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Janie & Dell
By Doxy Wringer ©


Author's Note: This story may not be duplicated or re-posted on another website or in 
any medium without the written consent of the author. It is a work of fiction, and intended 
as a pleasure derived from the viewpoints of both the most tender and the most carnal 
hungers that swell within the human animal. 

I had never wanted anything more in my life.

I looked down over her, in her little cheerleader outfit, those doeish hazel eyes gazing upward expectedly. My little honey girl. Janie. My stepdaughter, well, ex-stepdaughter. She was just an inexperienced kid, but Christ was she enough to get a grown man hard and churning.

I'd first taken notice on her thirteenth birthday when those perky little tits had begun to pout against her baby-doll blouses. Hell a man would have had to be a eunuch to not take notice as her firm young teenage body continued to transform over the years. But I'd consoled myself that I was just a healthy older man appreciating the curves of a fine young girl. All too soon those firm young tits had ripened and become high, bounteous c-cups. Those pudgy thighs had lost their baby-fat and gotten long and slender. Her waist remained tiny, and that ass…tight as a drum. She was perfect, ripe, so sweet and so yearning. 

Her mother had been a hot sexy banshee in the sack. Hell, it was worth putting up with the cheating and the drinking for a woman like that. It was endurable. But then Janie's mother got worse and worse. She refused help, and she had too much money to ever hit rock bottom. And so, I'd given up. Or had I? Had all those years I'd devoted myself to Janie simply been because I adored her, or because I'd been secretly waiting for her to get a little older - waiting for her to get to the point where we found ourselves now?

She had developed, sure, but she was still so damn…sweet and trusting. She had no idea the feminine power that lay waiting for her. It killed me that some punk kid might be her first. Some asshole like the rapist jock I'd just had to tear off her. Her teenage body was just aching to be worshiped. She needed to be tasted and pleasured. And she needed a real man's cock inside that tight little pussy. Sure, she was just a little honey girl, but she needed a man's fucking. Not some stupid kid who would shot his load and leave her confused and unsatisfied. 

My cock was already throbbing, but, as I parted her legs ever so slightly, I caught sight of those lacy white panties, and I thought I'd shoot in my own Dockers. Only young girls wore panties like that. Tiny little silk ribbons along the elastic - a virgin's panties. That little scrap of lace was there waiting to be peeled away, just like the petals of her girlhood that lay before me - eager to be stripped down to expose the bud of the woman beneath. 

"Are you sure, Janie? I don't want to scare you," I practically panted. "Oh, honey girl, are you sure?"

"Yes, Dell," She assured me with only a slight quiver in her voice. Her breathing had gotten short and heavy too. And when I paused to look her over, I almost lost my nerve. She seemed so vulnerable that minute, so much more like my little honey girl than the woman that was emerging. 

I was shaking with my want for her, though, and who was I kidding? I didn't care if it was wrong. I just wanted to be her first - to take her virginity and make her remember this first fucking for the rest of her life. Yes, I wanted it to be special, and I wanted her not to be afraid. But I also wanted my hands on her ass. I wanted a mouthful of her firm young breasts, and I wanted to feel my cock sliding into the tight heat of her teenage cunt.

And now that I had the opportunity to do just that, I didn't know where to start. Part of me wanted to strip her down and see that incredibly hot body naked and sweaty, but God she looked great in that little cheerleader's outfit. I could almost have yanked down her panties and fucked her right there on the counter - with her red miniskirt up around her tiny waist and her taut nipples protruding against the tiger mascot of her tight sweater. 

I had to close my eyes and get a grip before I ended up doing just that. Swallowing hard, I resolved to prove to her first that she wasn't frigid. Like creation would be cruel enough to make a girl that fucking irresistible and frigid. I gave her a soft kiss after I'd gotten a hold of myself. She let out a tiny little gasp that I felt in my gut. It was like tasting innocence - rich and sugary like expensive candy. 

