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Satn Slippers

Synopsis: The inevitable consummation of a father's forbidden hunger for his virgin daughter takes a violent turn when she teases him over the brink.

Sins of the Father II

By Doxy Wringer ©

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Author's Note: This story may not be duplicated or re-posted on another 
website or in any medium without the written consent of the author. 
It is a work of fiction, and intended as a pleasure derived from the 
viewpoints of both the most tender and the most carnal hungers 
that swell within the human animal.

The morning that followed our torrid encounter, Daddy embarked upon a suddenly critical business trip. Usually I would have helped him to pack and fretted and pouted over his departure, but instead I was merely informed by one of the maids that he was gone.

Frustrated, I used my time wisely, primping and preening. I shopped in naughty little boutiques and tried out skimpy, sexy ensembles. I got my hair done, and spent a few days at the spa - infusing my supple skin with exotic oils and moisturizing extracts of aloe and lanolin and Lord knew what other herbal concoctions. I spoiled myself rotten, and prepared to pamper Daddy as well. 

When he finally got home, it was late on a Friday night. I'd been lounging by the fire reading, and looked up just in time to spy him hurrying into his office where he sequestered himself off for the rest of the weekend. I kept my distance for another week, marveling at how adept he suddenly was at avoiding me. Then, finally, I resolved to set my plan into action.

This dancing around what we both wanted was silly. And, I was tired of having Daddy wrapped around my little finger when wanted him wrapped around something else entirely.

Working rose oil over my tummy and chest, I lightly perfumed every inch of my satiny body. Fretting over my lingerie purchases, I decided upon a wine pink chemise with feather trim. I slipped the expensive designer silk on over my head and wiggled into the matching panties. Bare-legged and Brazilian waxed, I stepped into a pair of rose-tinted marabou heels and set out for Daddy's office, daydreaming of how he would take me into his arms and re-enact all those scenes from my paperback romance novels.

He was resolute and intimidating behind his large oak desk when I entered, a half-empty decanter of whiskey with the cut crystal plug removed was perched before him. From the look of his shadowy eyes, the liquor had already begun to take effect, and I locked the door behind me before sauntering over to him.

"You're playing a dangerous game, with a dangerous man, baby girl," he threatened darkly while his eyes devoured my scantily clad form. "Go back to your room."

"What I want isn't in my room," I pouted prettily. Drawing close, I bent over his shoulder from behind him and pressed kisses onto both his cheeks. I could smell the whiskey on his breath, but I didn't take notice of the edgy slur in his speech. All I knew was that there was stark lust in his eyes, and I'd been waiting to see evidence of that lust for what felt like forever. "You're not so dangerous, Daddy," I teased, pulling back with a slinky sway of my hips.

The rough clench of his fingers on my elbow stopped me dead in my tracks. Before I had a moment to understand what was happening, he'd bolted to his feet, drawn me back, and spun me to face the wall.

"You think it's cute to be a tramp?" he growled hotly, pushing me forward against the expensive fresco of his office wall. "You think I raised you to be a cheap little slut?"

"N…no, Daddy," I sputtered, suddenly trembling in my marabous. I felt him yank up my nightie and grasp hold of my soft, satiny drawers. His forearm nearly crushed me to the cold plaster while his other hand wrenched roughly, and I felt my panties draw hard against my slit before tearing under the strain he placed on the thin fabric. He didn't even bother to try and draw them down, merely tore them apart in his strong grasp.

"Daddy, you're hurting me!" I wailed softly, only to be answered by a violent slap on my rear end. I gave a shocked cry, and he slapped me again, this time harder.

"Not a word," he slurred drunkenly in my ear. "Not a goddamn word. This is what you came for, so you'll stand there like the cheap little whore you are and take what I'm going to give you."

In horror, I realized my game had backfired. Frantic, I attempted to pull away and fumbled with explanations. "Daddy, this isn't what I wanted…"

With all the strength of his muscular arms, he laid into my ass - slapping, spanking, wailing on me with brute force. Shocked from the sting and rush of pain, I let out a scream and began to fight in earnest, but the more I struggled, the harder he hit. Finally, when I couldn't take anymore, I slumped forward, sobbing and stopped trying to explain. 

Daddy apparently wasn't in a listening mood, and my ass was almost numb from it's first-ever spanking.

