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1. Hot Lips Cash: As you know, this has long been listed in my Be Your Own Boss Section, but I felt it warranted a cross-listing here. If you choose the road of self-promotion, you might as well make the most you possibly can. How does $1.55+ a minute sound? Due to recent circumstances, independent PSOs have found themselves in a state of near-emergency when it comes to billing. One of the safest routes is to remain an independent contractor, but align with a larger business to entrust your billing affairs. This is how I run my billing, and Hot Lips Cash is the company I align with. You get paid whenever someone makes a sale on your line -- even if they don't talk to you, and you make even more when you take the calls yourself. If you've put in the hard work of establishing yourself, but are getting slaughtered with merchant account fees and are living in fear of chargebacks, on-line processors not paying out, and/or freezing your account, then this is the way to go. Because this is a business relationship based on a huge amount of trust, I am only recommending the company I entrust my own information to. There are other affiliate programs out there, but I don't know them, haven't worked for them, and can't, in all earnestness, list them here. This is more than employer/employee. This is your sweat and blood -- your own promotion hours, and the client base you've established for yourself. HLC is reputable, supportive, scrupulously ethical, and the only affiliate program officially recommended by the Phone Slut Diary. Their affiliate statistics tools are in real-time and comprehensive.

2. Red Claw Ventures: I have a long history of being stiffed by international phone sex affiliate programs. Iíve lost thousands on companies that sounded good, converted well, and never paid up. Red Claw Ventures isnít like the others. They have a well-established history with phone sex companies that have been around. Before signing up with them, I asked for references and got them. They were vouched for by Brad Mitchell (who started SinTalk before OmegaCash aquired them) and Lori Parker of Omega Cash. While I donít do business with ether directly, I trust them to be good business persons who are mindful of their reputations. Iíve been aligned with Red Claw for over six months now. Theyíve never missed a payment. The only draw-back, if there is one, is that their payout is in British Pounds. This requires me to deposit them to my bank with a few extra steps, but is hardly an inconvenience compared to how well they convert and how reliable they are with payment. Their affiliate statistics tools are regularly updated and top-rate.

3. Niteflirt Affiliate Program: Well, if you use Niteflirt for your business you know the drill. In order to maintain their client base, they provide payouts to affiliates. Since they are such Nazis about anyone daring to have multiple payment methods on sites that advertise within them, itís very hypocritical that they pimp for clients off their sites, but they pay well, so itís worth signing up for. Their conversion rates arenít all that high, but their per-conversion payout is. And, letís face it, most gents who frequent the net for phone sex generally end up trying Niteflirt at least once or twice, so you might as well get paid for introducing them to it. 



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