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Some Phone Sex Basics

It amazes me how many johns are prepared to shell out cash for an interactive sexual experience and expect to get away with bringing absolutely nothing to the party. Well, grab an amp and help rig the sound, baby, because you're playing this gig, too. 

Here is the most frustrating and all too common exchange that most phone sluts dread:

Phone Slut: Hi, John, this is Doxy.
John: Hi Doxy.
Phone Slut: And what are you up to tonight?
John: Uh. Just feeling kinda horny. 
Phone Slut: Well, that's what I'm here for, darlin'. Is there any special fantasy 
that really turns you on?
John: Uh, no. 
Phone Slut: Nothing wicked or kinky that you find really hot?
John: I, uh, no. I just like everything.

Great. Just great.

Well, here’s a little tidbit, guys. There are UNLIMITED possibilities that a phone slut encounters and if you don't give her at least some hint of a direction, she has no idea where your boundaries are or what the fuck is going to work for you. 
Don’t tell me “everything” or “I don’t know.” You DO know, and TRUST ME, it’s not everything. Everything is a pretty long fucking list and if you don’t know what turns you on, you’re not old enough to be making phone sex calls. 

Below, you'll find a few tips that are guaranteed to make your phone sex experience infinitely more satisfying. There's also some educational materials. I apologize about having no hand puppets for demonstrative purposes. 

They're on vacation.


Service or Independent Sluts

Whether a phone slut works for herself alone, or another company, she is generally an independeny contractor and considered self-employed. For every freedom, there is a repercussion that’s just the nature of balance in the universe. But, here’s a little 411 on the differences of service and independence. 

Service Slut Service sluts generally have to maintain a set number of scheduled hours in order to remain employed with a service. If they are expected to generate their own clients (or a percentage of them) they are paid higher than sluts that simply take incoming calls. Time spent trolling and money spent on advertising often evens out or eliminates any advantage in this department so the savoir-faire minded slut figures out the best way to work smart and less hard. She finds her groove in the system or learns to live with less. Sometimes services attempt to sign sluts to non-compete contracts, but that’s not legal for independent contractors, so some service sluts may be signed in to multiple services at one time (this gets sticky and tricky ethics-wise). Services can be fair, or unfair, demanding, or lenient. A service slut adapts or moves on. Service sluts often perform a variety of characters on a variety of lines or take assembly line style call after call after call. Most often the slut you get is only as good as the service you call. Happy work conditions and steady incomes make for happy sluts, which make for steamy hot lascivious fun phone sex. 

Independent Slut An independent slut is self-employed, generally works out of her home, sets her own hours, may or may not have a schedule, may possibly have her own merchant account and run her own billing, or use a variety of third-party billing options. She may advertise in local or national publications, on Keen, on her own website, troll in chatrooms, or employ any combination of advertising practices both ethical and unethical. Independent sluts can be just starting out, or they can be established sluts comfortable in their own market niche. You often get a more personal experience, (not to mention a more hungry experience if she’s not very savvy) but you may have limited recourse and accountability on customer service issues. Also, often times, it’s trying when a phone slut does her own dispatching it’s hard to get in the mood when you’ve been screaming at a Bank of America service rep for ten minutes. And, unless she’s affiliated with a network of other independent sluts, you are limited to choices numbering uno. My personal choice is to advertise and generate my own sales independently, but to affiliate with separate third-party billing service company that verifies financial information and takes a per-minute or fee based percentage. I get to work as I want, I don’t have to face the horror of dispatch, and I don’t ever come into contact with clients’ personal financial information. Other sluts that use the same billing network are available when I am not on my line, and this gives my callers options. And I’m all about options, baby.


Types of Service

Below are the basic types of phone sex services, although there are endless variations and combinations. 

Dispatch         Connection         Location        Miscellany

Dispatch Method

Automated Dispatch - These types of services can have either toll-free or 900/976 call-in numbers that are automated. The 900 versions of these services are billed to your phone and the content they contain is generally regulated by organizations like the FCC (yes, that’s right the people who had a freak-fest over Janet Jackson’s nipple). There are toll-free automaton dispatch services; they require you to punch in your credit card information and usually some kind of other verification like a zip code or date of birth. They are still regulated, but usually not as strictly as the 900 types. Automated services don't typically offer you the opportunity to request a particular phone slut or fantasy type they're just routed to the next girl in the cue. Almost all automated systems will hook you up to a Sweat Shop (see below). Because any kid could pick up the phone and lift their parent's credit card, these automated services are regulated and are restricted in terms of subject matter and explicit language. For this reason you are most likely to encounter operators on these that employ buzzwords in place of explicit vernacular (ie “do-it” in place of “fuck”). 

