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Satn Slippers

Synopsis: Grounded in Key West, a young girl seduces her wheelchair-bound 
Uncle Beau and loses her virginity.

Uncle Beau

By Doxy Wringer ©

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Author's Note: This story may not be duplicated or re-posted on another 
website or in any medium without the written consent of the author. 
It is a work of fiction, and intended as a pleasure derived from the 
viewpoints of both the most tender and the most carnal hungers 
that swell within the human animal.

If my parents realized the irony of assigning a man in a wheelchair as my prison warden, they never let on.

That was the summer I began my sexual experiences…the summer of my parent’s twenty-year anniversary, and the summer that I seduced my wheelchair-bound Uncle Beau.

Uncle Beau was my mother’s youngest brother, but that still left him 10 years older than me. He’d been the family golden boy through his youth; the eternal favorite. A native Californian, he spent most of his privileged teenaged years following waves and surf tournaments. He placed more often that he wiped out, and his well-toned brawn, flashy white smile, and quick, easy humor made him a magnet for the young women who flocked after popular surfers like rock-star groupies. 

Those dazzling green eyes and midnight black hair didn’t do him much good, however, when an epic pipeline caught him and crunched him, shattering his shortboard into pieces, and a number of his vertebrae to boot. Though he recovered most of his body functions, the nerves and muscles in his legs were badly damaged, and it sentenced him to a life in a wheelchair.

Most people would have faded into anger and bitterness, but Uncle Beau became the swimming coach for a local country club. Lord knew he didn’t need the money, our family being the uptight Beverly Hills royalty that we were, but there was enough rebellion left in him to refuse any suggestion of business school or a position wrought from nepotism. He simply flashed that beach boy grin and charmed my grandparents to the idea that if he couldn’t surf the waves, he’d be as active on the sidelines as he could. Twice a week, his old pals strapped him onto a modified boogie board, and he swallowed enough salt water to tide him over.

I adored him. And he whispered to me in confidence that I was not only his favorite niece, but the only one of his many nieces and nephews that he liked at all. Considering my six female and four male cousins, I felt then, as I do now, that he merely made the logical choice.

I had begun to develop by age eleven. By fourteen, I began to slowly realize how quickly not just boys, but grown men let their eyes linger on me. At fifteen I started to exert that power, teasing my many admirers with slitted, short shirts and tight tit-hugging blouses. A couple years later, barely a few days before my eighteenth birthday, I cock-teased my date for hours in the front seat of his Mustang, then made a hasty exit and returned to the frat party he’d escorted me to in the first place. A few too many beers and neighborhood vandalisms later, the cops showed up and drug everyone in. When the men in blue found out my age, they sequestered me away from the rest of the inebriated partiers. It didn’t stop the booking clerk from ogling my legs and cleavage, but it kept me out of a cell.

But, when my parents found out my date was twenty-three, that just about determined my real sentence. A whole summer grounded. Forbidden to leave our Key West vacation home without supervision. It was hell. In a town where you could smell suntan lotion in the air and taste pina coladas on the wind, I was forced to cop a tan on the back terrace…in plain sight of the ocean. I’d gotten the customary lecture – how disappointed they were in me, how I’d betrayed their trust. For a couple who routinely bragged about running off to Woodstock against their own parents’ wishes, I found it a tad silly…but when you’re already in jail and hoping for a pardon, it’s not a good idea to remind the guy holding the keys that he’s a hypocrite.

A month and a half of house arrest had begun to make me desperate enough to start some quality begging, when Uncle Beau wheeled onto the back terrace. 

“Well, if you aren’t the prettiest little jailbird I ever did see.” He smiled, flashing those brilliant white teeth behind full sensual lips. It was obvious that he still worked out a great deal, and spent many hours in the sun. His triceps and pecks bulged indecently against his skin-tight muscle shirt, his smooth tan skin pulled so tight over the chords of his sinews, you could bounce a quarter off them. 

