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Wednesday - December 26, 2001
ISN'T IT 2002 YET?

Sorry, it's been a couple days. There was this holiday thing.

Well, I actually managed to get through the big X without a vibrator falling on someone's toe as they rummaged for a towel in the linen closet. Go me.

Signing in today, I realize I've actually been getting some mail from this site, which is a nice surprise. Most of it has been good. Some of it constructive. 

There was one in particular which addressed the subject of Keen and the fact that I'm providing a lot of industry information here for free. I really WILL get around to writing the gal, but not just yet.

I'll add Keen to the Phone Sex 101 page soon - because it really should be addressed. I guess if I didn't consider it such a waste of time, I would have included it in the first place. You have to be such a ga-ga, rah-rah self-promotion creature in order for Keen to work. At least that's my passing experience with it. I just cannot take it seriously. I mean, I am a pretty lazy slut. I just want to dial in and get calls from my johns. That's pretty much the maximum effort I want to muster. The idea of promotion and buying advertising…ehh. That's what pimps and madames are for. 

The one thing I do want to address bluntly, however is the idea that I should somehow be charging for this site. 

I accept that the industry of sex is one for profit. I accept that, at heart, we're all a gaggle of whores. But, you know, one of the reasons - the MAIN reason, in fact, that I am doing this is for fun. F-U-N. It jazzes me. I think it's a hoot that I get paid to be a phone slut. Because, frankly, I was a phone slut for MANY years before I started getting paid for it. If I'd had any idea how to go about being in the business without getting screwed (in a bad way) I might have got into it long before I did. 

So, this information is here for FREE. And, it will stay here for FREE. Because this site isn`t about whoring for a profit. Not that I think of whoring as a bad thing - I rather respect and enjoy it. But that isn't what my site is about.

In the Becoming a Slut section of this site, I talk about separating yourself from the job - and about how people will expect that you'll do anything (and everything) for a buck. 

This site, although the content concerns my job - ISN'T my job. It's fun. It's recreation. It's something I'm NOT doing for a buck. It's something I'm doing for me. And, if along the way I pass on some helpful information to someone else, then that's cool. If some potential johns see it and call because of it - that's cool, too. But, those are incidental acts. They are not the focus of the site.

The focus of the site is to promote the insights of a phone sex worker. Why? I don't know. Why does anyone keep an online journal? To commune with the unbearable cyberness of being, I suppose. To send stuff out into the void and occasionally have the void answer. I don't want to get all transcendental on anyone's ass, but you know - sometimes a website is just a cigar. 

Wait…ignore that last paragraph.

To eke out some manner of sense here - no, I'm not worried about scores of bored housewives and co-eds suddenly reading my site and deciding they've got what it takes. I'm not kept up nights wondering if this will spur some grass roots phone sex movement where independent phone sluts of the world unite. I'm never going to be concerned about getting taken out of the game. Firstly, because I'm good at what I do. And, secondly, because, the fact is, as easy as it sounds - not everyone can do what I do. And the more GOOD people out there doing it, the better. A better industry means a more respected industry - and that means clients who are less shy about their fetish. More of them not worried about explaining what those charges are on their credit cards. 

It's somewhat bizarre to me. These days you can walk into a club, get medical professionals to hook you up to hardware and party so hard you need the services of an aftercare booth - but talking dirty on the phone is considered embarrassing. I suppose there will always be class distinctions between the dreamers and the sensualists. Fantasy and action. Fancy and experience. Ah well. I'll try to be philosophical about some of that another night. Long, long from now.

In the meantime, I have to go try and fish the baby new year out of my lubricant drawer.



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