Live Dispatch - This type of service is almost always toll-free. Although most live dispatch services have a recorded greeting, they generally connect you with a dispatcher in a short amount of time. Live dispatch services generally employ phone sluts that work from home so they are not under FCC regulation and can offer "no taboos" due to their one-on-one verification procedures. Live verification is good for both the service and the client. A live dispatcher is more likely to peg someone attempting to use a stolen credit card, and would be able to provide a fraud investigator with the phone number the crook was calling from, as well as report the card stolen to prevent further abuse. A service with a live dispatcher isn't going to just let a stolen credit card by because they know they're going to face chargebacks, so there is a lot of motivation to do the right thing. A live dispatcher can also take requests for specific types of fantasies or a requested phone slut - and they can make an educated decision about which phone slut to pair up with a particular john. Here's an interesting fact - most dispatchers work on commissions, so the longer the john and slut talk, the more they make. This motivates the dispatcher to give the john to the right slut. Basically if you don't want to get fucked in a BAD way, live dispatch services are the only way to go.

If you call a live dispatch service, expect them to verify credit info, date of birth, and various other types of billing details. Your first call will generally take longer than repeat calls. Once you’re in their system the process is smoother (assuming your credit card has available funds). Any 12-year-old boy can pick up a phone and dial a 900 number or grab mom's credit card and punch his way through an automated system. It's not so easy when a dispatcher answers the phone and asks for all of the billing info that will have to correspond with the information provided by a billing institution. Also, it's easier to spot underage perpetrators. If the DOB is 1946 and the guy sounds like Bart Simpson -- there's a problem there, and said problem is thrown back into the sea before he can waste anyone’s time, or cause any oh-so-tedious lawsuits.

One final note on live dispatchers - don't fuck with these people. They have a difficult job coordinating phone sluts, juggling johns, and verifying information with financial institutions. You know how much you HATE to call your bank? Well, dispatchers have to deal with that kind on hassle on EVERY call they answer EVERY day. On top of that, they’ve got every wanker with a copy of Hustler and time to kill ready to irritate the shit out of them. It isn't a dispatcher's job to talk dirty to you - THEY JUST PROCESS YOUR ORDER and they don't have time for chitchat. Be polite and specific and brief and you’ll get better service. This is really the kind of job where a simple “thank you” makes a big difference in their day.


Connection Type

Direct Connection - The john provides his billing information and then holds the line while he is connected to a phone slut. These can be made through both live and automated services - toll free, long distance, or phone-billed. Traditionally direct connections have been made through automated services and were limited to sweat shops, but today most of the modern live dispatch services now offer Direct Connect in addition to their established Call Back options. Direct connect means that you can call, dick in hand, and be talking with a phone slut in a matter of minutes. It also provides a level of extra security because the phone slut never sees your billing or contact information (it also protects the phone slut in the same manner). Additionally, there is usually a real-time call-length tracking system so that phone sluts who might otherwise be tempted to add on an extra minute or two don’t have the option. Another perk with this method is that you never have to worry about the phone ringing back and waking up a roommate. 

Call Back - The john places an order with a dispatcher and then a phone slut calls him back a few moments later. To my knowledge there aren't any automated services that offer a call back option, so these girls are definitely calling from home. Some services offer collect callbacks, and these should cost less than the toll-free call backs (since you are paying long distance collect charges). Collect callbacks are a no-no for johns who have to worry about someone looking at the phone bill. Also, on collect calls, the slut has to request an operator to block the number. This is usually more expensive for the client. A Call Back doesn’t guarantee that the phone slut is seeing your personal information often times, the dispatcher calls the girl and she then connects the two parties and drops out of the call. Call Back services are generally old, established companies, but there are always a few bad apples in the bushel. Be smart. Be alert. And don’t be afraid to ask questions of this dispatcher especially on your first call. Most are happy to put your concerns at ease but, remember they’re often juggling 4 or 5 lines so don’t hold them up any longer than absolutely necessary.

