if the fucking Dolphins had made any kind of a showing. Now, all I`ve got left to cheer for is the Steelers.

It doesn`t escape me that part of the reason I am good at this job is because I am what several have called "a guy`s girl." Put simply, I seem to like things which are categorized as predominantly male hobbies.

I like to watch football. I can quote The Great Escape. In and of themselves innocuous. Combined with my job, it means I have days where I feel like a sexually-charged creation of too many telephone conversations with horn dogs.

Is testosterone contagious?

Well, no matter. My go-to-gal is back. She bears estrogen antibodies. I`m saved.



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