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day  - June 26, 2004
Guam to Leyte

 ďSo, eleven hundred men went into the water. Three hundred and sixteen men come out, the sharks took the rest, June the twenty-ninth, nineteen-forty five. Anyway, we delivered the bomb.Ē Ė Robert Shaw, Jaws

June. Blergh.

Iím trying to keep a few things in perspective this month. Like whatís important and what isnít. Not sweating small stuff and all that jazz. What the definition of a trying situation can be, and what is really just an annoyance. The USS Indianapolis endured a trial. Iím just dealing with amateur tiger sharks and bombs that donít have the capacity to end the world, although they can detonate a nasty bugger of a mess throughout my industry.

But, letís try and pull a positive face for the moment, shall we? 

Iíve gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding the new site design and I appreciate all the kind words Ė even those I have not acknowledged personally. Iím a bad email girl on my best days, but over the last several weeks I have been dealing with a family memberís illness, the complete and utter surrender and replacement of my central air conditioning system, the inevitable fever that resulted from going back and forth between a 103 degree house to an air conditioned sanctuary, and, you know, sailing ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. 

Which reminds me. This entry is so long, itís going to have subheaders. Be afraid! Or, just feel free to just jump to what interests you and come back for the rest later. 

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The Biz


Iíve GOT to address an issue that Iíve been trying to ignore above board while working quietly behind the scenes to resolve. However, if youíre in the industry itís become obvious that something is going on. So, letís hash a bit over the elephant in the living room. 

If you have run a Google on the terms ďphone sexĒ or ďphonesexĒ since the ďFlorida UpdateĒ of last November you know the problem. One small specific group is exploiting weaknesses in the Google algorithms. Once upon a time you were blacklisted for spamming message boards and/or having hidden links and your page rank was ignored if you had banner farms or link farms on every page Ė and pages with Page Rank 0 didnít contribute to the overall scheme. One small concession is that this problem isnít limited to the adult industry (for a change). Obviously, if youíve tried doing a search on a travel destination or a retail purchase item, youíve encountered the flood of Amazon/eBay portals and travel agent reseller sites. 

The theory at Google Watch is that Google isnít making any effort to correct these problems because a bad search engine product yields higher ad revenue (Can you say ďYahoo dťjŗ vuĒ boys and girls?). Bottom line: the more it doesnít work quite right, the more people will pay to have their sites listed anywhere near the top. Personally, I donít invest a great deal in Google Watch theories, but it has become obvious that for whatever reason Google either doesnít know how or isnít in a rush to fix this. I canít begin to explain how depressing this prospect is to people like me that have had Google set as our home pages since the late 1990s when they pioneered the idea that you couldnít just buy good search results. Reclaim the web, etc. Way back when it felt like someone had finally realized that they could give money-grubbing Yahoo a run for its money and create a method to produce legitimate search results that had integrity and stood up to over-tinkering. To be honest, Iím still hoping itís just a big fuckup that beloved Google geek elves are working hard to resolve. Yes, my rose-colored glasses do fit nicely, thank you. But, honestly, they DO know itís broken, even if they wonít admit it publicly Ė the industry chatter reeks of that fact. So itís only a matter of time until the cracks are repaired. 

In the meantime, Iím stuck either promoting myself in a non-ethical method or resigning myself to lesser search engine results pages. As for the mountain of email I have on this issue, it kills me to say this, but itís a choice you have to make for yourselves because Google fixes may or may not be on the way is the best answer I have.

Link To Me

For my part, Iím going to work on some ideas Iíve had simmering on the back burner and make a request of you, my readers (Hey! Who says Iím not interactive!). If you enjoy my site and feel it would be appropriate to link to me from your site, I would appreciate the following text link (or a variation thereof). 

Text = Phone Sex Slut Diary By Doxy Wringer the Phonesex Slut

Link =

This mentions most of my focused keyword strings (which are appropriate for my site). If you feel uncomfortable with the text link, you can pick one of my banners and use the Text above for alt text, s'il vous plait

Honestly, it irks me to no end to make this public request, but Iíd rather be forthright about it and ask for assistance than to lower my ethics. Again Ė if your site isnít appropriate for adult links, or if you donít care to promote my site, please donít. This isnít a beg for reciprocal links or an SOS. Iím far from sinking and I will continue to only promote those links that are appropriate for PSD. Iím not going to make cheap swaps, because then the quality links I provide become useless? Iíve worked hard to make this a resource site with quality content and not merely a smut mill. Not that thereís anything necessarily wrong with smut mills, itís just not what Iím doing here. No, seriously, shut up ;-P 

Bitter observation of the week: this is what happens when ďbusiness menĒ decide to promote phone sex. Theyíve never worked a line, never had to concern themselves with how the industry is perceived Ė they simply make as much money as they can and move on to the next trick. 

So, woe is me and all that. Search engines suck. The lowest common denominator sucks. It was ever and shall always be thus. 