Slut Location

Sweat Shop - Incoming calls are routed into an office where there are various phone sluts in one room panting and moaning into different extensions. There may or may not be cubicle patricians. There are various (mostly FCC) regulations in effect here that limit the explicitness of a conversation, and the concentration level of the phone slut is not always able to remain at an optimum level (how easily can you focus when someone is standing outside your cubicle making faces at you?). Almost all automated dispatch and 900/976 numbers connect you to phone sluts in Sweat Shops. You couldn't pay me enough to work for this kind of crap. The pay is generally low, and turnover is often high so many of these services do not offer you the opportunity to request a girl if you were lucky enough to find one you liked.

In rare cases there are services that operate like Sweat Shops despite the fact that a girl works out of her home. These types of services pay low (although oftentimes charge more), work their employees hard, and generally employ the bottom of the quality scale. A good indication of this type of organization is a service that doesn’t let you request a particular operator they’re just routing calls to girls as fast as they can bill them and send them out. Be wary of these types of services. Bad pay and poor customer focus make Jack a cranky boy.

Work-At-Home-Slut - Incoming calls are routed to a phone slut operating out of the luxury of her home, where she waits for the automated system or live dispatcher to ring her. Once a john is connected with a phone slut speaking out of her home, the call then becomes a private conversation between two parties, and there are no federal restrictions to limit the explicitness or subject matter of the call (barring local or jurisdictional obscenity laws if your town has them). An independent phone slut will normally employ various privacy protection (call blocking, etc) methods as the norm, but service girls are generally protected behind a phone sex service system. 

Before going solo independent, I worked exclusively for services that employed live dispatchers and phone sluts that worked from home. I will ONLY work out of my own home, as this affords me the opportunity to create my own work environment - a room devoted to my profession, equipped to be both comfortable and efficient, and altered to fit the mood of the job. Also, working from home off a private line means I'm free to be as nasty as I want without any regulations getting in the way of a great fantasy. During the time I worked for other companies, several evolved from exclusive Call Back (reimbursing phone sluts for long distance, etc) to combination Call Back and/or Direct Connect options. Originally, I preferred the Call Back method because it allowed me to make preparations to be completely attentive to the call. I could use the little girl’s room and get a drink, turn down the casserole in the oven, or pause the movie I was watching. The John also didn’t have to wait on hold listening to Barry Manilow while he was verified and connected. While I appreciate that some guys don’t want Call Backs, I think the experience is better in many cases (especially for gents that talk for hours at a time). Asking for a call back means the john has a better shot at an unhurried, deeply focused experience. But, in this (as with the rest of the business) it’s whatever the gentleman prefers and his situation allows. 



Recorded Fantasy - The john calls and listens to usually slow-paced recordings of sexual conversations and/or “erotic” stories. In some cases, they are actors and actresses performing mock conversations for a voyeuristic thrill. These tend to be more soft-core due to FCC regulations and are paced and scripted to make the client stay on the phone as long as possible. Can be either 900/976 type toll numbers, long distance calls, or automated to take credit card info. Generally there is a minimum time limit you are charged for (typically between 10 and 20 minutes). If this can cover your kink, more power to you. 



What the Numbers Tell You

900 numbers: 900 numbers today don't have much cooperation from the phone companies, so they rely on third-party billing and incur heavy chargebacks. They can be legit businesses, or just a fly-by-night organizations hoping to make a lot of money before they get shut down for ripping off the caller. Luck of the draw, babe. Also you may be billed for time you speak to a dispatcher, or are prompted through an automated system. One sure bet in this category is Web900, a third-party billing service that offers flat-rate calls through various services. Web900 doesn't let you go over $35 and there are no refunds for unused minutes. 900 numbers mean restrictions on the nature of your conversation. They mean you're probably connecting to a Sweat Shop. Quite frankly, the only johns who use these types of services are the one who don't have any other method of payment available to them.

011 numbers: These are offshore numbers, most of which go to many different countries including islands in the Caribbean and off the coast of Africa. This is where you might be likely to run into phone sluts with thick accents. You may run into people with barely any grasp of the language you're speaking, and companies who don't answer to the same type of fraud laws as where you're calling from. On the plus side, you're only paying the pre-designated long distance charges, whatever they may be. If you're thinking of calling one of these numbers you should ALWAYS call your long distance provider and verify what the rates will be for the call. 