Dropping the book I was reading, I bolted to a sitting position and gave him a coy smile. “Tell me you’ve baked me a cake with a saw in it.”

“Better, pretty eyes.” He promised, using the endearment that he’d called me by since I was just a toddler. “I’m the resident adult until your parents return from their little anniversary jaunt.” 

In my joy, I hopped onto his lap and delivered a big wet kiss on his clean-shaven cheek. My arms innocently surrounded his neck as I hugged and thanked him.

The little shudder that coursed through him might have been missed by other girls my age. But, I was used to men leering at me, groping at me, whispering promises and lustful pleas. I knew sexual restraint when it showed itself, and even as Uncle Beau shifted me off his lap and smiled his radiant smile, I knew that I was no longer his little niece. Emotions surged through me that I’d never known before…and for the first time I thought about what it’d be like to follow through with the things I’d promised men and boys in all those humid backseats. To take that last step from tease and lose my virginity.

Mom and Dad issued their orders, and made promise of reward or punishment depending upon Uncle Beau’s reports when they returned. They followed the politically correct rules of child rearing, reminding me that what they were doing was for my own good, but as they droned on, and I pretended to listen, all I could think of was the way Uncle Beau had shuddered when my body had pressed to his. And how much that shudder had turned me on. And that two weeks was a long time to plan a seduction.

Over the next few days I played my usual teasing games. I wore my skimpiest little outfits and found no end of excuses to sit on his lap or bend over him. We hit the beaches, shopped the streets, and got wasted in Margaritaville. When we were both a little toasted on tequila sunrises one night, I got him to wheel out on the dance floor and gave him the chair dance of a lifetime. The crowd in the little club went wild, and more than once I felt his cock give a little jump against the cheeks of my ass through my scandoulsly tight miniskirt. I could always feel his eyes on my legs…my chest, or the slowly burning triangle between my thighs. My curiosity turned to something less innocent. I had proved to myself that Uncle Beau was interested. Now, what did I want to do with that knowledge?

I knew it was only a matter of time before I lost my virginity…and all the groping and dirty whispered fantasies I’d heard men utter didn’t leave me any little-girl notions of candles and poetry on a bed of rose petals. But, if I had to lose my virginity to someone…wanted to lose it and get it over with, in fact, then why not have it be to someone who did care about me? And, most importantly, why not lose it to the man who had been turning me on since I was old enough to realize there was a difference between boys and girls in the first place?

On the fifth night I was under Uncle Beau’s watch, I bade him an early goodnight, and took a long, hot bubble bath. I added rose oil to the water and soaked the scent into my soft, supple flesh. I carefully shaved myself baby bare, starting with my legs, and pits, and then carefully shaving my virgin pussy for the first time (though, not the last) in my young life. The tawny curls were much darker than my light auburn tresses, and I had to almost straddle a mirror to make sure I didn’t cut myself, but it was worth it….my sweet little twat was bald as a baby’s ass when I was finished, and silken smooth to the touch. I took the time to paint my toenails and fingernails both a delicate shade of pink, and parted my hair into two long girlish ponytails. 

Deciding on what to wear took the longest amount of time. If I was too obvious, he might object quickly and put an end to my intended seduction. But I wanted it to be sexy…alluring…irresistible. I settled on a sheer pink nightie that consisted of a baby-doll top and lacy girlish panties. The curves of my high, firm c-cup tits were plainly visible through the thin fabric, and the thong back of the panties showed off my tight ass. A pair of high-heeled satin slippers with pink feathers completed the outfit. How I wanted to add a garter and stockings, but that was simply too much to dare.

The staff had retired to their quarters long ago, so I didn’t encounter anyone as I crept on the carpeted landing toward Uncle Beau’s room. I wasn’t surprised to see the light peeking out from the partially open door – he’d always been a night owl. When I peered into his room, however, I was pleasantly surprised to hear muffled groaning. Intrigued, I crept in and was soon grinning from ear to ear.