Her body trembled as she sat with her eyes heavily lidded, her face flushed, and those half-parted lips gasping from my kiss. 

Kneeling onto the ceramic tile, I winced as my legs gave protest. I wasn't a kid anymore, but I kept in shape, and now that my head was at about the height of her thighs, I could smell her. Tangy and salty. Fuck the groaning of my knees - the urge to consume that flavor radiating off her virgin twat was mind numbing.

I pushed her legs further apart and slipped my hands under her ass, scooting her forward. Her cheerleader's skirt gathered around her waist and I flicked my tongue at her through those lacy little-girl panties. With a startled cry, she bucked there on the counter, but I held her thighs firmly, tracing the musky curve of her tender young pussy's lips through the dampening fabric of her panties. 

Tiny little moans danced out of her surprised throat, while her thighs parted eagerly. Stiffening my tongue to a point, I pressed hard against where I guessed her clit to be, and that light pressure was enough to make her reach down and grasp the counter for support. 

Frigid. Like hell. She was as responsive as a hellcat in heat. I had to rub my own cock through my pants to keep from busting out. Down boy, I thought to myself, down for now.

Grasping the elastic sides of the crotch of her panties, I teased her, tugging on them and rubbing her pussy lips with her own panties. "How does that feel, honey girl? Do you still think you're frigid, baby?"

"No," she moaned, swaying from side to side as her inexperienced hips jerked instinctively. 

"No," I repeated, hooking my fingers in the waistband of those lacy virgin panties and tugging them slowly off. "It'd be a fucking sin for a hot, fine, young thing like you to be cold." When I had her panties off, I got a perfect view of that sweet pussy. Pink and creamy - coated with a little muff of auburn curls. I reached forward and ran my fingers along the lips, gritting my teeth as she moaned and leaned her head back. 

"Dell, Dell, Dell," she breathed in one long moan. 

"Does this feel good, honey girl? Don't you ever touch yourself like this?"

"Yes," she confessed, flustered. 

I felt along her slit for her clit. It was tiny, pulsing and wet. She yelped at my touch, but melted and began to tremble as I rolled it between my fingers. "There's that clit. That's what I was looking for. I want to taste it, roll my tongue over it and eat your little virgin pussy." Her heady smell was burning in my nostrils, and as I moved to replace my fingers with my tongue, I had to reach down and rub my own cock through my pants. I don't think I'd ever been so hard, and I thought I was going to cum just from her taste. 

She screamed then, her hands moving from the counter to my head as she gnashed that honey girl snatch into my face. I held her clit between my lips and then rolled it with my tongue. She tasted salty, sticky and hot. Sweet and sour. While she humped clumsily, I let my tongue glide down to her cunt. Christ she was tiny…so tight that even my tongue had trouble wiggling its way in. I lapped at the walls of that tiny cunnie, and felt my cock thundering for attention. Just then, I slid my tongue back and began to lick and nibble at her clit like a madman. 

I didn't know a virgin could cum so hard, but I realized it was her first real orgasm - the first one that hadn't been achieved by the awkward fumbling of her own fingers. While she moaned and shuddered, I drank her warm pussy milk, letting my tongue lap all she had to give. Now that her cunt was more slippery, I was able to stiffen my tongue and work it in and out of her hole. She nearly lifted off the counter and came again. 

Getting shakily to my feet, I gathered her up in my arms. It was time to get out of the kitchen. I wasn't going to fuck her on the tile floor. Although the very thought of that made my tormented dick leap in hopeful anticipation.

I carried her to her room - her teenage girl room. Decorated with posters of boy bands and her frilly canopy bed. Pink and perfumed. Just like her. So fresh, so young. So delicious.

As I laid her onto her bed, I brushed my fingers across her forehead. It wasn't all just lust. I did love the girl - love her like crazy, and I knew if I saw fear in her face I'd stop. But she gazed back at me, those hazel eyes misted in awakening passion, and I saw her gentle, shy smile. I stretched beside her and smothered her with a heavy, rough kiss.