"All these years," he hissed into my ear. I could smell the alcohol strongly, and hear the venom of his drunken fury. "All these years I treated you like my sweet baby girl. My little princess. Even when it hurt to look at you because I could feel my cock harden from just the sight of you. And all those nights, I could have been shoving myself deep into your little tramp's cunt. You've probably given it away to every other man in town. Haven't you, you little baby whore?"

I tried to deny his accusations, but the first word out of my mouth met with another pounding slam of his hand on my tender rear. I grunted in fresh agony and began to whimper, able to only shake my head.

With that, he spun me about, shoving my back so hard against the wall that my teeth clattered. Starting into my shocked eyes, he grabbed the expensive, sheer silk of my lingerie in both hands and tore it straight down the front. The remnants hung loosely from my shoulders as my naked body was subjected to the excruciatingly thorough inspection of his lust-drunk eyes.

"Look at you," he panted, fuming. "Look at you. I could have been fucking you all this time. I should have been fucking you raw. If I'd known you'd come begging for it like a cat in heat, I would have broken you in years ago when I still had a chance at your cherry."

"Daddy," I tried once more to explain, thinking I was safe now that my abused, throbbing bottom was pressed to the wall.

Big mistake.

With his blunt, square hands, he delivered rough slaps across my breasts, perking the nipples with the sharp blows. Back and forth, he flogged his fingers until I cringed back and cried out, simpering for him to stop. I was biting into my bottom lip to force silence upon myself and obey his orders for me to not make a sound.

"So help me God, baby girl," he threatened darkly, "you'd better shut your slut mouth." As he spoke, his hand slipped down and he pinched the lips of my pussy between his thick fingers. "I'm going to hurt you, baby. I'm going to punish your little whore body and fuck you to pieces. I'm going to fuck all the years of wanting you out of my body in one night until my cock's sore and your pussy's numb. But how much I hurt you depends on how good a girl you are, and how well you obey me, and how sorry you convince me you are." To drive his point home, he delivered one hard slap to my exposed pussy. I flinched and cried out, but didn't dare utter another word.

"Undress me," he ordered huskily. "Take off my shirt and tie and my belt and pants. And do it quick."

I hastily obeyed, numbly removing his attire in the order which he'd specified. I discarded the shirt and tie without even looking up at him. When my hands moved to his belt, he shoved me down to my knees and wound a handful of my auburn tresses around his merciless hand. 

"Get on your knees like the fucking slut you are," he seethed. 

I scrambled to obey, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants until he could step out of them. My shaking hands hesitated as I grasped the elastic band of his silk boxers, and I dared a terrified glance up at him.

"Don't you try and give me those innocent eyes you cock-sucking whore," he spat angrily. "Take them down."

My hands shook in fear as I slid the boxers down his powerful thick-muscled thighs. Focusing on his bare feet, I screamed in shock when he yanked my face forward, wrenching my scalp. His long, semi-hard cock slapped me in the face.

"Kiss it," he demanded with a leering snarl. "Kiss it and tell me you love your Daddy's cock."

When my tongue flicked out over my lips, I was not surprised to find them bone dry. Breathing in shallow gasps, I moistened my mouth and delivered a peck onto the shaft of his throbbing cock. 

"I love my Daddy's cock," I whispered hastily.

Another hard pull of my hair. My roots screamed in unison with my mouth.

"Louder!" he demanded. "And kiss it again. Open your mouth this time."

"I love my Daddy's cock," I cried out in a voice with more volume, opening my mouth to deliver another kiss.

Only this time, he thrust his hips forward and my lips were forced apart wide as the head of his cock popped between my lips and slithered toward the back of my throat.

I heard him rumble in pleasure while I grunted in shock, and he yanked my hair again. My scream was muffled by the intrusion of his swelling cock in my small mouth. My throat contracted, the inside of my cheeks swelled, as he drew back and pumped forward, bruising my lips in the greedy effort to shove his meat into my face.

"Suck it, you cunt," he snapped. "Suck my cock, or so help me god, I'll fucking choke you with it."

His heady, masculine scent was all over my face. It permeated into my senses while he shoved and thrust, rubbing my lips raw - poking my throat roughly, making my tongue swell with his intrusion. My open hands pushed at his thighs while I tried not to gag.

