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The Ravenous & The Ravaged I - Part II

By: Doxy Wringer©

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With a covetous haste, I snuck through the corridors to the area that spied upon the royal chamber. I had spent many dark nights watching my king take his vigorous thirsts out on his dominated courtesans. It had never occurred to me to envy my liege as I stroked my own sex in appreciation of his conquests. This night, I would not only covet my king’s prize, but I would hate him for it.

Mara was pushed upon the collection of cushions and furs that composed the king’s bed, and I could see calm resolution in her delicate face. She had come to terms with her doom, and the high set of her chin, the proud carriage of her posture told me she would not cower. There was wrath in her frighteningly serene gaze. Trapped, desperate vehemence in the guise of placidity.

Admiration and empathy germinated in my gut like a sickness. I wanted to retreat and not see her violated, but I was too weak to go. Besides, I could not crawl off like a coward and leave her alone. Worse still, as much as it repulsed me to think of watching her being possessed by another, there was also that depraved, rank thrill.

No sooner had the other women shuffled from the room, than the king strode arrogantly into his royal bedchamber. His hard, bronzed body still glistened from his bath, and although he was completely nude, he walked as though he wore the finest garments of the realm.

"I have come to tame you, cat," he stated firmly. "You would be wise no to make it difficult upon yourself," with a smirk, he benevolently pulled the gag from her mouth.

She answered his leering overconfidence by spitting into his conceited face.

I jumped as he backhanded her and replaced the gag – his outrage was fearsome to behold. Wasting no time, my sovereign reached down with both hands and tore the thin clothing from her vexingly appealing form.

So much for the effort that had gone into Mara’s preparation.

Bare before me again, I watched him molest her. He took handfuls of her bounteous breasts, rolling the long, pink nipples in his fingers before tugging them raw. He pinched and prodded, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of so much as a grunt.

Not aloud.

In my mind alone, echoed her cries. The moaning, the whimpering, the groaning. I stood helpless as his hands first determinedly, then cruelly violated her. Groping her flesh at first in hunger, and at last in rage. He slapped her, roared at her, pinched and probed, but she gave him nothing except a cold, victorious sneer. He reached down, plucking at the button of her feminine mystery, thumping the sensitive cleft of her sex, before capturing her clit in his fingers and crushing it.

In my mind, her whimpers turned to screams, but the king heard nothing.

There was an altar at the far end of the room – a low stone table where the king made his offerings directly to the gods. He tangled his angry fingers in her auburn blanket of curls and drug her forcefully to that slab of cold rock. A blasphemy he had no fear of committing.

It was then that the chanting began in my mind. A terrible, familiar buzzing.

Once more, my limbs moved without my consent, and braced my yielding form against the wall. Already swelling, my cock began to burn and I felt stark lust ripple through my essence.

Still bound and gagged, he threw her forward, until Mara was bent over the altar, the naked back of her stiff and fortified against his touch.

"You will bow to me, cat. I will rip you in half if that is what you require," he growled, but I could tell by the king’s voice that he was not at all certain he could break her. She answered with the same, maddening silence while the chanting loomed on in my head.

One hand yanked her curtain of hair, the other snaked around her slim waist. He ravenously positioned his throbbing cock, for he had no patience to tease. Without pity, he rammed forward to claim her virginity from the bestial perspective of his own animal craving, howling as he took her from behind.

I clenched my teeth and fought the urge to scream from the joyous horror of it. I felt the protective membrane of her maidenhead tear away against my engorged cock. I felt the hot, wet tightness of her virgin’s cunt pulsating around me like a breathing shroud. I bucked in shock and revulsion and bliss.

The king, however, grunted in overwhelming disbelief. The staggering pleasure he had been expecting to find from this conquest was robbed from him and given, with neither knowledge or consent, to me. Mara’s chanting continued with maniacal fervor, while she held tenaciously to her concentration; bitter laughter mingled with her foreign spell.

Confused and frustrated, the king began to pump all his strength into his raping thrusts. He drove into her harder...deeper...relentless and violent. My hips jabbed forward with insatiable abandon. I was again, fucking nothing but air, yet somehow fucking Mara’s virgin cavern...raping her along with king’s own thrusts.

Frustration turned to fury. The king became brutal, delivering blows upon her – ripping into her with uncontrolled violence, and though she screamed and screamed and screamed, he heard nothing. I suffered it all. The violation of her was mine, and the pleasure of the king was mine, and the screaming and the chanting, and the wet frantic throbbing was all mine.

Harder... deeper... brutal... animal... feral... pumping... grinding... harder... deeper... faster... harder... deeper... harder... harder... harder

Then, with a scream that didn’t seem human, the king pulled back – shouting at her with utter loathing as he withdrew his young man’s sex and began to wrench it with his own hands - pumping with his own fingers to find the pleasure she denied him. I watched his seed spill across her backside, and gaped in grim understanding. His release was just like the one I’d had before. There was no pleasure, only relief from the unbearable tension of his tightening loins.

As his man’s milk jetted out, Mara stopped chanting, and my sinful ecstasy was cut off. I fell to my knees once more from the reeling denial of pleasure. Pressing my forehead against the cool stone of the passage wall, I willed my trembling body to find strength. Unlike Mara’s other prey, I was no longer a young man, and the lusts transferred to me from my robust king were taking a terrible toll on my limbs...my heart...my extremities. It was like running for miles with all the energy of your sinews focused on that single activity, and then crashing without warning into a wall of jagged ice.