One of my Dad’s many porn tapes was plugging away on the VCR…some woman being fucked doggie-style by a man with an enormous cock. I turned my attention quickly to Uncle Beau. He sat lounging on his king-sized bed, clad only in a pair of dark boxers. His hard muscled body glistened with sweat in the glow of the TV, while one of his long-fingered hands was thumbing the head of his stiffening cock. He’d barely started, for his meat was still swelling, but I knew a moment of maidenly hesitation. If the tool of the porn actor had been huge, then Uncle Beau’s prick was magnificent. The purple head was thick and dabbled with shiny pre-cum, the long shaft must have measured nine inches and still growing as he rubbing his palm slowly up and down, coaxing it from softness to rigidity. A whore would have problems tackling that glorious cock. As a virgin, I was setting myself up for sheer torture.

But I could already feel my panties starting to become moist with my own wanting. The thought of being so full…of being stuffed and fucked by that powerful prick made me shiver. My nipples puckered and pushed tightly against my nightie, perked and begging for attention. No…turning back now meant going back to my room and settling for a self-inflicted finger-fucking while real satisfaction was only down the hall. I wasn’t going to chicken out.

I hastily tiptoed back out the door and tapped gently, but loud enough to be sure he heard me. “Uncle Beau, are you up?”

There was a hissing grunt of frustration and the sound of him fumbling with the remote control before he answered. “I’m awake, pretty eyes. You can come in.”

I sauntered in slowly, rubbing my eyes and yawning. Stepping deliberately out of my high-heeled slippers, I curled the fingers of my left hand in one of my pigtails. “I can’t sleep, Uncle Beau. I’ve been having awful dreams lately. I know I’m a little old for it, but can I lay in here?”

He swallowed hard, and I watched his Adam’s apple tremble. He took in my skimpy little outfit and drank down the sight of my long, luscious legs, and the ripe outline of my tits. Considering what he’d been doing before I walked in, I don’t think it was possible for him to say no.

“Sure, pretty eyes.” He almost panted. “Climb on up here.”

“Were you watching TV?” I asked as I sat down beside him, snuggling against his side. My leg brushed against his leg through the thin linen sheet. He nearly jolted.

“No…not really.” He stammered, but he was unprepared when I grabbed for the remote. 

“Yes you were, fibber! I heard it on. What were you up to?” I giggled as he struggled to grab the remote back, and managed to hit PLAY before pretending that it was knocked from my hands. 

The pair of animal-fucking prono hounds flashed up on the screen, now the man was holding the woman by the hair and stuffing his meat into her mouth and down her throat.

I pretended to be surprised, letting my jaw drop and turning my head innocently to the side. Uncle Beau glanced around franticly for the remote, but I’d tossed it across the room. The TV and VCR were on the far dresser. He’d have to maneuver over to his chair and wheel over there… that gave me plenty of time to change his mind about shutting the tape off.

“Is that what people do?” I whispered in my best little-girl voice. “God, it looks like he’s choking her.”

“Go turn that off!” He ordered, completely off balance and embarrassed. 

“Oh, come on, Uncle Beau, it’s not like I don’t know that people fuck.” I’d used the word on purpose to shock him out of thinking about stopping the tape. It worked. He turned to me and his handsome face frowned. 

“I don’t like it when you talk like that.” He almost growled.

I shrugged absently. “When I go out with guys, they love it when I talk like that. They’re always begging me to tell them that I want to suck their cocks and have them fuck my tight little pussy…”

“Enough!” He shouted, one of his strong hands grabbing my upper arm. Giving me a little shake his green eyes darkened. “You shouldn’t be out with men like that. They’re only after one thing.”

“And just what is that?” I smiled coyly, batting my eyelashes like a pro.

His anger waved off a notch, and I saw hot suspicion flash across his hard-chiseled features. “You’re a little tease.” 

“A tease? Me?” I smiled, tugging away from him, only to be thrilled when he yanked me closer. I was on my knees in front of him, bent forward by his powerful hold on me.