She moaned again, and put her arms around me, trying hard as she could to kiss me back. Her clumsy tongue darting around and poking at me. I stopped and sucked her tongue into my mouth, making her cry out and open her mouth wider. I kissed her so hard, her lips swelled from the assault, and when I pulled back I liked the way she looked, a little ravaged and happy to be so.

"That salty taste. Was that me?" she panted, her face shocked at the sudden realization. 

I nodded with a grin, "Yes. That's your own taste. Briny and perfect."

She blushed again, and snuggled closer, burying her face in my neck. "I've never cum like that before, Dell, and you made me cum twice." 

I bent my head protectively over hers and smiled. "You liked that, didn't you? You liked it when I fucked your pussy with my tongue?"

She squirmed and giggled. "When you say those things it gets me excited all over again."

"I want to hear you say them, honey girl," I insisted between gasps. My cock was really screaming for attention now. I undid my fly, then took her slim, graceful hand and placed it over my throbbing cock. Her soft fingers slowly exploring my shaft was nearly enough to make me blow. 

"Will it make you excited if I say I like the feel of this, Dell?" she whispered unsure as she stroked my meat. "If I say I like…I like holding your cock."

I could only moan in response. It really didn't matter what she said, I was so turned on she could have been reading the phone book. Her curious hand found my balls and she fingered them with a virgin's interest, handling them cautiously and gently, massaging her palms against them. I felt myself start to slip and kissed her again, harder this time. Rougher.

"You do like that," she smiled, sliding down my chest until her face was in my belly. That ribbon of a mouth was delivering hot gasps on my cock when she spoke next. "You like it when I touch your cock."

"Wait," I panted, "I want to watch you." Sitting up, I struggled out of my jeans and boxers, leaned my back against the headboard and bent my knees. She leaned forward and delivered a kiss onto the mushroom shaped purple head of my jerking cock. 

"Go easy, honey girl," I coaxed as I caressed her auburn head. I had a view to die for. She was bent on all fours over my cock, her skirt had fallen up around her waist, and her bare ass stuck high in the air. I tugged on her ponytail and grunted when she slipped her lips up and down the length of my shaft. "Oh sweet baby, you feel so fucking good."

I felt her tongue lathing my cock, and couldn't help closing my eyes. Christ I wanted to look at her, wanted to see her in that tight uniform and that ponytail bobbing up and down while her pouty teenage lips blew me with that slow, deliberate technique that only a curious young girl could deliver.

But I couldn't keep my eyes open, and even when I tried to force myself, it all went white. Fucking blinding. Her tongue on my cock, licking the base and the balls, then up the shaft to the tip where she wrapped her mouth around the head and began to suck for all she was worth. She pumped with her hand and bobbed up and down with that glorious mouth.

I once had a girl in college take a tape measure to my cock as a joke and I know that rock hard, I sprout about nine and a half inches. I've had experienced women who just couldn't handle a blow job on a tool like mine…hell, I've had women who couldn't handle the idea of the pussy-stretching they were in for, but this hot little virgin was sucking me off like a pro, taking my thick meat a little deeper into her mouth with each stroke, and when she wasn't bobbing up and down, she was sucking…harder…harder….harder…until I felt my balls tighten and my meat get rigid as steel. 

Grabbing hold of her ponytail, I yanked her back, muttering. "Stop, baby, I'm cumming, I'm cumming…I'm fucking cumming…"

But, the second I pulled her back, she rushed right back down. "I can take it, Dell," she panted, lapping the first drops of cum off the head of my dick. "I know what my cum tastes like…I want to taste yours." 

With that, I shot into her mouth like a fucking rocket. I came so hard it hurt. With a shout, I bucked and roared, pumping into her mouth and spasming insanely when she began to swallow and gulp my cum. She sucked me dry and squeezed to see if there was anymore, then licked her lips to make sure she hadn't missed any. 