"Guards!" I heard the king shriek in a frustrated frenzy. In truth, the youth was nearly rabid in his fury. "Guards!"

The two hulks hurried into the room –thick, broad-shouldered animals with the hardened bodies only the most elite soldiers could claim. Stumbling awkwardly to my feet once more, I balanced on unsteady legs and tried to eavesdrop on the orders the king issued to his sentinels. But, Mara’s chanting once more began to echo through my mind and I could hear none of the barking demands.

The situation became clear all too soon.

The guards bowed to their king, and then turned to Mara’s limp, lissome body. The scrap of fabric still gagged her mouth, and bound her sinuous wrists, but there was no surrender in her. Her green eyes shone with the malevolence of vengeance unsated. Her spirit would never balk, but I knew terror for her...and in truth, for myself.

The king seated himself on a mound of pillows to watch his evil orders acted out. And, when the first warrior grabbed Mara by the hair, I heard the chanting in my head double over in ferocity, it rang in my ears with the auditory brilliance of a crystal-shattering soprano. Unseen forces pulled me once more forward until my hands rested flat on the walls, and my loins caught fire.

I cannot begin to put into words the sensations I experienced. It cannot be communicated from one man to another. But, Mara’s power knew no mortal bounds, for I realized I was not feeling the lusts and hungers of a single man any longer, but of all three. Those feral animals mauling her and violating her were now a part of me. And I comprehended with dreadful clarity that she was denying them all the pleasures of their own flesh and flooding me with it. I didn’t know how I could possibly endure it. In taking her revenge on them for their acts, she was also condemning me for my witness of her humiliation.

They stood her up between them, supporting her by her uncooperative limbs, their fingers digging cruelly into her tender young flesh. Then, the first grasped up her thighs and drove his rock-hard length into her tight, wounded woman’s cavern. I felt the constriction around my pulsating cock, and nearly wept in guilt from the return of the horrific rapture of it. Her long legs were spread wide to accept the animal’s driving force, while he pumped her brutally.

My eyes closed as my hips thrust violently against my will. My head wagged in panting hunger. I knew then that this might very well be the death of me, and I welcomed it completely.

A grunting shriek abruptly blotted out everything else. My eyes shot open, and my erection clenched in sublime pain. The world turned white, and by the time my vision returned, the hum of Mara’s chant had once more increased in its black-raged vengeance.

I was both sickened and ecstatic at this newest act of violation. From behind Mara, the second brute guard had begun to desecrate her other sexual cavity. And I felt it. All of it. The two of them...ramming their steel...their thick lengths, their enraged cocks into her from both sides. The rhythm was sadistic, impossible, excruciating. I was driven once more to my knees as my loins pumped madly at the air. On my hands and knees like the animal lusts I was experiencing, I gasped for hot breath as I was consumed with unnatural hunger. The hot, wet depth of the fissure which stretched to her womb, and the raw, ripped insides of her hindquarters both tormenting and gratifying my sex. I was fucking her from behind, I was raping her from the front. Fucking. Raping. Behind. Before. Within her cunt...up her succulent ass. I helplessly possessed her from both directions. And I both craved and hated the pleasure.

Harder... deeper... brutal... animal... feral... pumping... grinding... harder... deeper... faster... harder... deeper... harder... harder... harder...

Like the king before them, the guards’ gnashing furor could not be sustained, and they pulled from her in unison. Their denied satisfaction was taken out on her with brute force while they spat insults at her and abused her with naked hostility. Yet every bruise, every blow they delivered onto her glorious body seemed to take more from them than it did her, and I was awed to realized that she had stolen from them even the compensation of their petty umbrage.

"She is cursed, Majesty," one of them howled, dropping her to the floor in his frustration.

The king shouted something I could not understand and, after delivering one swift kick to her crumbled, bleeding body, all three men departed the royal chamber. There was no doubt in my mind their destination would be the sanctuary of the concubines. They would plunge their swords into other women, but it was hallow victory. For, even though they would fuck and deposit their seed within those women, they would be still be seeing the black and green taunts of Mara’s mocking, vengeful eyes. It would be her golden flesh their fingers burned to touch.

Still on my hands and knees, I attempted to crawl forward, but the raging in my stiff, aching loins had not abated. I had been denied the same as them; only my ancient body did not have the benefit of youth to sustain it.

"I cannot get to you." I whispered aloud, nearly weeping in my own helplessness. I wanted to offer her some comfort...any comfort – just one touch that was not a violation, one single act of kindness in the face of the brutality. More than that, to my own shame, I wanted my own relief. I had fucked with the force of three young men, but had not found release.

Her mind reached back to me, and amidst all her unbearable agony, she uttered a soft, whimpering final spell...rewarded me for my unwitting role in denying her tormentors the pleasures of her broken body.

Like a flash fire in summer, my loins burst, and I came, at long last, as a crazed beast – my seed gushing out in unfathomable ferociousness. I crumbled to the cold stone floor, my hands cupping my sensitive cock and balls. Panting...spent, exhausted, and unable to retain a single thought in my simpering lunatic mind.

Finally alone, I heard her surrender her wrathful resiliency. And, for these brief moments that she was able, she allowed herself the luxury of tears. Those grief-stricken sobs were the last sounds I heard as I lost consciousness.


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