Honorable Mentions

For sluts that might be seeking a new company, Iíve added Chloe Enterprises  to the Combination Phonesex Services section of Phone Sex Services to Work For, and Iíve also added a new resource page: Phone Sex Message Boards and Resource Sites which I will continue to improve upon over time as other resource sites become apparent to me. Itís funny when I started out there were no public resource sites, now theyíre popping up all over. Makes a body almost feel like theyíve had an effect on their industry ;-) 

Additionally, a new friend on my network is Shawna. I donít have a pic of her amid my phonesex sister sluts, but if you call my line and are looking for an amazing Phone Sex Dom or just an amazingly creative sex kitten, sheís your girl. I have it on good authority that when Iím not available, she has become the darling slut of choice among my regulars. 


In this diary, I write a lot about the tricks of the trade Ė the fake orgasms, the difficult callers, the trials and tribulations. But, you know, there is also the other side Ė the side that makes this what I consider to be the best job in the world for me. The ones that get me damp and keep me that way. The guys that tickle my taboo senses into overdrive. 

Sir A. J. Harems is a new Daddy John who has me wriggling in my panties every time he calls. On the surface, a novice would think that incest phonesex calls are all the same, but itís just not the case. There are dominant Daddies and submissive Daddies. There are those that want very young girls to corrupt and those that want spoiled brat teens to spank. All of it fantasy. All of it divinely twisted playtime for me. A.J. likes for me to be his little tease slut. The type of ďIím going to tease you until you give it to meĒ Daddy stuff that a bad girl can really get into (and, you know, off on for that matter). The way to this girlísÖerrÖheart? Just call me forbidden fruit and pluck me off the tree a little before Iím ripe. I promise to be a tart that drips sweet on the tongue. LOL. A.J. is also addicted to the Daddy whimper selection of my Audio Samples as well as the audio story samples in my Erotic Writings section. Which rocks. I knew I came up with those little teases for something. But itís a strange thing to be on the phone giving phonesex to someone and hear your own voice in the background playing as their mail notification sound. Truly surreal. But fun. And more than a little ego-enriching. 

And speaking of ego-enrichingÖ 

Derry Shoe Jr. also made a return to my phone line. Our schedules do not often match-up but it is a delicious treat when they do. You may remember mention of Derry from my little Caged Heat John discussion last October in my Behind Bars. Well Derry is just the type of John that could get a slut like me in serious trouble. Heís got the seductive voice of a velvet Casanova and heís into fantasies that really melt my butter. Most recently we enjoyed a schoolgirl abduction sequence that Ö well letís just say parallels sexual fantasies Iíve had since I was first old enough to have them. It also, quite amusingly, parallels a story Iím working on for the fiction section. If I had any more Johns like Derry, or spoke with him on a regular basis, Iím telling you, Iíd need rubber pants to keep from sticking to the furniture. Unghhhhh. 


Iíve been neglecting sharing some of my most enjoyable smut finds.

Thanks to Todd of (and such warm, gracious thanks they are, indeed) a model that has been keeping me up nights has been identified. Now, boys and girls, you may think youíve seen perfection, but itís time to start your engines becauseÖOHÖMYÖGOD. 

Meet Greta and WEEP. This woman is just WRONG.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

I mean holy fuckmeat sandwiches. Get me some rope and duct tape. Iím building this one a cage and keeping her for myself. Unghhh. If you look at her for too long, itís like staring at the sun Ė youíre blind to anything else in the world for a few seconds. I *may* get over my Bellucci addiction with the help of Greta. God. Itís just hard to know what part youíd want to suck on first, isnít it? Tres yummy.

Oh Ė and speaking of yummy, Iíve stumbled upon the vision of Rion Vernon recently and it was a most delightful surprise. Pin-up playfulness with a heaping spoonful of cartoon whimsy, his work is wholly arousing and uniquely charming. Maybe I was exposed to the sexy ďLittle RedĒ Tex Avery Looney Tunes too many times as a kid, or perhaps I just require a little more mischievous humor in my erotica than standard comic porn. Whatever the reason, this is one of those artists that holds the keys to myÖerrÖheart. You really have to visit the photos section to appreciate the full experience of Vernonís incredibly imaginative and well-designed site. This is an artist that heartily embraces his muse (and maybe a little more than embraces). He loves what he does and his enjoyment shouts out from every pouty little mouth and curvaceous hip; he spoils his girls and they radiate all the more sass, spunk, and sultriness for his attentions. 

For the people that ďget itĒ this Q/A from one of his interviews says it all: 

How did you first get into Pin-Up toons? Are there any artists/ photographers/ movie stars/ fashion designers whose work you enjoy or take inspiration from?  

Jessica Rabbit. It all started with Jessica Rabbit. Being a boy at the tender age of about 14, a voluptuous cartoon woman in the real world made my brain blow a fuse. I was determined to be able to draw her without looking at any reference images. From there I started to create my own style.  

And what a style it is! Reasonably priced around $20 for an artist signed copy, you NEED to support this site and order a Rion print. Or possibly a dozen. 

And while youíre glimpsing erotic artists, donít forget my beloved Jack Henslee. Toons are fun to play with, but thereís no comparison to the real deal. I also hear via the grapevine that Jackís images will soon be available as cell phone downloads, so support erotica and ask your wireless provider if they plan to include Henslee images in their network library! 

Well, I think thatís quite an update for now. 

Cheers and all that! 


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