Then she gazed up at me, her mouth swollen and a little bruised, but still smiling, and I reached down between my own legs to lift her up. My sensitive cock winced as I drew her close and rolled onto my side, covering her with one leg. 

I began kissing her again, enjoying the tastes of our lips, my flavor and hers folding over one another as we swapped saliva. I instructed her on how I wanted her to talk, the nasty little words I wanted her to say. She blushed a little and giggled, still shy even after that incredible blowjob. I decided it was time to give her some self-confidence.

"You know, Janie, you have a pretty little pussy." 

Her cheeks got a shade redder. And she pressed her face in my shoulder.

Untangling her limbs from mine I sat up and lifted her onto my lap. Pushing apart her knees, I rubbed her thighs. "I want you to show it off for me. I want you to show it all off for me."

Gazing at me in confusion, she blinked and opened her pretty mouth. "How?"

I pulled her forward until she was laying across my lap, her firm young ass staring back at me. I took a handful of it, and then gave a little slap. She yelped and jolted. "By doing exactly as I tell you. Will do you that for me?"

She hesitated long enough to let me know that the little slap had turned her on. I delivered another one, and she added a little moan onto the end of her yelp. 

"Yes!" she finally exclaimed. I hesitated. I hadn't thought about this, but my hard-on was slowly returning.

"You like being spanked? You like it, honey girl?" I spanked her again, a little harder this time. Her tight ass pressed against my flat palm.

She was too confused to admit it, but I felt the dampness on my thighs. My cock was trapped between her belly and my lap, but it swelled happily as I delivered a series of smacks, each one louder and harder. Finally she whimpered for me to stop, and she was so wet I couldn't resist just one more. Parting her legs, I gave a hard, sharp slap right onto her wet virgin pussy. She screamed, and I felt her cream all over my fingers. Her body twitched and rocked as she came for the third time that night.

"Stand up, honey girl," I ordered thickly, lifting her hips until she was standing in front of me. Her knees trembled unsteady for a few minutes, until the last of the orgasm wore off, then she stood up. Christ she was beautiful. Not just pretty. Absolutely fucking beautiful. And so goddamn fuckable.

I sat back on the bed, lifting off my shirt. She watched, fascinated, which was a little amusing considering the fact that she'd just given me one of the best blowjobs in my life. 

"Jeez, Dell, are you really that big?" she whispered with maidenly trepidation. She hadn't really looked at me before, just sort of let her mouth do all the talking. "Is that going to fit in me?"

"We're going to make it fit," I promised her in a grunt.

"Is it going to hurt?" She didn't seem particularly afraid of that possibility, just kind of curious.

"Yes, it's going to hurt," I told her. It was stupid to lie - she was young, not an idiot. "But you're going to like the hurt, baby. You're going to be begging to be fucked harder even when it hurts."

That got her hot again, and I saw her eyes light up. I don't think I've ever met a female who was so responsive hell, even her mother had held back from time to time. Not my Janie. Nope. My little honey girl showed me every emotion she had the second she had it.

This was it, I knew. That cheerleader uniform had to come off. I wanted my hands on those full tits, I wanted to see that flat young belly. I was totally naked as I sat back on the bed and gave my next order.

"Do a cheer for me, honey girl," I demanded thickly. "Show me what you got."

She was a little surprised, but just shook her head and shrugged. And she started to do her little cheer. Rah rah team…go go go…yadda yadda yadda. I watched that tiny skirt float up as she twirled, revealing glimpses of that tight honeypot - her sweater tightened as her large, hard nipples strained as she bent forward and back. 

"Take off your sweater," I ordered just after she'd given a little jump with her arms high in the air. "Then show me that cheer again."

She was giggling now as she pulled her sweater off less and less shy with each passing minute. She was wearing a lacy white bra, which matched her panties with little satiny bows. It's wasn't a push-up job, but then she didn't need it. Her full c-cups were tasty enough on their own. 