“Or has it gone farther than teasing? Have you turned into some little Beverly Hills tramp?” His outrage might have been more convincing if he hadn’t taken the opportunity to glance at my heaving tits. 

“No, Uncle Beau. I’m still a virgin.” I pouted prettily. “You’re hurting me.”

He let go of my arm as if the touch of my flesh had begun to burn his fingers, but his eyes stayed fixed on my lithe body, now glistening with a fine mist of perspiration. “Get out of here, pretty eyes. Go back to your room.” His throaty croak was frustrated and harsh. I knew then that the last thing he wanted was for me to go back to my room.

On the screen, another wild-fucking pair was going at it in a boardroom of some office building. The man was reclining in a leather executive chair while his secretary bounced up and down on his thick rod.

“Is that how you do it with women since the accident, Uncle Beau?” I used my most awe-filled voice.

He groaned softly and closed his eyes. “Will you go back to your room?”

“Yes…if you’ll tell me.” I lied. “Do the women have to straddle you like that?”

He nodded, barely able to move. I could see the telltale tent in the covers that betrayed his rock-hard erection. I imagined it there, pulsating and jerking in desperate need of tender loving care. “Yes.” He finally managed. “Except that there haven’t been many women since the accident.”

This time I was genuinely shocked. Even in a wheelchair Uncle Beau was twice the specimen that most men were. Christ, he would have been dead sexy if he were completely paralyzed and laid flat on his back! “You’re kidding!” I exclaimed.

He couldn’t help a soft laugh at my surprise. “No, I’m not kidding, pretty eyes. Most women are afraid of a man who’s…as big as I am…but at least when I had strength in my legs I could move in ways that made it less…painful. The idea of a woman having to not just take all of me in, but to exert the effort to ride me…well, it requires a lot more than most want to endure.”

His little speech had started the juices to flowing between my thighs again. My cunt was so wet that my panties were nearly soaking. Most women had to be cowards…or wimps. Here I was, a virgin with a tight little honeypot and an unpopped cherry, aching to feel that marvelous cock filling me up. Ripping me in half.

“So you just beat your meat to pornos?” I sighed softly. “What a waste.”

His muscles tightened. I watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down in his throat. “Now you promised you’d go to bed.”

Crawling forward, I advanced until I was on all fours over him. My tits brushed his chest, and my nipples tightened even harder, the sensitive nubs protruding boldly, begging him to pluck at them. “Give me a good night kiss and then I’ll go to bed.” I cooed, smiling at the power I thought I had over him. 

With a moan, he leaned forward to brush a quick peck on my cheek, but I turned my mouth and parted my lips sensually. His tongue and mine mingled, and I not only heard him groan, but felt the shudder that echoed throughout his strong body. 

“Oh God.” He growled against my mouth, his hands grabbing onto my ponytails while he crushed my lips. It was a man’s kiss, a hungry, lustful kiss. “Christ you taste so sweet, you smell so good.” 

I opened my mouth to give him more and he nearly roared when I lowed myself to sit on his lap. His engorged cock pressed roughly against my ass, and he couldn’t help himself but to thrust up at me through the sheets. 

I think it was the realization at how wet I was that pushed him over the edge. All at once, he had one hand gripping the back of my neck, holding my mouth to his, and the other caressing my creamy ass. His kisses got rougher, thrusting in and out of my mouth, fucking my mouth with his hot tongue, while his hand cupped my ass cheeks, spanking me softly. Through hot kisses he told me what a little tease I was, how naughty little girls got punished. And I almost came just from being so turned on by his loveplay.

His hand slowly slipped around the curve of my hip and against the wet crotch of my lace panties. He sucked on my tongue then, and nibbled. Right as his thumb found my clit, he bit my bottom lip. 

I nearly lifted off his lap, the sensations were so intense, but that soft brush of his fingers wasn’t even the beginning. While his thumb continued to circle and caress my clit, he eased his forefinger into the tight cavern of my pussy. No man had ever gotten his hands on my panties, let alone managed to finger me before, and the probing, foreign presence made my cunt convulse, tightening even more. 