800/877/866 Numbers: These are toll-free numbers that have a dispatcher or automated system in place to take your billing information. Most rely on credit card payment, but many companies accept pre-payment with an online processor, a check-by-phone company, and/or a Web900 service. You cannot be charged for these calls until you provide some kind of billing information.

10XXX Numbers: Per-minute numbers that are routed through a central switch with additional phone numbers that put you through to the service. There is typically a recorded introduction telling you to hang up if you're under 18, and disclosing what the cost per minute is and what the service offers - which can be ANYTHING and billing may or may not begin at any point in the call. The subject matter can be recorded fantasy, hook-up to a party line, one-on-one phone slut contact - the sky's the limit. Most 10XXX numbers connect to locations in Canada, so you can reasonably expect English or French speaking operators and phone sluts. No FCC regulations, so the 10XXX numbers can deliver explicit phone sex. 


Common Practices

1. Phone sex companies can charge anything they want a minute. The average is between $1.99 and $5.99 a minute. 

2. Most services have a non-negotiable minimum talk time which is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. This practice originates with billing procedures of long distance providers who may offer considerably lower long distance rates, but require X number of minutes per call. Long distance rates are also considerably higher for businesses than for personal lines. Phone sex services must adapt accordingly.

3. Eight seconds denotes a full minute. This can also be traced to long-distance billing practices of phone companies. It doesn't matter if you talk for 7:08 or 7:58 - you'll be charged for eight minutes. 

4. Most services have a pre-designated maximum time limit, especially for first time callers. If you plan to talk for more than thirty minutes, you should make sure you tell the dispatcher so she can verify your funds accordingly and let the phone slut know you have an extended limit. Unless you say something, the dispatcher (or automated system) may only check availability of funds for a certain block of time and will instruct the phone slut to cut you off after that no matter how sparkling and pretty your credit may be.

5. Phone sluts will often have more than one persona with a service. This helps them track their regular customers and know what to expect from a call. Often times a company will have different niche sites to promote the same girls as different characters. These girls aren’t lying to you or trying to deceive you, they’re participating in a common practice of the trade. Pseudonyms are common all over the entertainment industry (actors, DJs, strippers, magicians, etc). So, a twenty-something girl named Jane could possibly have an 18 year-old vanilla persona called "Amy," a thirty-something Femme Domme persona named "Mistress Scarlett," and an ageless she-male persona know as "Pat." 

6. Except in rare cases, the photos on the web sites are generally NOT the girl you’re talking to. The photos are a fantasy an image of sex. If this shocks or disappoints you, again, you may be too young for phone sex. Most phone sluts will automatically play along with your fantasy, however, and pretend to be that leggy, luscious gal on your screen. If the façade detracts from your enjoyment, however, and you want to level with a phone slut, tell her you want to know what she *really* looks like. Odds are she won’t be offended so long as you aren’t accusatory or rude. Phone sex operators are part-time career women looking for extra cash, college students, ex-strippers, soccer moms the whole spectrum of the female species. Some (like myself) are happy to share a slice of “real life” with you to enhance your enjoyment, but not all. Don’t expect to be able to delve into the psyche of every woman. However, all phone sluts will be more than happy to stick to the fantasy of Brittany the blonde bombshell with DDs. Brittany is easy (but never cheap). 

7. Charges should appear on your credit card as something fairly innocuous like ABC Services or 123 Unlimited, but it never hurts to ask. Make a note of this so that when you get the statement a month later, you’ll remember the charge. Unnecessary accidental chargebacks may or may not incur fees from your financial institution for YOU, but they all fuck with the chargeback rating of a service or independent slut. Charging back a legit charge may get you blacklisted not only from a service, but from other services that share client chargeback blacklists. 


Avoid Getting Ripped Off

1. Remember that a company or independent PSO’s billing rate does not necessarily correspond to the level of experience you can expect. A company that charges only $1.99 or $2.99 per minute may have been in business longer than the one that charges $5.99 per minute. Also, just because a service is charging a higher rate doesn’t mean they’re paying their operators more. Don't automatically think that because you're paying more you're getting more. Regardless of the quality you expect to encounter, make sure you specifically ASK what the rate is and if it changes the longer you talk. 

