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Friday, December 21, 2001

What Is That Under the Rug?

Ungh. Holidays.

People have started to filter into town. Family members and friends - most of whom are under the impression I still do communication / customer service / advertising consultation from home these days. I have done several "once overs" on the house and I`m not imbued with confidence. On each trail run, I find more and more stuff that would raise eyebrows. 

After purging the outer living area of all work-related contraband, I glanced at the computer desk and realized all my notepads were in plain view. Can`t you JUST see the look on my aunt`s face when she happens to glance down and see "John Smith 555-555-5555 / 65 (64:32) / Georgia Tech (Varsity) and Panthers / cock-sucker / Doxy blonde / cum on face / strap-on and ass fisting/ Follow-up with humiliation beach fantasy & lots of anal.

Aside: the above is fairly typical of the notes I take. John Name, John`s phone number / number of billed minutes (actual talk time) / personal details we discussed / sexual fetishes/act the john enjoys / ideas for next call. LOL. It reads like some perverted list of ingredients to a sex recipe. 

Anyhoo, somehow I don`t think the whole "Those are just notes for an article I`m working on" will cut it, should it fall under the eye of some blue-haired auntie.

However, after stowing my notebooks carefully into my workroom desk, I was sure I`d exorcised the house of sexual demons. That was when it suddenly occurred to me how many things I consider NORMAL that are anything but.

The small supply of vibrators, lotions, and other objects in the shoe box beside the spare bed - the little Foley props I keep in the bathroom for those performances of scat audio theater - the plywood plank on the floor where rests a pair of very clicky high heels - the DOZENS of phones that litter the house…the list is endless. 

I`m not going to lament about being in the sex-industry closet because I`m rather comfy in here - but it does make tidying up the house for family a bit of an exercise. 

I have this recurring nightmare of my granny rubbing Climax Lube onto her elbows muttering "Oh, Doxy, wherever did you get this hand lotion? It`s wonderful."


On a completely diary-related note, I have to say that I don`t know exactly where I`m going with these daily audios. Today is a wicked little snippet for the mommy`s boys out there. Other days I just feel like throwing out a quote about sex. If you`ve got any ideas or input, feel free to write me and let me know how that`s working out for you (if at all). Oh, and it`s Friday. Don`t forget to Clix me if you enjoy my entries by clicking on one of the CLIX icons. Fridays reset all the scores. ;-)



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