“You tight little tease.” He groaned into my mouth. “What a sweet little pussy you have. You’re like touching silk. Open up a little more for me, pretty eyes.” 

I moaned obediently and parted my thighs wider, allowing him to force his finger deeper. When he pressed against the firm barrier of my maidenhead, we both groaned into one another’s mouths.

“We can’t do this.” He struggled to regain the barest shreds of his sanity. “Christ, I’m going to hurt you, baby girl. You can’t take me inside you.”

I responded by moving my hips little by little, bearing down on his hands until I was humping his finger. “You’ll just have to make sure I’m good and wet.” I insisted.

He clenched his teeth and pressed another finger inside me, stretching me. I whimpered a little, and then moaned when his thumb started playing with my clit. I rode a little harder, no longer just teasing. There was ecstasy burning in my tight cunnie, I could feel the promise of a blinding orgasm…could almost taste it. 

That was why I nearly raked my nails down his hard-muscled arms when he stopped and pulled his skillful fingers out of my panties. With a scream, I tried to reach for his hand, and force it back, but he leaned back and shook his head. “Take off that outfit.” He demanded thickly. “Take it off slow.”

I pressed my legs together to stop the screaming of my pussy and then sat back on my haunches. Lifting the baby-doll top over my head, I let my full tits bounce nakedly as I wiggled out of my soaking panties. He grabbed hold of my knees then, forcing them apart, and I shivered as cold air slid over my hot little box. He looked at my bare, pink pussy, smiled, and shook his head. “Maybe you’re a virgin, baby girl, but there’s nothing innocent about you.” Smiling victoriously, I moved to take down my pigtails, but he quickly stopped me. “Leave those.” He demanded harshly.

Obeying, I cupped my hands under my tits and began to fondle them for him. Under the covers, his stiff cock leapt. “Your poor sweet prick.” I whispered teasingly. “I haven’t been paying it any attention.” With that, I drew back the covers, and stared at his throbbing shaft…at the swollen knob that crowned it. He was huge…all ten inches of him, and thick. Reaching down I wasn’t surprised to find that my hand was barely able to wrap around him.

“Stroke it.” He begged in heavy gasps. “Oh sweet, sweet baby girl stroke my cock.” 

Once again the one in power, I worked my fingers up and down while my thumb caressed the head of that perfect cock. Pre-cum oozed, and I rubbed it in, worshipping his sublime organ. 

“Kiss it, baby girl.” He crooned, half-drunk with lust. “Let me feel your sweet little mouth on my cock. Kiss it. Suck it.”

Licking my lips, I bent forward to do as he asked. I was hesitant at first, but the pre-cum on his prick was dewy and sweet. I spread my lips and was able to take the tip of him into my hot, wet mouth.

Uncle Beau howled, placing his hand on the back of my neck. He thrust up, shoving more of that enormous dick into my mouth and I panicked for a second, gagging briefly until I was able to adjust. Then, somehow I realized that if I just relaxed my throat, he’d be able to slide easily in and out. Once I was able to calm down, I was even able to take him in a little deeper.

“That’s it!” He almost screamed. “Oh baby girl, that’s it. You sweet angel…relax your throat…let me fuck your mouth, baby. Let me feel my cock in the back of your throat.”

I couldn’t answer him, nor do I think he wanted me to answer. I was too enthralled by the act of giving this huge cock a proper blowjob. As I sucked and worked him in and out of my throat, I could feel his veins straining, feel his entire body wracked with shaking. It had been a long, long time since he’d found a woman able to handle his long, thick meat. If I hadn’t been so fascinated by it, I might have been intimidated, too.

