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"Sin from my lips? 
O trespass sweetly urged! 
Give me my sin again." 

- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 




We were sinful 
Those nights by the water - 
The wind so cold 
And the world beyond so much colder; 

Yet you and I communed in carnivorous heat, 
Indulging a fevered banquet of limbs and sacrosanct delicacies. 
Wanton predators devouring debauched flavors. 

Your hands exhausted that that poor six string - 
Our Takemine god; 
The metronome of our vulgar symphonies 

Amid the sonorous compositions 
There emerged the occasional ingénue, 
Trespassing onto our sinuous territory. 

That teenage boy you called Pelops, 
How you teased his shy youth 
By strumming your instrument over me. 
Revealing to his thirsting eyes - 
Corrupting his naïveté - 
Infusing our jaded games with his inexperience. 

Giving him a look at 
Oh, yes 
And a glimpse of 
Oh, my 
And a hint of 
Oh yes, oh my, oh please 

Until you closed the blinds. 

Dionysian carousing 
Staged with a lack of social graces 
Even satyrs would have been shamed by 

Stark and hard you were, my master. 
Pliant and supple, I, your pet. 
The both of us briny and tempestuous. 
Salted lust. 

That last morning as we 
Took our breakfast on the sand 
An old man watched us; 
His ancient gaze 
Unable to leave your fingers 
(Which were unable to leave my curves) 

I still recall how his black eyes shone in 
Covetous longing. 
He couldn't even remember to wipe away his milk mustache. 
How it trickled over his lips 
Like the milk of me, folding over the mouth of you. 

Feasting, drinking, reveling... 
Flesh, Sweat, Sinews... 

Oh my darling... 

Those nights by the water, 
We were sinful. 

Give me my sin again...

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