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Friday, December 14, 2001


It occurred to me today that I forgot an entire genre of john. The Screamer.

The screamers are an odd breed. What sets them apart is that they really get off on hearing a phone slut moan and groan and scream like she`s being fucked brutal and hard-core.

That isn`t to say that most johns don`t like this element - they certainly do - but most johns want to hear some nasty talk, a fantasy or story about some wicked little tryst, or SOMETHING other than the panting and growling.

Screamers just want to hear you cum. They want you to take a long time to get there, too - which plays utter friggin` havoc on your throat.

Most of you - like me - probably speak differently on the phone than you do when just kicking back. You might have a "business voice" which is different from your "mommy voice" etc. Well, it`s my job to have a phone slut voice - soft, sultry, teasing, and many other adjectives.

A screamer who talks long enough can rob your throat raw and leave you hoarse. These are probably the main type of john you don`t want as a regular - they`re just too much maintenance.

Naturally there are tricks and cheats and good luck. Sometimes you can get away with moaning that doesn`t take such a toll. Sometimes you can just pant or breathe hot and they`ll go for it. Sometimes they`re the last call of the night anyway. And, sometimes you just have to tell the dispatcher to give you a half hour so you can down something soothing for your throat.

Hazards of the trade. I wonder if straining yourself from too many screamer calls in one day can make a phone slut eligible for workman`s comp ;-).



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