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Monday, December 17, 2001

Ineligible Receivers

Well Sundays are slow days when you`re a phone slut. I attribute this to the fact that many johns are sitting around bonding with other guys over onion dip and beer.


Yep. Football Season. It`ll turn the cash cow month of Easy Street December into a ghost town slum. And to make matters worse my team got anally raped for four quarters - no lubricant. Fucking 49ers.

I think they also have Nascar races on Sundays , but I don`t watch gas-powered human hamster wheels, so I`m not sure.

Sundays and football season can really drive home just how much of a whim business this is. I had a kick-ass Friday and an even better Saturday, but today there just wasn`t enough john pie to go around. Thank goodness for referrals.

Got regulars? They do a paycheck good.

Andy O`Pull has been calling a lot lately. He was upset that I was sick for a couple days. It`s funny how some johns are about stuff. Andy and I don`t really speak outside of the fantasy, but this time he asked if I was feeling better and told me he`d been worried. This is way out of Andy`s character.

But, I`ve started to realize that Scat Johns - while definitely classified as fruit loops in the cereal isle of my personal sexual preferences, are by and large some of the more sensitive and intelligent johns to be found. I don`t think Andy is as comfortable with every slut as he is with me. Even though the things he discusses make my personal upchuck reflex want to regurge, I never let a hint of that into my voice. I am as accepting and ready for his kink as I am for anyone else`s. They`re talking to me so they DON`T have to feel isolated and judged and I try hard not to forget it.

Of course, after Virg, it could just be that scat doesn`t even register as unpleasant by comparison.

Leave it to the scat cats to eke out the profits amid an otherwise shitty day...errr, no pun intended.



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