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The Slut

Doxy Wringer - Me? I'm just a harmless little sunshine girl who can't stand to be more than a block away from the beach.  Okay, maybe I have a touch of a catty streak - but just a touch. To be honest, I sway back and forth between sarcastic and sweet. I'm not as jaded as I like to believe. I still get a naughty little thrill when I coo and preen my johns into a wet-dream stupor. I admit, it's an ego rush when they  cum so hard they're still screaming my name a week later.  Daddies and Doms are my favorites - especially those who do their best to spank the wickedness out of me. Guess I'm just Little Red Riding Hood in search of a Big Bad Wolf. 

My, honey, what a big...errr...what big shoes you have.


   Slut Cohorts  

Bethany -  A fun-loving  phone slut with a succulent little voice. This one makes johns melt with her  totally taboo underage/incest fantasies. She's catnip for  Daddies and the ordinary Joes lusting after the gal next-door.  Her flavor is Innocence and peppermint laced with whiskey - and if you're lucky enough to get her, she'll burn you through and through.

Chastity - She looks so innocent, but this is one slut who has been around the block, seen the bright lights of the big city - and yowza has she picked up some tricks of the trade along the way! Adventurous and brassy, this wildcat is just one hell of a good time. She's just the right gift-wrapped package for the john who has everything, but craves more. 

Dixie - What can I say about this little dynamo?  This one gives me girl-wood. She's sweet, sassy, smart, and a lot of other "s" words including her favored: slinky salacious slut. Dix hasn't been in the business very long, and stumbled across it quite by accident. I think she is all the more detectible because she sounds like she still remembers how to blush. A free spirit and one hot tamata.

Faith - A scrumptious slut who doesn't know the meaning of the word "inhibition." This no-holds barred gal can weave the  naughtiest, nastiest most decadent and delightful fantasies.  She's the girl your mother warned you about and your dad always hoped you'd stumble upon.

Gabrielle - A very sensuous dominatrix who doesn't leave any question about  who is  in control. There are Subs who can't live without her. She'll make you cry for mercy, and make you weep for more. A lick of her  whip, a thrash of her crop and you'll be ready to sell your soul for her divine agony. 

Tiffany - This sweetheart of the phone lines is a little older, a little wiser, and still the crème de la crème of sexy. A foxy mama with a sultry, intoxicating voice and a natural inclination for sin, Tiff gets to hankering and then she just has to sink her fangs into something sweat-soaked and panting. She's one wild ride, but worth the E-ticket - and maybe she'll even let you call her Mommy if you're a good little boy. 



Sinn Badtear - Sinn is an online buddy and probably the person I spend the most time conversing with on a daily basis. She operates a website that is pro-woman and pro-sex and many other pro things besides. She listens to a great deal of my ranting amid the jokes and ideas we peddle back and forth.  A cyberspace touchstone. 

Rio Rosa Rasa - My Madame and probably the coolest cat on the block. Rio and I talk a lot about the biz, about the johns and the idiosyncrasies of the gig. She did phone sex herself for years before moving on into the management of her own service.  The babe just fucking rocks.

Randy Rome - Is the poor suffering soul who is the liaison between my web host machinery  and me.  I barter sexual innuendo for tech help. It works, only I'm running out of sexual favors to swap. http://koimedia.com/ 

Mae Surrey - The other half of Randy. She runs http://very-koi.net and she's a spunky lil wench. Not enough like her on the web.

Sinai Tendergal - A friend of mine since high school and one of the people who is just a constant source of fun and joy. She's also my closest and most accepting confidant,  and the gifted Artist who is responsible for the art on this site. 

Blythe C.  Morseler  - Another friend of mine from high school who is currently residing in the spare room of my house. Can an independent phone slut really adjust to life with a roomy? Can said roomy  sleep though my version of a full-throated fake orgasm? Stay tuned! These and other questions will be answered in future episodes of Dial R for Phone Slut Roomie.



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