"Janie," I breathed. "Janie, you're so fucking sexy. Look at you. Christ, you're magnificent. Take off the bra, sweet, sweet baby. Let me see you."

She was glowing as she took off the bra and those fantastic tits bounced gently. There was no sag to them, just high, firm mounds of feminine glory, and large, pink nipples standing erect and turning red at their very tips. She recited her little cheer again - all that young flesh and energy almost more than I could bear to watch.

I stood up, facing her. My cock stretched toward her in an aching salute to this hot teenage goddess before me. I reached down and tore off her skirt. I hadn't meant to, but as I ripped off the fabric something very primal and feral in me took over. This was my little honey girl, and I wanted to make love to her, I wanted to pleasure her…but God help me I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to be ensheathed inside that tight virgin pussy. I wanted to tear her open and fuck her wild and uninhibited. And I wanted to be the only man to get there. The first, the last. I wanted to fuck her so hard that no other man would ever be able to come close. 

And it was about that time when I lost control. Lifting her up roughly, I pushed her onto her vanity, a low dresser with a long mirror behind it. Her back shivered against the cold of the glass, but as my cock glided past her pussy lips, I felt how wet she was.

I didn't need to prime her anymore. Grabbing her ass, I shoved forward, and forced my cock into that tight little virgin cunt.

We both screamed, only hers was in surprise and pain, and mine was in a pleasure I'd never before imagined. I felt her push against my chest, but I didn't care. For that moment I was lost…lost in the constrictive cave of the muscles of her uncharted cunnie. Forcing her legs wider, I withdrew a little and then shoved harder. 

Her maidenhead ripped away, and she screamed in more pain. I knew I was ripping her in half, but it felt so good…so good…so fucking good. I pulled out again and rammed my cock deep. She screamed for real this time, raking her nails down my arms. I was totally oblivious. I had known tight pussy before…had even taken another virgin way back in my college days, but this was surreal. Nothing had ever felt like this. It was like she'd been made just to pleasure a man. I pulled out and fucked forward again. Somehow, the fact that she was struggling made it hotter now. And I ignored it, grabbing her hips and fucking her hard. It took all my strength, she was so deliciously hot - so achingly tight. It was only after I'd rammed and forced my way in deep enough that I was able to regain a little control. I was buried in her to the hilt, my balls resting tight against her cunt when I managed to stop.

Opening my eyes, I looked into her face. She'd been crying and fighting. Tear streaks were all down her sweet face, and I could feel the stinging of her claws on my arms and back.

I tried to feel guilty, but couldn't. It was never going to hurt like that for her again, and I was going to spend the rest of the night making sure she felt nothing but pleasure upon pleasure from that moment on…but creation had made her that tight and sweet for a reason, and that reason was for the first man who got into her tight pussy. It was a pleasure enough to knock a man senseless. And I can still feel it in my knees just thinking about it. 

But now it was time to comfort her. And I wrapped my arms around her possessively and kissed her reluctant lips. She was hesitant at first, shaking her head and whimpering, "no…no…no." But soon she was parting those sweet lips for me and responding to my tongue.

"You hurt me, Dell," she whispered after one breathless kiss. "It still hurts."

"I told you it would, baby," I reminded her. "But I told you I was going to make you beg me to hurt you more."

She shook her head in wide-eyed fear, "Please, Dell…no more."

"Shh," I whispered, covering her forehead with kisses. "I promise you…no more until you ask for it." With that I let my hand slide between us. I wedged a finger between her split open pussy lips and found her swollen clit.

"Dell!" she nearly screamed into my mouth. 

"Easy," I whispered, nuzzling her earlobe and sliding my tongue into her ear. She shivered and it felt amazing. Then the walls of her cunt tightened in an instinctive muscle response, and it took every ounce of strength in my body to keep my promise. I had to get her hot fast so I could get back to this amazing fuck. I wanted to cum deep in her teenage virgin honeypot. After all, it would never be a virgin honeypot again. 

