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Wednesday, December 12, 2001

It Turns Out I am Being Exploited

While having a conversation with Sinn the other day, I commented on a plot line from a recent episode of
The West Wing. Basically, it centered upon a women`s` organization attempting to declare all prostitution in the world illegal and immoral in some treaty or another. The leader of the group was well intentioned, citing cases of pre-teen girls being sold into bondage. But, when faced with the fact that prostitution is legal in several countries she proffered the argument that all women in the sex industry are forced into their positions in one way or another. 

By this reasoning, there is no volunteering to be a prostitute. You`re just a duped female who has been backed into a corner by society. 

With a twinkle in her cyber-eye Sinn informed me that, according to many feminists, I`m not REALLY happy to be a phone slut, I`m just a victim of a misogynistic society. It doesn`t matter how many Subs I whip into a frenzy (no pun intended) I am not in control here.

I am a traitor to the sisterhood. Who knew?

Ignore the fact that I worked successfully in the corporate world for years before altering my lifestyle. Ignore the fact that I gave up a higher paying position to be a phone slut. Scoff at the fact that I actually ENJOY my current job most of the time. Forget that I whored my soul much more on a daily basis wearing a business suit than I do now. 

Because I exchange a sexual service for money, I`m merely an exploited woman succumbing to a male-dominant society. Because really, ever since the touchy-feely 90s started, it`s okay to be sex-positive as long as everyone accepts the fact that we`re all victims of something.

I`m so totally not on that bus. 

I`m a phone slut. I`ve enjoyed phone sex for the majority of my sexually active life. As long as I did it for free with men I was in a relationship with - it was a healthy sexual outlet. When I began having it with virtual strangers, it was a fetish, but still in bounds.

Add money to the mix and suddenly it`s exploitation. 

You can apparently choose to be a tramp or a slut, but you cannot chose to be a whore. I find it fascinating the way we rationalize limits and titles to what makes us most comfortable. 

Take Andy, for example. When talking to him, or any other Scat John, I`m usually enjoying the conversation fine right up to "I stick my tongue in your asshole." The part where I lose interest is "then I shit right in your mouth." Because…well..ick. But he cums like the dickens. And isn`t that the GOAL of phone sex whether or not it`s for profit? Getting off? Limits just can`t apply in certain situations.

The labels we can comfortably wear and the ones we avoid just tickle me in this business. The way that an exchange between parties is completely redefined when monies are involved is amazing. 

There are LOTS of men and women sitting in cubicles performing much more demeaning and dehumanizing acts on a daily basis for their buck. I weave fantasies and moan into the receiver and listen to men get sexual gratification from that.

Exploitation indeed. 



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