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Forbidden Sip
By: Doxy Wringer©

Author's Note: This poem may not be duplicated or re-posted on another website or in any medium without the written consent of the author.


Tell me more about the purity you despise 
While I get lost in the implications of your eyes 
And breathe the scent of your arrogance in. 

There is none other than you who thrills me to this quick 
Ordering the beast within me to thrash and kick 
And fill my mind with sin. 

It's hard to comprehend your intentions at times 
As you smirk corruptively, criticizing my rhymes 
And work your wicked teeth to their dreadful act. 

You lead me casually down this path of pain 
Honoring and desecrating the ground where we have lain 
And I enter willingly into this evil pact. 

The animals within us begin to fume 
As you shove and stretch to make yourself room 
And I am given no choice but to accommodate the ache. 

"I want more," you insist as our heats combine 
As our limbs, our sex, our lusts entwine 
And I fall from more than grace while I thrash and quake. 

Surrendered and sudden, the heat is gone 
As the blood I've lost turns my existence wan 
And your mouth drips from its salty deed. 

The sharp pressure of your hunger pulsates still 
As my purpled throat implores you to drink your fill 
And within my soul's womb, germinate your dark seed. 

And it's hard not to pant 
As your cape surrounds me 
And it's hard not to shake 
As your rough form pounds me. 

And my veins simply can't 
As you sever and slap me 
And my body does break 
As you torture and trap me. 

Morning creeps in and I moan aloud 
As you abandon me in favor of your shroud 
And I am left merely gasping where I lay 
Wishing that you could…we could…through the day. 

The potent thrust of your strange thirsts still linger on 
For, my darling master, though you may be absent…never are you gone.

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