I tugged at her stiff nipples with one hand, and massaged her clit with the other. I wanted to get my lips around those perfect tits, but some things are just not physically possible. It amazed me that I hadn't gotten my mouth on those yet, but there was time for that. I'd already resolved that this wasn't going to be the last time I had my sweet honey girl. Oh no. There were too many other things to teach her…things that I just didn't trust any other man to teach right.

It was agony keeping my promise, but my cock didn't move. It swelled in pleading agony, but there was no controlling that…especially once she started gyrating and squirming. 

"Dell," she moaned as I grasped her clit between two knuckles. "I'm going to cum with you inside me."

"That's right," I growled, teasing her by changing the rhythm of my fingers at the last minute. "But not yet, you're not."

"Dell!" she wailed, pushing her hips forward. She wanted the fucking now…but I was going to make her beg. Thoughts I'd never had before wiggled their perverted way into my head.

"You know what, honey girl…you never called me Daddy. And I want you to," I ground into her ear. Panting and growling. "Who's your Daddy, now, honey girl?"

"You are," she moaned, as turned on as I was by my words.

"I am what?" I demanded harshly.

"You're my Daddy," she was so hot, she had to hold onto me as she quaked. 

"And what do you want your Daddy to do, honey girl?"

"Fuck me," she begged in a hot, pleading little voice. "Oh Daddy…fuck me. Fuck me hard. You're right. I want you to fuck me hard. Fuck me so hard it hurts." She had both arms around my neck, thrusting her glistening, sweat-soaked body at me. "Fuck me Dell…fuck me so hard that I'll still feel you inside me tomorrow!"

It was that last comment that sent me over the edge. I pulled back and started to fuck her…hard, pumping, animal fucking. My hands, full of her tight ass, griped her forward as I rammed my cock harder and deeper, pumping that sweet little teenage pussy for all I was worth; the whole time her lips suckling at my throat, her tongue gliding over my Adam's apple as she begged me to fuck her…fuck her harder…to make it hurt.

The orgasm that ripped out of her actually caused the walls of her already tight pussy to clamp, and I nearly lost the strength in my legs. Screaming her name, I came like a wild man, pumping into her over and over until I felt her come one more time. Bucking and crying, she was shivering as she held on, and my moved my hips in a circle, rubbing the walls of her sore pussy with my softening cock. 

Wrapping her in my arms, I carried her back to her little-girl bed. The same bed where she'd probably first started to explore her own sexuality…where she'd first reached her fingers down to stroke her virgin slit.

No longer a virgin slit, though. That was mine, now. And as I cuddled her tight, I realized I wasn't about to give her up. Not now. Not ever. My cock was soft, but still nestled deep inside her, and I lifted one of her legs up so that the shaft of my still sensitive organ rested against the ultra sensitive bud of her burning clit. Our sexes throbbed in unison.

"Do you feel that, honey girl?" I asked softly, kissing her neck and chin. She was slick with sweat, and tasted salty. It nearly made me hungry for her all over again.

"Yes," she nodded. 

"You feel us pulsating together? You feel your sweet clit pumping blood on the same heartbeat as my cock?" She nodded in ecstasy and I continued kissing. "That means you belong to me, baby. This tight, sweet little pussy belongs to me. You're my honey girl. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," she mewed obediently, smiling and wrapping her arms around me. "It's your pussy, Dell. No one's but yours."

"Janie...sweet baby. Sweet honey girl." I kissed her long and hard and deep. "Go to sleep. We'll sleep just like this, with my cock deep inside you, baby girl. And when we wake up, I'm going to show you more." She buried her face in my chest and I stroked her hair as she drifted off to sleep. "You were perfect, baby. Beautiful sweet, tight, and perfect. Every fucking fantasy I ever had and more. Sleep now baby."

Just before she drifted off to sleep, I heard her murmur something against my throat and I smiled. I hadn't thought to say that, but it was certainly true as well.

"I love you too, baby. Sleep now."



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