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One of the things that never fails to amuse and amaze me about this industry is how mean-spirited it can be on an communal level. While I would never lump my fellow PSOs into a single mindset, it must be said that there is a vocal element (that often feels like the majority, but is probably a minority) that simply cannot EVER take the high road. Any PSO group or message board is doomed to reek of at least a dash of competitive egos, vindictive pettiness, and the old standbys of lies, innuendo, and accusations. While there are message boards that do limit the mud-slinging to a certain extent (although in every instance I have witnessed, those that do the ďeditingĒ do so to please themselves, not a sense of justice). Beware ďover moderatedĒ forums because sometimes that little power trip of who can say what goes too far into the ridiculous censorship sector, and honest information gets muddy. Still, even the most responsible forum will generally have a knee-high stench of mendacity owners who claim to ďalwaysĒ be busy, operators who claim to be rolling in huge piles of cash on a daily basis, and a great deal of ďmy tits are bigger than your titsĒ posturing.

By and large, phone sluts do not play well with others.

It was a factor I took into account when creating this site. Any resources that were out there when I started (and there werenít many) bore this mark of Cain half-truth layered upon cattiness. I knew when I started this site that there were going to be those that hated me for it. Rio warned me of this explicitly. And she was right. The overwhelming initial reaction to Phone Slut Diary was scathingly negative which probably served to fuel my desire to continue more than anything else. Since then, the tide has turned, and my email is daily flooded with messages of thanks, and queries for help (too many of which go unanswered because I am only one person). Which has led me to my current belief phone sluts are individually fabulous, and communally FUBAR. 

However, being as we donít have a community water cooler to gather around, 
and our desire to be part of an industry kinship tugs upon us, I thought Iíd list 
the forums that are out there, and my opinions on them. Please take my 
opinions with the grain of salt they deserve and do your own researching to 
form your own impressions. I can be a little demanding and biased. After all, 
Iím also a phone slut ;-)

Yahoo Group Must Apply For Approval To Join
This is really what I consider to be the premier on-line support group. It doesnít have a lot of silly censorship issues, it doesnít exist to promote anything in particular and most members conduct themselves responsibly. No hidden agendas here. There is the occasional snarkiness, but it is a moderated forum presided over by a generally fair and unbiased admin with the best of intentions. Unlike anything else Iíve found out there, itís a real community. You will not have your every question answered, but specific requests will be addressed from a variety of points of view. You will not be censored, but flame wars will not be tolerated. This is the only group that Iíve joined and stayed with. Their resource section is also impressive. 

Female Webmasters 
Independent Site
This is a good chick-power site that isnít really focused on phone sex, but which has a lot of general information that can help in your marketing and promotion strategies. Good info, active forums, and while I donít post here, I lurk a lot. Things can get catty, but the level of communication remains overall higher than most.

Planet Phone Sex General Resources 
Service-Sponsored Site
This is an all-around helpful collection of links that helps steer PSOs toward companies/services and practices approved by the webmaster. There are links to articles to help PSOs stay informed about important topics like search engines, billing processors and other aspects of the industry. Also provided are links to adult job listings and other industry resources (like Phone Slut Diary). Planet Phone Sex is owned by Krypton Associates.

PSO Advice 
EZBoard Community
This resource site that was established to increase the rankings of the service that sponsors it as well as its affiliates and friends. I donít have a huge problem with as I live in a similar glass house (promoting myself along with offering advice and insight). But I donít like the idea of a ďcommunity forumĒ moderated by owners. And the over-censorship on this forum shows the wear of that unfortunate situation. You can find some genuine information here and connect in a limited capacity with the PSO community, but be cautious about whose advice you take and what you reveal. The truth is often filtered and/or deleted, but theyíre upfront about their censorship silliness, so you know what youíre getting into when you sign up. Personally, the censorship is what I canít abide (especially when there is so much blatant dishonesty in the postings), but if you can watch what you say, take a grain of salt with everything you read, and donít mind helping them promote themselves, this should be one of your permanent bookmarks. Just so you know, this is site free for anyone to join and Iíve had Johns tell me they read it. So, you donít want to reveal anything that you donít want the world to have access to. 

Phone Talent 
Independent Site
Not a lot of activity, but some good resource information. 

PSO Boards 
Independent Site
A new site just starting out, but poised to become a really good resource if it takes off.

PSO Support 
Delphi Forum
Some good info to be found, but it isnít quite well traveled enough for me. I donít really visit, but I would remiss not to list it here.



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