“Easy,” He began to shout. “Oh, Christ, baby, I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Stop, or I’ll shoot into your fucking throat…”

He tried to jerk my head up, but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted him to spurt into my throat and when his hot seed exploded, I swallowed over and over, gulping down his spunk with pleasure. Once he realized I wasn’t frightened or disgusted, he held firmly onto the back of my head and took one of my hands, showing me how to milk the last of his sweet, pearly cum from his softening cock.

When I had the last of it, I sat up, smiling and lapping the few drops I’d missed off of my lips. “Do you like that?” I smiled coyly.

“Come here, baby.” He whispered, tugging me close, and he pulled me onto his lap. “Yes I liked it. And I want to show you how much.”

He scooted down into the bed, until he was almost laying flat, then he grabbed my thighs and lifted my hips. Once I realized he meant for me to straddle his face, I tried to pull back. There was something a little scary about letting a man taste me down there…like I was giving away too much power. 

“Easy baby girl.” He whispered, giving my rosy behind a little slap. “You close your eyes now, and you let me taste your little virgin pussy.”

I was still trying to object when his tongue flicked across my clit. I fell forward and grasped the headboard to compensate. If his hands had been practiced, then his mouth was masterful. His lips teased my clit, his teeth nibbled at it, making me jolt and then shudder with the intensity of sensation. I felt my juices flowing and let out a strangled yelp when he bit at my cunt gently. I started to quake…rocking my naked pussy toward his lips, begging him for more.

He reached up with his fingers, pressing two of them inside me while his mouth continued to focus on my clit. His lips, his tongue, his teeth assaulted the little bud of all my sexual beginnings, while his long fingers fucked my dripping pussy. Then, just as I felt like my orgasm would never come, he slipped his thumbs along my anus, circling it and sending a bolt of lightning up my cunt until I came like a banshee. Screaming through clenched teeth, I slumped forward, no strength left in me to so much as sit upright. I was whimpering and moaning from the force of my release when he did something that I’d never known could happen. Capturing my swollen clit between his lips and shaking his head violently, he tore another orgasm from my gushing pussy…this one just as wet and powerful as the last.

I had no idea that I was sobbing with pleasure until he pulled me down and cradled me against his taut muscled chest. “There, there, baby girl.” He whispered in my hair, placing kisses on my forehead and throat. “Easy baby girl. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

I couldn’t believe how all my plans of seducing him had dissolved when his expert mouth had begun to eat my pussy. Instead of giving him the gift of my virginity, here I was laying limp in his arms and crying from the force of two bone-shattering orgasms. It took me a good half hour to recover, clinging to him and slowly recovering my sanity as he caressed and comforted me. He was so gentle and caring, whispering how sweet I’d tasted, and how much I’d pleased him. 

I might never have found my way back to the path of seduction if I hadn’t felt his cock begin to jump, just a little when my thigh brushed it. Smiling, I realized I wasn’t as tired as my violent cumming had made me feel. And Uncle Beau himself was only a few encouraging words and actions away from another magnificent erection.

And now that the edge had come off our forbidden lust for each other, we would have more patience to take that next step….

“I always knew that you’d be the first for me, Uncle Beau.” I smiled softly, rolling until I was laying on his chest, staring down at him. Lifting onto my arms, I gave him an eyeful of my taut and rosy tits, my nipples swollen from his attentions. When I first started to masterbate, I used to think of you. Rubbing my little girl clit, pretending you were touching me.”

He shook and groaned, and I watched his throat strain as his head fell back, his eyes closed in restraint. “Christ this is wrong.” He objected meekly. And somehow, his helpless morality made me even hotter. I so loved the idea that he wanted to resist me and couldn’t.

I sat up until my ass was cradling his stiffing cock, my legs were bent on either side of his waist. When he finally opened his eyes again, I was there, mounted on his belly, every naked inch of me bared before him.

“I used to stroke my hot little snatch just like this…wishing that you were the one touching me.” I whispered, lowering my fingers down to my pulsating cunt. 

“Show me.” He croaked, his eyes fixated while I began to finger myself. “Show me baby. Cum for me, pretty eyes.”