2. Make sure you ask what the minimum talk time is. You may only talk for three minutes, but if the service charges a ten-minute minimum, you'll be billed for it. Likewise, ask about maximums this will avoid you getting irritated when the phone slut says she has to cut you off at 30 minutes.

3. One additional perk of live dispatch is that you CAN set a designated cut-off limit and have the dispatcher instruct the phone slut to end the call after X amount of minutes. Once one is established, however, if you want to go beyond a cut-off, the phone slut will have to end the call and you'll have to call the dispatcher and request a new session. 

4. Beware services with advertising slogans like "hot Swedish sluts wet and ready for your call." Oftentimes, these can be services that connect out of the country, and the girls don't necessarily speak English. Not to mention the laws and practices of credit card fraud can vary from country to country.

5. Keep your eye on which services advertise in multiple publications and websites. It costs money to put an ad in a high profile publication like Hustler, etc. Plus magazines like Hustler require them to place ads for a number of months, not just one. A company that spends legitimate funds on advertising is looking to be in business for a while. 

6. If you're hesitant to hand out your credit card over the phone, you can find a service that accepts pre-payment on-line via third party billing, or that allows you to mail in money orders for pre-payment. This also helps you set a pre-designated time limit.

7. The best sign of an established, experienced service will be multiple billing methods. They will be affiliated with a credit card verification service, an online pre-payment service, an e-check merchant, a 900 third party billing service, and/or be willing to accept money orders and checks for prepaid accounts. Services and independent sluts that provide options are paying attention to their customers’ needs and satisfaction. This is a good thing. 

8. Don't keep talking to a girl you don't like. There are any number of reasons the chemistry between a john and a phone slut don't work. If you've given it about thirty seconds and the mood is nill, tell her so by politely and quickly saying “Sorry, but I’m ending this call.” Then hang up, call back dispatch and ask for another fantasy artist. Just know that once you hit a full minute and a half, you're considered responsible for the call. The reason for this is because some guys CAN and DO come in two minutes or thereabouts. Some guys even get off while pretending to give the dispatchers their billing information -- scrubs that they are. Most good services will keep track of any operators you’ve spoken with and will avoid reconnection or suggesting phone sluts you didn’t care for. 


Facts & Hints

1. TELL the dispatcher what you want. If you want to anally rape an aardvark while having a ten-year-old Latvian slave girl piss in your mouth then TELL the dispatcher. At least use buzz words like “watersports” and/or “underage taboo.” Trust me, dispatchers hear EVERYTHING and won’t judge you. These gals put up with more psychos than you can fathom your kinky fantasy isn’t going to freak them. A few brief words from you and they'll appreciate your making their job easier. When you tell them what you’re in the mood for, they can select the right phone slut for you -- they can notify her ahead of time so that she can begin forming the skeleton of a fantasy before she even says hello to you. It starts the ride off much smoother and puts you and the phone slut ahead of the game. But DO NOT FORGET the notes on live dispatchers above. Don't hassle these women, don't think they have time to waste flirting with you for free. Please take my word on this, no matter how charming you think you are, you're NOT going to sweet-talk a dispatcher into giving you one for free. 

2. ALWAYS indicate if you like or do not like where the fantasy is going. A simple "oh yeah" or some vague yummy moaning will do just fine - you don't have to work out a complicated signal system. Don't be afraid to redirect the fantasy if it begins to veer off into a direction you don't enjoy. You ARE the customer - all good phone sluts know that. Just say "forget about the slave girl, let's go back to the aardvark," and most phone sluts will happily follow your indicator. If you do like it, however, but aren’t communicative by nature, just keep muttering things like "yeah baby" or "just like that" so that the phone slut isn't scrambling to try and figure out what turns you on. An experienced phone slut is very intuitive and she only needs the slightest indicators to help her focus on making the fantasy work. Often she will prompt you with questions like “you like that, baby?” Don’t be shy. We don’t have your mother on speed dial. Besides, a silent john is a creepy john and generally indicates you learned to masturbate quietly in order to avoid waking your cellmate before he could wake up and make you his bitch. 

