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A Banner Day  (3/9/2002)
Web design. Let`s talk about THAT, shall we?

The more I work on this site, the more I realize I don`t know dick about working on this website. See ...

Chatty Cathys  (3/4/2002)
There is a breed of john that is too rare to list all by itself. I call them Chatty Cathys. In fact, the visual image they conjure in my head is that ...

A Watched Pot Always Boils  (3/2/2002)
There is a bizarre constant in being a phone slut.

No matter when you put the soup on the stove, the phone will ring. The moment you realize you h...

Absence and Adoration  (2/26/2002)
Where exactly have I been?

This diary seems to keep asking that question, doesn`t it? I mean, why the hell did I start a diary if I didn`t want to ...

Cheaters and Taboos  (2/16/2002)
What have I been doing with my time?

Well, other than watching movies and the Olympics I suppose I should make a confession.

This phone slut is ...

Tax or Treat  (2/6/2002)
So, it`s tax season. And I have to face the nightmare that is my taxes.

Phone sluts usually tend to work as independent contractors. What this mean...

Johns to the Left of me, Critics to the Right  (2/4/2002)

Hello all. Sorry for the delay in updating. This phone slut has her fingers in several pies. While this long a lag will definitely not be the norm...

Tinkering  (2/3/2002)
Hello all,

Happy Superbowl Sunday. I can`t believe the Patriots won either, but then it was hard to tell if there actually was a football game goin...

Pickle Flicks  (1/26/2002)
I try very hard not to over-romanticize this job. Because there are many times when it really isn`t as much fun as it should be. I am never certain if...

The Return of the Queen  (1/22/2002)
Sinn is back.

And I have missed her. Strangely, this keyboard has become my water cooler. The people I chat...

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