There was something so naughty about it that I had to stop myself from cumming too soon. Writhing in pleasure, I performed for him, rubbing my own clit and finger-fucking myself while he watched, his stiff dick thrusting softly against the cheeks of my ass – unable to help the instinctive movements of his abdomen. 

His shaking, strong hands found my tits and while he squeezed and caressed them, I couldn’t help the orgasm I felt coming on. Realizing I was on the verge, he began to chant, sending me into a frenzy.

“That’s it, baby. Cum. Cum hard…cum on top of me….cum hard, pretty eyes. Let me hear you. Scream for me. Cum hard…cum on me…cum hard, baby girl…”

I shuddered violently and screamed through clenched teeth, as my milk-warm love juices oozed from my pussy onto his belly. My body was rocked with light spasms, while he held me firm by the waist, supporting me. I could feel the tension in his hands, in every muscle of his body. And his hard, magnificent cock was still pulsating and begging for attention against my tight ass.

While he was still marveling and moaning about the show I’d just given him, I lifted up and slid back, reaching down to guide his enormous prick into the slippery cave of my cunnie. I was shocked at how much bigger he was than my tight opening, and I couldn’t help but cry out as the engorged head of his dick pushed against the walls of my hot, tight box.

Uncle Beau howled first in pleasure, his body twitching and thrusting wildly, causing him to slip a little deeper inside me. But he’d soon found control, his chest heaving with heavy, tormented breaths, and his body lathered with musky, briny sweat. His fingers dug into my thighs roughly, and he growled when he spoke.

“Easy, Pretty Eyes.” He ordered. “Jesus Christ - go slow or I’ll end up ripping you in half.”

Although his words served to turn me on even more, I had begun to realize just how painful this experience could be. He was barely a couple inches deep in my completely welcoming cunt, but the pressure was intimidating despite being as wet and ready as I was. His hands cupped my ass, pulling me forward and instructing me how to rock my hips back and forth…working his huge, swollen cock slowly deeper and deeper. As he slipped into me…a fraction of an inch at a time, he also gyrated and rotated his own hips, allowing his prick to stimulate the walls of my pussy while he pressed ever deeper. It was a gargantuan effort on his part, and I could feel the strain in both of us. It was frustratingly sensual and exhausting.

It seemed to take an eternity for us to rock and gyrate and grind enough to get the tip of his cock to the barrier of my cherry, and I cried out in victorious surprise when I finally felt the head of his dick test the strength of my maidenhead. For a moment we both stopped, panting, and gasping for breath.

“There’s no easy way to do this, pretty eyes.” He said at last, his fingers stroking the small of my back. “If you want it, you have to ride me hard. You’ll have to make me break you. I don’t have the strength in my legs to do it.”

I gulped quietly and nodded. I had known all along that this part would be all my doing, but I hadn’t expected to be so tight, for him to be so consuming inside me, and for it to be so difficult to get him deeper. At the same time, I was learning fast that there was a shocking level of pleasure in pain. I liked that it was difficult, I liked that it hurt. And I liked that I was in charge of causing myself this pain that would pleasure him so completely. 

Lifting up, I slid up along his thick shaft and bounced once, tentatively. His cock strained against my hymen, but didn’t break it.

The effect on Uncle Beau, however, was incredible. Moaning uncontrollably, he thrust up with all his strength, his fingers digging into the cheeks of my ass.

I steeled myself and tried again, putting more of my weight into it. And bounced again, harder. Pressure, but still nothing. Again. Not hard enough. A third time. Almost, but not quite. 

Finally, spurred to the point of frenzy by Uncle Beau’s pleas, I lifted up and rammed my body down, crying out in the pleasure only granted by sensual agony as my virginal membrane tore away and his cock took possession. In that moment I disassociated from the pain, consumed only by the exquisite pleasure of the rush. 

I could hear Uncle Beau in the back of my mind, crying out to me, calling me an angel, and coaxing me on. I could feel his hands roaming me…caressing me. But those sensations were like the buzzing of an insect compared to the screaming of my own body. 