Finally, he shoved me back, leering down at me with hazy eyes. "Well, you're no good at that, are you, my sweet little slut?" he jeered. Bending down, he grabbed my chin in his clenched fingers. "Let's see if there's anything you are good at."

"Daddy, please, listen…" I made one feeble final effort to explain. Deaf to my words, he planted a hard, hot slap on my thighs, spreading them wide, and then slapping my wet, virgin honeypot. And, yes, I was wet. I was horrified to feel the sticky slickness on my thighs, to realize that every punishing blow of his hard hands made me even wetter. 

Planting me back on his desk, he silenced me further by shoving his thumb in my mouth. His eyes bore into me as they had just a few nights ago, and I felt red heat sear through me. He invaded me with his eyes, while he stepped between my open legs, his thumb rhythmically working in and out of my mouth.

His free hand reached down and drew one of my legs upon onto his shoulder and I felt his hardening cock protrude against my mound, as he mashed his rigid steel into my baby-smoothness. He stood there for a minute, watching while I slurped his inserted thumb, his cock grinding against my honey-drenched pussy while our eyes entwined once more. And, suddenly, I was as revved up as I had been watching him half-rape that woman in his bedroom. Our eyes told the tale of all the nights we'd both been waiting for this consummation of decadent sin. 

"Let's see how your little whore cunt fucks for Daddy," he snarled, breaking the spell of our eyes with his vulgar slurring. Then, with merely one angry thrust of his strong thighs, he rammed his way into me. My hymen held, the excruciating resiliency of it, shocking us both. Then he slammed forth again, and broke violently into me, his forced entry tearing me into a throbbing ache of confusion. I threw my head back and let out a prolonged, feral howl.

"Baby," he gushed in a shaky, suddenly anguished breath, the proof and reality of my virginity clefting through his intoxicated haze. "Baby, baby. Sweet baby girl." His words softened, but his body was unrelenting; pushing hard, he thrust over and over, firmly, rotating his hips and screwing that huge cock into my tight, virgin cavern. I felt myself stretching, tearing, spreading to accommodate him.

When his entire length split me completely, he lowered my leg from his shoulder and stilled, wedging his arms beneath me to draw me up close against him. In surreal contract to the belligerent snarl of cruelty he had just exuded, his now warm and gentle lips peppered my face with kisses. "Put your arms around me, baby girl. Hold onto Daddy."

I did as he instructed, and felt him lift me from the desk. His cock nestled deep within me as he carried me to the leather sofa. Once there, he sat with me astride his lap and continued to kiss me. I clung to him, continuing to quake and whimper, trying to cling to his shoulders with my trembling arms.

"Give me your sweet mouth, angel girl," he cooed tenderly, his once brutal hands now caressing my back lovingly. I leaned forward to accept his adoring kiss, and felt his cock slip a little deeper. I cried out just as his tongue danced beside mine.

"I know it hurts," he moaned into my mouth. "Oh sweetheart, Daddy's going to make it up to you. Stop crying baby girl. Kiss me." While he spoke, his hands settled on my hips, rocking me back and forth atop him. Stroking, his fingers groped slowly from my hips to my belly, the thumbs meeting and then making unhurried, soothing circles around my navel. 

His mouth dominated mine with tenderness while his thumbs continued down. His tongue wagged and teased against mine and then his fingers were dipping lower: stroking, gentle, tapping out playful little rings on my flesh. Our wet lips brushed and drew back and then brushed again. I tasted his tangy, alcohol-spiced breath, and then his hands were all the way down, his thumbs massaging my throbbing, pierced pussy. 

Instinctively, I arched up, yelping out from the tenderness as he coaxed my clit slowly. I shook my head, over-sensitive and feeling all too full of his probing presence. His cock buried deep inside my sanctuary, his barbarian thumbs scaling along my ramparts.
My hands reached forward to clasp his shoulders while I wavered and rocked atop his lap. It was too much, but I couldn't resist it and I felt his eyes moving over me, drilling into me, sending out an unspoken chant to look at him. And when I did open my eyes, I flinched at the intensity bearing down on me from his smothering stare.

"Cum," he ordered thickly. "Cum for me, baby. Cum for Daddy." 
I couldn't blink, I didn't dare look away, but boiling from within me, I felt the heat and pressure building, as though his command was enough to imbue my body with enchanted lust. "Cum," he intoned, "cum, cum, cum, cum."