3. UNDERSTAND that you are the one who will signal to the phone slut what your boundaries are. If you are into something extreme, you need to make a bold statement that's going to get her there. If you like really nasty vulgarisms, then use them or say so. And, before you roll your eyes and snort - NO, IT REALLY ISN'T A GIVEN. I have a bunch of johns who prefer more soft-core words like “twat” or "pussy" to the more hardline "cunt." The moment YOU use the word, however, the phone slut will know that venue is open and you'll be able to hear all the nastiness you like. Also, keep in mind that some johns want to weave a fantasy, and others want to hear one; a phone slut will take the lead once you indicate that you want to be the primary talker or listener. Also, if you want to role-play in first person terms it’s good to mention, otherwise most phone sluts default to painting a picture in third person narrative. 

4. DO NOT JUST HANG UP. I can't tell you how fucking annoying that is. I have one john who has been calling since I started. I've talked to him dozens upon dozens of times. He'll call in and REQUEST me, and just hang up at the end of the call. It takes such little time and effort to mutter something like "goodbye" or "thank you" at the end - DO IT. This signals to the phone slut that the call is OVER and she won't have to call out "hello?" periodically trying to figure out if you've hung up or if you're just in a post-orgasm stupor. Even if you hate the call, try to manage a “sorry, I’m hanging up.” It’s just common courtesy. Phone sluts are beck-and-call girls by trade, but we’re not receptacles for negativity or disposable beings. Expend minimal effort to being polite, you’ll be amazed how much more enthusiastic phone sluts will be toward you. 

5. DO NOT BLUR the line between fantasy and reality. Many johns like to talk after they’re finished and all sticky and that's fine. They'll inquire about the phone slut and the job, etc. - just curious chit-chat once the sexual tension has been alleviated. This is going to vary from phone slut to phone slut, but some are chatty and some are not. Some are more private than others. By and large, I can promise you that the vast majority of phone sluts are just going to fucking lie to you. It's all about maintaining the fantasy, bub. They might give you a glimpse of what is real in small doses, but don't get your hackles up if you find out somewhere down the line that the picture you got emailed is a fake or the name she gave you is totally bogus. It's the nature of the beast. We are ladies of illusion. Fucking deal.

6. DON'T ASK stupid questions. Don't ask if you’re her favorite caller, or if she got off, too. Let me help you out here odds are that if you have to ask you’re not her favorite caller and NO, she didn't come. This is her JOB. Even if she's really turned on, odds are that she isn't going to lose control and go for a full-fledged orgasm while working. If you want to hear what an amazing stud you are, go ahead and ask. She’ll moan your name and tell you that you’re her Daddy just as sure as the day is long. Just don’t get disappointed with the rather unenthusiastic and formulaic responses to these questions. When you ask things like “did you come,” you're putting her in the position where she has to lie to you (which is fine, you're a man, women are used to lying to you about sex). It’s so cliché. I promise you, on the long shot that she really DOES get off, you won't have to ask. Then again, if you’re that needy, you probably need to pay for conversation so you call often and likely ARE one of her favorite clients. It’s a sick, sad world.

7. TIP. Sure, a phone slut has a base salary, but just like a valet, matre'd or bell person, choice clients tip after service has been rendered satisfactorily. Sure, the high steppers will tip big bucks in addition to the price of their call, but that isn't standard. Even a couple of bucks’ tip will indicate to the phone slut that you appreciated the effort she put into your experience. When you call back to place the tip, it's also a good idea to tip the dispatcher a buck or two if you use a service regularly - she's the one who divvies out the assignments and will make sure you get the more experienced and requested girls if you take care of her. Think about adding a few dollars to your next call, and watch how quickly that pays out dividends of enthusiasm. Yes, part of it is that we are all money-motivated in a work environment, but $2 here and there isn’t going to buy us that house in Bermuda. It’s a gesture. Then again, if you’re content being the guy that gets off on stiffing the waitress by clunking a few dimes and nickels into an upside-down water glass that’s fine too. Just don’t be surprised if anyone refers to you as “Mr. Pink” by accident somewhere down the line. 

8. DON'T EXPECT anything beyond the phone call. This is NOT the first step in a courting ritual. You aren't going to woo a phone slut to fly out to meet you and magically evolve into an escort just for you. This is, stripped to bare bones, a business relationship. It's personal fantasy and it's sexually charged, but it's just like your waitress or your hair stylist. A service is being performed. True, I have established long-term relationships with johns who send me gifts, cash and love poems - I have johns who pay big bucks for my panties and my lingerie and things you can't begin to fathom - but they are, at the end of the day, CLIENTS. As attractive as they may or may not be, as rich as they may or may not be, they're business associates. A phone sex service isn't a dating or escort establishment. Those are listed under different headings, and generally they'll cost you a hell of a lot more than a phone session. 