My blood itself seemed to be burning, issuing orders. And I began to ride him in earnest, ignoring the sharp spasms of pain as his stiff organ cleft into me and out of me. I needed to fuck. I couldn’t think of anything else. And it hurt, and I liked that it hurt. And in the middle of all that throbbing torment, I felt real ecstasy for the first time. The satisfaction that only surges through you from hard, uncontrollable fucking.

I knew he was fighting the urge to cum. The sensation of my tight pussy had to be more than he’d known in a long time, but he was young, too, and had incredible discipline in the midst of all that sexual fury. And I suppose he could see the almost painful need I had to find my own bone-shattering orgasm. 

“Fuck me, baby girl…fuck me hard. Ride me…pound your pussy on my cock. Harder baby, harder baby. Fuck harder, baby…cum for me. Fuck hard and cum hard, baby girl.”

Every demand and choked order made me hotter and hotter, until finally I was riding him with abandon. Fuck the pain, fuck the pleasure, I just wanted to get him all the way inside me…to ride him as hard as I could and reach this blinding finishing line of my mind.

His cock stretched my virginal cunt, although it was such a tight fit I could feel the veins of his shaft pulsating with engorged blood inside me. He slapped at my ass with the flat palms of his hands while I rode harder, crying out in sublime pleasure each time I lifted up and dropped down, forcing myself apart just a little more to accept his wonderfully thick penetration.

It couldn’t last forever, though. The fire became a holocaust, and there was one final thrust where I lost my own identity. The cave of my pussy clenched like a vise, and I came brutally, screaming and sobbing, my entire body shaking from the force of it. He was stretched fully inside me, his cock tearing me apart, while the most tender of all my secrets clutched him like a dying breath. And as I fell forward, cumming violently, seeking comfort in his muscled, furry chest, I heard him cry out as well, and he filled me up with his hot seed, pumping the long-withheld spunk deep inside me. 

We were too weak to move as we both lay there. My orgasm seemed to last for hours. Just as I thought it was passed, a whole new wave of sensation would render me helpless while I shook and spasmed. Uncle Beau comforted me gently, kissing my hair, whispering sweet, soft endearments and enfolding me in the heat of his embrace. His exhausted cock softened, but stayed nestled within my sore cunnie. Neither of us had the strength to withdraw.

“Are you alright, baby girl?” He asked after we both were finally able to gather our wits and breath. 

I nodded against his shoulder and was able to look up at him with a smile. “I’m wonderful.”

He grinned a little guiltily, but stoked my face with the gentle affection of a lover. “How hurt are you?”

I tested the question, moving my hips backward to remove his still large cock from within me. We both grunted and yelped. “Pretty sore.” I answered back.

He kissed me then, full on the mouth and soft, and crushed me against his strong chest. “I’ve never had a woman feel so good, pretty eyes. You were so sweet. So hot.” He caressed my back as he spoke, and I was flooded over with warmth. 

I used the last of my strength to cuddle against him and run my tongue over the curve of his earlobe. “This was exactly what I wanted, Uncle Beau. You hurt so good.”

A whimper escaped him, and I knew if there had been any energy left in either of our bodies, we’d have been like dogs in heat all over again. “Then just lay here and let me hold you, sweet baby.” He finally managed.

I stretched against him and curled up like a contented kitten. Smiling, I laid my head on his shoulder and yawned. I liked his tenderness, but how I loved to tease and shock him. I wanted to be his sweet little niece, but I also wanted him to remember the fucking I’d just given him. “I’ll never stop teasing you now, Uncle Beau.” I promised. “Every time we’re together I’m going to tease you until you can’t help but want to fuck me. I’m going to make you teach me everything. I know you can’t resist me.”

The truth of it couldn’t be denied. 

“Go to sleep.” He ordered in a tired, strained voice that betrayed how much my naughty talk turned him on. 

And so I did.



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