When the crest he incanted released quicksilver tendrils of climatic ammunition through me, I felt the forks of lightening reverberate from my clit out along the nerves and tissues of every inch of my body. I bowed and screamed, my eyes never wavering from his, as that first brutal orgasm ripped out of me - as violently as his cock had rammed through the protective barrier of my virginity.

I fell limply forward, clinging to him in sweat-bathed exhaustion, his thumbs abandoning the nudge of my engorged clit to circle around my hips and grip my tight ass. He made a slow, swivel of his hips, his cock rotating within me as we adjusted position; the moan I released melted into his blanketing kiss. 

"Do you know how good it feels to be inside you, baby?" he whispered between kisses. "You were worth waiting for, sweet baby girl." He was above me now, his form stretched atop me like the overlord of my maidenly wares. 

"You hurt me," I managed, pressing tears against his throat, my arms folding around his neck.

A rumble coursed down his spine. I felt that brief eidolon of guilt radiate along his sinews, and purposefully tucked away my smile. He was desperate with remorse, and I knew Daddy. He'd spend the rest of his days making this up to me. There was absolutely no reason on earth to confess how surprised I'd been to realize I craved his rough treatment. Better to let him come to terms with it on his own, and let him make it up to me.

"Baby," he breathed into my hair, "I'm a brutal son-of-a-bitch, and I've been aching for you too damn long. Tell Daddy it feels better now. I'll make it feel better, baby girl. Give me your sweet mouth again."

He swallowed me into gentle kiss after gentle kiss, his hard cock stirring once more within me, fanning my own stark hungers back to awareness. With coy little whimpers, I wiggled beneath him, uttering sharp gasps with each movement of his magnificent body.

"I'll make it up to you, baby," he promised, scoring deep into me, before withdrawing and clefting down into another rotating plunge. The clenching inner walls of my puss clamped and I gritted my teeth to fight the second orgasm I felt brewing. 

"Draw your legs up," he barked hotly, "I want to be deeper. Baby, lift up so Daddy can fuck all the way into you." With a low-throated growl, he drowned out my panting moans. Thrusting. Penetrating. The entire length of his cock driving and pistoning, while his hips screwed in circles, he left no part of me unexcavated… unstimulated… unfucked. 

I made a half-hearted attempted to disguise my third orgasm as another wail of pain, but the performance was moot. Lost to the spasms of his own consummation, Daddy's eyes flew open and pinned me - hypnotizing me for the barest moment before his head lulled back, exposing the knob of his straining Adam's apple as he roared out and gulped in quaking breaths.

There was a surge within me as he pumped again, and again, his softening cock delivering the last of his spunk deep inside me, finalizing his claim - his branding of me.

I didn't have to fake the tears in my eyes. I was so achingly sore that my legs couldn't seem to move of their own volition. Daddy lowered them gently from his hips, as he peeled the rest of me from him, untangling my lissome limbs out of the pretzel knot I'd curled them into.

"Don't cry, baby," he pressed kisses along the sides of my face, as he scooted and lifted his weight off me, snuggling my naked body into the bearish embrace of his length. We cuddled down into the sofa, his chin resting on top of my head, the head of his soft cock still pulsating inside the lip of my slit.

"I was drunk and I was harsh," he confessed gently. "But I wanted you and I still want you. And I'll have you baby girl." His fingers were suddenly beneath my chin, coaxing my face up and his gaze once more mated to mine. "And you came looking for what I gave you. Dressed for it. Ready for it." I couldn't deny it, and the concession was tattooed across my face, no match for the truth elixir of his hawk's eyes.

"All those nights," he continued, finally releasing me from his commanding stare to nuzzle and nibble at my throat. "All those women. All these years I've been closing my eyes and imagining your sweet face, your soft body, your tight, hot little pussy clutching my cock. I'm not done with you, baby." That scorching promise set a new fever ablaze through every corner of my exhausted pith and marrow. Inside me, his cock gave a soft jolt.

"Daddy," I murmured, my nails sinking into the firm arches of his shoulders.

"Yes, baby?" he lazed, pausing a moment to press the flat of his tongue into the hollow of my throat.

"Hurt me some more," I begged, consumed with blind, ferine craving.

"All night," he promised fiercely. "All night and forever, baby girl." 

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