9. DO NOT expect to barter. There isn’t any wiggle room with an established service their policies and company practices are set so that sluts and dispatchers can’t cut deals. An independent phone slut may have the option to bargain depending on how she routes her billing, but any savvy slut that’s been in business will not lower her costs unless it’s for an exception repeat client or long-talk customer. Independent PSOs or Keen girls are generally going to give you exactly what you’re willing to pay for and if it’s Wal-Mart discount phone sex you want, then there’s probably some little ho out there willing to mark it down for you with a big yellow smiley face, cowboy. Happy hunting. Just don’t go sifting through the DeWalt peg boards looking for Black and Decker prices. You’re liable to get something lopped off and at best I’m only talking your ego.

10. DO NOT attempt to convince phone sluts that work for companies to call you on their spare time and/or “off the clock” for a backdoor payment. If you succeed you’ll probably get her fired; in this industry any girl that does this is basically stealing from her employer. As far as independent sluts go calling you off the clock is their prerogative, and good luck to you. Sure, we all know that guy who brags about going home with strippers after the show but we don’t really believe him…unless he spins for the joint but there aren’t any DJs in phone sex. 



Okay, let's take a moment and chat about fraud, shall we?

There are the underage wankers and the stolen credit card types of fraud that I've discussed in various sections above. Basically, a service that doesn't verify enough billing information is opening itself up to that kind of fraud and, well, dems the breaks. 

There is, however, another type of fraud that I think bears mentioning. After a legitimate john has called and utilized services, he will get the bill and figure "it's only phone sex, I'm not going to pay it" and will institute a dispute with his financial institution. This is the phone slut equivalent of banging a hooker and then trying to pick her pocket on your way out the door.

In this business you can dial up a fantasy where you fuck a girl from behind, you can even fuck her up the ass, but if you want to sit the Vaseline on her back after you hang up while you continue to dole out fraudulent shenanigans, don't expect it to be pretty. 

What nimrod fraudsters fail to realize is that reputable services keep accurate records and may even employ phone systems that automatically log info that can be later searched out and retrieved.
Oh, and there are also the phone company's records of where the caller was and how long the call was to match exactly how the billing information was verified, who he talked to, and sometimes even notes taken by the phone slut about what type of call it was. This is called a paper trail and it is the first thing a credit card fraud investigator or police officer will ask for.

John X paid with Credit Card Y and called from Phone Number Z. Phone Slut X called him back and, the call lasted Y minutes and they talked about fantasy Z. 

Phone Pimps and Madames know that discretion is a KEY factor in their business so they usually keep these records in such a way that no phone slut or dispatcher has access to too much of a client's personal info. BUT, it is all there in the case of a legal dispute. And they will not hesitate to forward all of these details to credit card fraud departments, as well as banks, and - in some cases - local and federal law enforcement agencies (credit card fraud is a federal offense depending on your banking institution).

A malicious wronged phone slut can send a nice hefty package of info directly to the offending john's home to the attention of him and his spouse/partner - after all, there needs to be full disclosure of the evidence against him. Alternately, wives or employers can be called by accident. And wouldn’t that be a terrible shame. 

Oh, and most phone sex organizations have been dealing with bogus fraud claims for years and they have a pool of legal services with healthy experience in debt collections. Not to mention they participate in multi-service blacklists to share johns by name, zip/area code, and other information to prevent him from taking other companies for a ride.
Is all of this scaring you? Good. It should. You’re handing over a lot of personal information here and if you’re doing it in bad faith, there’s no reason for anyone to play fair. That in itself is a really good reason to play it straight. 

Basically, just follow the advice of Baretta - don't do the crime if you can't do the time. If you make a call to a phone sex service, you are contracting through a business, and that business is discrete and confidential right up to the point where you make it defend itself with teeth and fangs.

That dental records disclaimer at the bottom of every page of this site? I’m only half-joking. Seriously. 



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Please don't steal from me. I know people who can make sure you're not identifiable from dental records.